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  1. Buyers remorse phenomenon

    Seemed off to good start with cold November and snow around here but as per recent decades norm, it fizzled out to endless snowless rainy misery here in southern NH.. So during the initial excitement I bought this for pulling my drag through the back 40. Spent considerable time on it to refurbish. All systems visited and addressed. I like these for their simplicity and reliability.
  2. Anyone have any snow totals?

    Another disappointment. Better than nothing however.
  3. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    Shit show with formalities.
  4. Snowy winter on tap?

    Winter said to be warmer than normal in northeast. Also, 40 year trend has been upward with 3.2* rise in median temp since 70's to today. Just saw this on weather channel. Now, go buy that $15k long track, pack your goggles mx helmet and back pack and stand ride all the way to your favorite trespass spot.
  5. Trail conditions

    Haven't yet had January thaw. Wth? At least one could trailer up to top of Pitts if really needed.
  6. Trail conditions

    Riding going on in Pitt's. Deere mountain and elevation areas seem good.
  7. Snowy winter on tap?

    Anyone else excited about this another winter snow let down full reset to zero. Glad i didnt buy a new insane priced experimental snowmobile. Just sayin.
  8. Trail conditions

    Due for an update ya think? Deere mountain way up pitts the only riding?
  9. Turkey pond

    Snow washed away. Ice should be forming. Any info out there on any pond riding? Too soon?
  10. NHSA opinion piece on free riders

    As a group we used to ride off trail quite frequently back in the 90's early to mid 2000's. We slowly gave it up and completely stopped when landowners started to complain about 10-15 years ago.. Not knowing where was cool to ride or not, we just ended it as to not take any chances pissing off property owners. Since we stopped, the back-pack goggle crowd has grown and long track sleds are popular more now than ever. IMO, if this is not curbed significantly or stopped we are all in danger of trail closures. This relates to atv as well, but is way more a problem with sleds. If it were my back 40, I would not care....but its not.
  11. New Doo lineup

    I have not liked the trend of sleds the past 10 years so I have been progressively losing interest in the new ones. I went to the doo show last week...just more of the same. I wont even bother going to Polaris as they have become the worst. They are making sleds like dirt bikes or atv's. The rider is poised far too high causing high CG and subsequent lack of stability and confidence. Seems they are now easy to stand up over the bumps, but they don't ride good over bumps when you are sitting. For comparison I can tell you my wifes 15 year old pantera rides better over stutters and typical trail bumps than does my 015 r-motion air ride ski-doo. Early this winter we had some wicked cold temps out there and we all froze, but her. I rode her sled that day and could not believe how much warmer it was. She wanted her sled back immediately. In the past she had rev, IQ, and XP and never liked them actually almost gave up riding. I bought her an older cheaper two up pantera and she just loves riding again. I'm feeling similar way. I love the new motors and the 1200 in particular, but the too high too rider FWD is too cold and not as much fun IMO. the new G4 is just too extreme. I think Im done buying new. I have no interest in millenial snow cross sleds made for stand up ditch banging only to ride on groomed trails in cold weather. Other guys in my group, one with a new procross, feel the same way pretty much. Never mind the high prices. I know why sales are HALF of what they were for a long time...not long ago. I'll never understand why Cat gave up on their IRP system whereas the foot wells were dipped low and offered an adjustable height seat all offering low rider CG height, and excellent...even better leg and hip extension ergonomics than their newest stuff.. I suppose the new thundercat / srx with lowered ride height is going in right direction but its not enough to just put softer pre-load springs. I used to complain all the time about too low seats in the early 2k's....but now its ridiculous and they have gone far too high and fwd. I know guys with bad knees always disagree with me. I say we can have great leg extension and lower rider CG...look at f-series cats. Bring these back and refine and watch sales grow.
  12. SNO-DEO

    Looking fwd to feedback. My guess is low turn out. please do tell.
  13. Love these types of maps--almost all of NH 8-12 inches

    southern nh. ALL gone. I have lost hope for any ride-able snow down here this winter.
  14. Waste of Good Snow

    did Lancaster up to Colebrook pick up anything? even a couple inches would help.
  15. Anyone know the ticket cost for loud modified exhaust? How about rules regarding mini-bikes out on the ice(wini derby weekend) ....need to be registered or not? Thanks.