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  1. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Couple from this past weekend......
  2. Corridor 15 through Loudon

    There are definitely local club trails in that area that do not show on the NHSA map.
  3. Corridor 15 through Loudon

    More curious. Drive right by that crossing on my way to my place. There use to be a club called the Bee Hole Beavers that took care of that trail. Seems that they may be defunct. I also believe you can get there from the other side of 106 by headed south from NHMS.
  4. Corridor 15 through Loudon

    Isn't there a local trail to get through? Its been a while since we have had snow down there to try.
  5. 2018 School Vactions NH-MA

    Nice that they still get winter break. My kids only get a long weekend now Friday and Monday. They cut it out because the schools here in CT close if someone says the word snow.
  6. New Doo lineup

    IMO they nailed it. Good options in all categories. The 900ACE is a proven winner. The Turbo version should be no different.
  7. New snowmobile bridge

    Will have to go check it out!
  8. SLEDNH family ride

    Any idea of dates?
  9. Anyone order a new sled?

    Got this on order
  10. How do I delete my attachements? I can view them but I don't see where i can delete. Thanks
  11. Who's still riding ?

    Rollin out in about half an hour
  12. Pittsburg bowl

    If you have to ask...........
  13. Parking and Riding the Lakes Region

    Dog Track in Belmont on RT 106. Ride 15 to 22 to Alton or And its a little further off 93, but Johnsons in New Durham. Right on 22 and access to the lake and some great riding. Parking in Tilton and taking the tracks is rolling the dice IMO. Especially if there are warmer temps
  14. When it is super cold they all do it. If you think your Doo is back go check out the Procross Cats and see how bad it is!!! Just kick it out if it bothers you.