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  1. Littleton area is great

    Franconia, Cherry Mtn, Prospect Mtn, Dalton, North Haverhill, all so scenic.
  2. Littleton area is great

    Here are a few of the scenic pics:
  3. Littleton area is great

    Shifty great call on the trails in Littleton area and further north. Friday's ride had picture perfect blue sky with nice flat trails and the perfect temp. It was probably the most scenic ride we had in many years. Even the stretch of Corridor 11 just past the Notch was groomed. Here is a snapshot of our route leaving from Rumney.
  4. Littleton area is great

    Are the conditions on 5N out of Littleton between Fox Ridge Rd and the trail to Parker Hill good? While it's been a few years I have ridden here, I remember it was a bad section of trail. Probably much better now.
  5. Littleton area is great

    Shifty awesome advice. When I have the choice I always take the longer route, especially when its a better ride! Thanks much! Now just hope work cooperates and I can steal Friday.
  6. Littleton area is great

    Shifty , thinking of a loop on Friday that has me heading north through Littleton up to Whitefield and over to Jefferson then back into Twin and south. Any suggestions on what might trail would be a better connection to take from Littleton over to Whitefield, Corridor 5 or Primary 105? I am hoping cold weather this week will still keep trails good. Thanks in advance
  7. Riding Lyme to Skiway

    I rode there both Friday and Saturday and agree, very nice, clubs did a great job.
  8. Riding Lyme to Skiway

    Thanks for the update guys. I will likely play it by ear, and see when I get over there how things look and how much snow they get out of this storm.
  9. Riding Lyme to Skiway

    Anticipating that we will get some substantial snow today/tomorrow, I'm planning to ride through a section of the Lyme trails on Saturday and wondering if anyone has an update on conditions, see yellow highlighted section on for map route. The route would include venturing off Corridor 5, head west on Primary 153 to the Dartmouth Skiway. From there head north up Smith Mountain trail to Quintown and then connect back to Corridor 5. I have not been over there at all this year so if anyone knows the area and can report on the conditions that would be great. If no good I will just stay on Corridor 5 but was looking for a little side adventure. Thanks
  10. Good ride today!

    I'm jealous for sure. Those pics are real nice. Where did you take them?
  11. You may want to consider taking Primary 156 from Warren to Lincoln. This avoids the poor trail conditions on C5 in N. Haverhill and Littleton and also avoids the tracks on C11. While the trails just north of the Notch are usually thin for a few miles (Twin Mtn area) I would definitely choose this route over what we came back through last Saturday on C5. Areas south of Groveton were not good, with the exception of Lisbon. Just not that much snow in this area, you can see this on the NH snow coverage maps. C5 from Groveton north through Nash was great.
  12. There were a few areas to watch out for, but in general they were okay. I am personally not a big fan of the tracks unless there is great coverage. I don't like the feel of "iron" underneath me, especially with studs.
  13. We left at 8:00 am and got into Pittsburg center around 4:00 pm. It would have been sooner by about an hour but we hit some of the east side trails in Pittsburg before riding into the center. I thought it would take a longer myself but trails were fantastic.
  14. A friend and I finally got to get this journey in last Thurs-Fri-Sat. Conditions were fantastic with the cold weather, most trails were flat and smooth. The exceptions were on our trip back on Saturday following C5 south through Lancaster and then Littleton, even N. Haverhill, as these areas lacked grooming. I saw an earlier post that mentioned Littleton just got their groomer back, looks like we hit this area a few days too early. I would still think twice about traveling C5 south past Groveton but rather cut across over to Twin and come back via C11 next time. A big plus if anyone does a trip like this is to have the maps from I have had these maps for years and highly recommend them to anyone that likes to venture out and explore new areas. The attached PDF shows our GPS tracks for each of the days rides; red-Thursday; green-Friday; blue-Saturday; 540 miles overall. This is the year to explore so get out and ride while the snow cover is still good .... Trip 2014.pdf
  15. Route 5 - Warrren to N. Haverhill/Bath

    Wondering how far south you went? I heard the groomer in Warren broke down last week. N. Haverhill is the question mark for me. I hear north of there is fine