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  1. Hyfax removal tool.

    Another way to remove, granted you have reverse, is get the hyfax peeking out the track window and put sled in reverse and give her some power and off it comes.
  2. Oquossoc/Rangeley,Maine

    With little snow to spread riders out I wouldn`t ride the limited border crossing trails. I gave this idea up after the first year, got the ever living snot kicked out of me. When you finally reach Bosebuck or other destination you will be waiting forever for service. And yes I `ve seen them run out of food. You would be better off finding a place to stay in the middle of the state away from the border.
  3. Gourmet Trailside Dining

    Iy you do the Yankee smokehouse be sure to go up Mt Shaw on a clear day! Probably the best vista view I`ve seen in 3 states.
  4. Gourmet Trailside Dining

    I agree with the greenhouse! They are moving up the hill on 25C . I`ve been watching them rehabbing a building up towards Lake Tarleton. Not sure if there will be trail access to there, but I sure do hope so.
  5. Shake down run

    I`ve been driving by the railbed for a few weeks now and wanted to do the same shakedown. After today I may have to wait for awhile
  6. Good trailer dealer?

    Joe at The Trailer Outlet in Tilton is the only place to go. Sales , service attitude , all the best. Bought and traded my last 5 there.
  7. Parking and Riding the Lakes Region

    There is a hardware store on Main St in Tilton, Bryant and Lawrence. They do reg`s but don`t open on Sunday until 10 a.m. The tracks in Tilton will be fine, there most likely will be a rail showing here and there but between the rails has plenty of ice pack. Just exercise caution as needed. If you do take tracks toward Laconia, follow tracks to Winnisquam Lake to road crossing by Mosquito Bridge (Winnisquam/Belmont) cross road follow tracks for about 100 yds trail will dump junction on left at end of the little street and cabins, onto lake. Follow up lake center(a little rough on lake but not as bad as others) for a few miles then bear to the right side(east) of lake . you will see a little community of bobhouse close to shore. This is Ahern Park behind Laconia Prison area, trail is there follow either direction all goes same to Paugus Bay . You will avoid downtown Laconia area where it will be thinner because of all the pavement and salt. Also another trail all the way to end (north) of lake which can bring you to meridith center over to Lake Wakewan area and beyond. A little rough for awhile but will get you around the busier lake area.
  8. I always thought the ice helped keep the sled running cooler in hard pack situations where some of these modern sleds tend to overheat more often.
  9. Parking and Riding the Lakes Region

    I have seen a lot of trailers parked in McDonalds Parking lot in Tilton right off exit 20. I would go and ask them first when you pull in and get a coffee or whatever. Have seen them there many times as it is right around the corner from me. I have also seen in mall parking lot next door where staples and us cellular is, trail coming into parking lot behind mall. Also small parking lot in Norhtfield off exit 19, turn left follow rt 132 up Park St , you will see school on right , directly across from school on left is small road that goes behind trains into recreational parking lot along river, good access there. Comes up on you quick so be ready to turn left as the school fence ends. Goes through main st of tilton follows river on railbed right under I-93
  10. T-N Arch Trail Travelers

    Can`t say enough on how well these trails have been groomed and signed. This season has been epic for them. Also extra great effort on Sunday afternoons at their snack shack, great people . Took it for granted how great the trails were there until I tried to sneak out through trails outside their system sunday afternoon and got a serious a** whoppin.
  11. Corridor 9 to Corridor 11

    yes you can do it in Northfield the trail splits to Franklin and over to Webster Lake, can be a little tricky but can give you more detail if you need. Also can go to Meredith and head west on local trails or Ashland then west.
  12. Sled storage

    There is a RV /campground in Rumney 5 miles west of I-93 on Rt 25 W that might do something and they are right on the trail. www.riverbrookrv.com . Also might contact someone in the Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club
  13. Oil on sale Ski-doo & Polaris

    No more coupons in store. They gave them out at grass drags and had a few leftover.
  14. Winni was PERFECT today, Sunday.

    The lake has been incredible since the last rain and sunny days leveled the playing field. the bonus was the snow on top for lube and control. I`ve been fishing all over the lake also with 20" being the skinniest ice I`ve found. Lots of wildlife too, eagles , fox, coyote and dear all last week. Got caught in the snow saturday afternoon. Be cautious out there of the boobytraps, frozen snow walls ,and bobhouse debris. I hit one in the snow going real slow had to stop and shake it off.
  15. Prison loop laconia

    In New Hampton trail goes along rt 104 towards exit23 I-93, you would have to acess the Circle K or Irving I believe. Trail does go there just not sure of trail #`s. Also trail form Lake Waukewan off railbed which swings you over to Meridith Ctr Store. Or you can cross over to Southdown shores to railbed to Paugus Bay across by HK powersports and follow trail up towards Laconia Airport , gas station across from airport plaza. If you head towards Tilton you can access gas off railbed at Evans Express by Tiltn Diner Some were crossing south end of Winnisquam from RV resort on railbed trail to Shalimar , has gas beside it. Beware there was an open water spot near this crossing where 2 sleds went through. With the high sun I wouldn`t do it. All depends which way you want to go.....good luck