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  1. Ossipee Lake conditions

    Would be great to hop on and leave from the house but I'll give it more time to freeze over.....don't want to be a test dummy Gonna be trailering to the airstrip....Thanks for all the info.
  2. Ossipee Lake conditions

    We can gain access to broad bay through the bog area and follow tracks.....thanks.
  3. Ossipee Lake conditions

    I'm off Rte. 25 the southern most part of the lake.
  4. Ossipee Lake conditions

    Looking to get to C19 and connecting trails this weekend from the southern end. Any up to date ice conditions on the main lake? Saw tracks at the northern end and shoreline north this past weekend but nothing south and middle. What shape is C19 in?
  5. Welch Top

    Went up last weekend with my son, one steep incline was complete ice, made it past on second attempt then blew right by the turn around! Didn't recognize it with all that's grown over. PM me and if I'm in. That link up would be great for riders that are on the south end of Ossipee lake that are land locked if it's not frozen over.
  6. Welch Top

    It appears some clearing past the turn around has begun. Does anyone know if this trail will eventually meet up with 7 Lakes?
  7. Snodeo

    I know i can speak for all in the group ( that grew) that we had a fantastic ride :yahoo:Much appreciation for the time you took to explain at junctions where we were and where we were heading, i should remember some of that next year If your ever looking to do a ride in the lakes region chime in and we'll be happy to reciprocate. Special thanks for waiting while we took the scenic route to meet-up in the morning!!! My son and i meet up with w8in4sno Sunday for a local ride on the Scrub Oak Scramblers trail system, we didn't do quite the 150 miles we did up north but they do a great job on the trails and its allways nice to get out....especially with this weeks forecast. Thanks again it was a pleasure.
  8. Snodeo

    Yes, does that work? Check your message board.
  9. Snodeo

    We'll take you up on that offer gunmaker thanks, well see you at the McDonalds at 7:00
  10. Snodeo

    could have been, ran 100 miles up and back from the event. were in a group of four, i know we went thru the balsams.... awsome views! heading up with my son and looking to do a similar ride but not familiar with the area at all.
  11. Snodeo

    Trailering up early a.m. Saturday, any suggestions where to unload? Went a few years back to an open pit area, not sure what town we were in but it sure filled up quick!
  12. Snow predictions

    Nice to see the snow depth map with some color on it
  13. Ossipee Lake Ice Out .

    April 16th
  14. Broad Bay

    Lake looks toast to me, absolute garbage... South side peeps are gonna have to trailer, skim or throw in the towel... Throw in the towel? Never heard of such a thing Shame on you for mentioning it. Just need a little dusting er couple inches on top to cool er down, till ya get to the other side
  15. Solo Run

    Hope ya got o'l yella runnin, I'll be Knockn in the a.m.