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  1. New Doo lineup

    I have not liked the trend of sleds the past 10 years so I have been progressively losing interest in the new ones. I went to the doo show last week...just more of the same. I wont even bother going to Polaris as they have become the worst. They are making sleds like dirt bikes or atv's. The rider is poised far too high causing high CG and subsequent lack of stability and confidence. Seems they are now easy to stand up over the bumps, but they don't ride good over bumps when you are sitting. For comparison I can tell you my wifes 15 year old pantera rides better over stutters and typical trail bumps than does my 015 r-motion air ride ski-doo. Early this winter we had some wicked cold temps out there and we all froze, but her. I rode her sled that day and could not believe how much warmer it was. She wanted her sled back immediately. In the past she had rev, IQ, and XP and never liked them actually almost gave up riding. I bought her an older cheaper two up pantera and she just loves riding again. I'm feeling similar way. I love the new motors and the 1200 in particular, but the too high too rider FWD is too cold and not as much fun IMO. the new G4 is just too extreme. I think Im done buying new. I have no interest in millenial snow cross sleds made for stand up ditch banging only to ride on groomed trails in cold weather. Other guys in my group, one with a new procross, feel the same way pretty much. Never mind the high prices. I know why sales are HALF of what they were for a long time...not long ago. I'll never understand why Cat gave up on their IRP system whereas the foot wells were dipped low and offered an adjustable height seat all offering low rider CG height, and excellent...even better leg and hip extension ergonomics than their newest stuff.. I suppose the new thundercat / srx with lowered ride height is going in right direction but its not enough to just put softer pre-load springs. I used to complain all the time about too low seats in the early 2k's....but now its ridiculous and they have gone far too high and fwd. I know guys with bad knees always disagree with me. I say we can have great leg extension and lower rider CG...look at f-series cats. Bring these back and refine and watch sales grow.
  2. SNO-DEO

    Looking fwd to feedback. My guess is low turn out. please do tell.
  3. Love these types of maps--almost all of NH 8-12 inches

    southern nh. ALL gone. I have lost hope for any ride-able snow down here this winter.
  4. Waste of Good Snow

    did Lancaster up to Colebrook pick up anything? even a couple inches would help.
  5. Anyone know the ticket cost for loud modified exhaust? How about rules regarding mini-bikes out on the ice(wini derby weekend) ....need to be registered or not? Thanks.
  6. Reciprocity weekend coming

    Well the north country atv club is planning their poker run big atv ride event this weekend.......despite temps forecasted to be *40. I asked about the 32* rule on their FB page and was ignored. The Fix is in! What little thin icey base there was on that whole are will be shot. Eff the snowmobilers!
  7. Trail Report

    Another MONSOON rain storm with over 1 inch f rain will surely wash away what little riding there was up there. Long range forecast is depressing. Bummer.
  8. Trail Report

    Wonderful....that's right on my back yard. I suspect it has to do with trail master that owns the grand ole lodge and had a bunch of 4 four wheelers there over during the monsoon rainy weekend. Great. Somehow I doubt the 1" of snow they got today wont clean up massive atv trenches all over the trail system. I love who they enforce the no atv riding over 32" rule effing bull crap.. Wondering if its even worth going up there this weekend?
  9. you mean R A I N ? THAW? MELT? horrors of a snowmobiler.
  10. Sunday???

    Not sure if north can take two days of thaw and rain. There is more snow in s.e. areas. Even there will take a huge hit.
  11. 2017/2018 registrations

    So once again my club never sent out renewals and Im old now with CRS so here I am wanting to ride this weekend but want my club to get the membership and money. Someone here hooked me up last year same scenario hoping I can get some quick assistance again. I have 3 separate names wanting to register for Saturday am ride. Club is the Stratford nighthawks. thank you. I read on the nhsa site no online membership renewals as of this august 2017. wow.
  12. Sad news...

    Darn. I heard a rob lyon passed away but could not find the obit for lyons. I thought maybe is was a different guy. This is sad news.
  13. &$%*$$# MICE

    They have beat me down. I was recently forced to sell of three of my highest ended vintage sleds before they got damaged. What I do now is on my enclosed I tape up the holes in floor with duct tape, toss in a couple bait stations. I may even toss some dryer sheets in there next time. In my car hauler I stuffed fiberglass insulation in where it looked like they could get in, put bait stations and freshcab or grandpas mouse deterrent organic packs......Traffic seems low but I bet they are still visiting. My 40' RV I sprayed the whole underneath with mouse away which is peppermint spearmint scented oil, and put fresh cab packs in several areas.....Aint seen them in there yet.....but I also don't store it in my yard all winter, it goes to a storage facility for 6 months. No way would I dare store it outside all winter..imagine the carnage they would do in a class a coach/bus. OMG
  14. Grass drags- who went?

    nope. maybe next year...thinking about camping there.
  15. Rumor mill has it.

    what does this mean for joe shmoe the rider?
  16. Summer Fun????

    traveling yes. in style, absolutely. Canada, vt, me, & nh. Planning a can trip or two with sxs in tow to explore them atv trails.
  17. Nash 4-2-17

    Im thinking they will be ok again this coming Saturday April 8
  18. Last ride of the season

    4-7 inches forecasted for north today. some rain Thursday, and snow again on Saturday. Just might get one more ride in from lodge. Anyone else?
  19. Last ride of the season

    Rode north Stratford to Gorham through edge of Milan and back Saturday....75% of it on untracked fresh 15+" of new snow. Well worth the drive up sat am in the storm. The snow was deep and thick. Yes we got soaked. It was a blast and total 100 miles of fun. We did get caught on a logging road with no base for about 3~4 miles which was slow going. On way back at end of day it started to get real thin in lower elevations. Its done. Rain forecasted a few days this week will surely finish many connector trails. Trailering up the moguls will be an option......When grooming stops I stop. I rode bumps many years in past, not anymore. Time to clean 'em up and store 'em. 1200 mile season.
  20. Snodeo cancels RaveX show, Snodeo still a go

    Well? How was it? Other than cold as freak? Skating was good I hear.
  21. trail conditions?

    Saturday we went 3 miles and had to turn around. Glare ice with a dusting on top of it. Many rocks and dirt under that dusting in areas. This was north Stratford area leading into groveton or points north. It MIGHT have been ok deeper into the woods but we had overheating and hot hyfax going on. No snow in forecast this week as of now for up there. Not Good. Trailering to northern elevated areas I would assume is good.
  22. Was that you Dirt Dummy

    I wonder who the RATT was that made the phone call to authorities? lol. Cant trust anyone these days. On TV it was made to appear to be a severe criminal act. wtf? Maybe not smart, but criminal? lmao.
  23. Off Trail riders

    its become an epidemic with off trail powder seekers. The sled makers are producing machines designed for this and its unlawful to operate them that way 99% of the time. I used to go off trail back when 1" X 136" Track was considered a mountain sled. LOL. Ya get stuck a bunch of times and just give up. Now they keep going and in large groups going deep into woods...getting lost too LMAO
  24. What a difference a week makes...

    Gonna be a tough gig this weekend. Be ice or dirt on most all paths near town and on connector trails up in coos. It will be cold enough (below freezing ) to run atv and SXS however.
  25. Official SledNH weather thread

    Are'nt we lucky as snow lovers to be seeing RECORD high temps. February and 73* in Nashua yesterday? 73* ?? OMG. Sadly, even north country has been in the 60's. Instead of being out riding as normal on a Saturday in FEBRUARY, I'm at home on the internet. wft.