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  1. Fat Bikes in the news!

    I like fat bikes better than skiers......fat bikes don't have poles to swing at you when you drive by disturbing their nature day.
  2. Big Day Today - Going to the Dark Side

    Congratulations. ...didn't get a lot of miles on my Z1 this year. Aside from being a bit heavy I loved it..
  3. Was that you Dirt Dummy

    Rat? It was all over the media. With the guys name ...what did he think would happen. ...I'm glad I am old enough the smart phone didn't exist when I was doing stuff like that.
  4. Loudest trail can?

    Well of course you do. That's where all the smooth straight and flat trails are...BARNSTEAD AKA PITTSBURGH SOUTH...
  5. Favorite sled of all time?

    Hands down the F7 .........If I hadn't stuffed it id still be running it today. it took me 2 years after I crashed it before I would let it out of the garage .My old indy was loud and a pig on gas but the sweet sound of a piped triple spooling up when running down the lake.....ohhh that sound. everything else about it sucked.. Honorable Mention goes to the 01 Panther not fast but great on gas and a perfect trail sled when my son was younger and riding on the back..... put a ton of local miles on it only got 1500 for it when I traded it for the F7.
  6. The day the snowmobiles stopped

    Saw it when it hit 4 years ago on facebook......And ill keep saying it. nothing has changed .. the young guys are pushing 50..
  7. Duraflex Ice Scratchers

    I held the F7 for two seasons after I stuffed the front end on the epic find Dave's bridge ride. Could never find a chassis to swap out for the poor thing. Then out of the blue my son's buddy offered me way too much for it even after seeing the damage and I took it.....Lil bastard beat the tunnel out and engine bay with a sledge hammer and rode it 2 seasons before he sold it to someone else that put the motor in a watercross sled.
  8. "Snowmobile" plate for your car,,,,,,, ?

    Great add another 12 and I'll sell you a drip tray.....LOL
  9. Duraflex Ice Scratchers

    2010 got it last fall 1,700 miles. Put 8 miles on it last season hoping to get more miles on it than the dealer did last season.
  10. Where did Rad go?

    Yeah where is Richard ??
  11. Duraflex Ice Scratchers

    My Z1 came with them on the skid. I like the ski set up though.
  12. Where did Rad go?

    Hope his dogs didn't get him..
  13. Loudest trail can?

    Cans are for losers....I prefer straight pipes less weight so I can eat more burgers. And screw the whiners about the noise and trail closures. Club has enough schmucks to re route trails . And anyways gates are a pain I'll brapp around them. And if I get caught so what pay the ticket and bitch about Jonny law messing up my good time. I only run off trail anyway so no need to register.
  14. Why so quiet on

    Drip trays are like studded tracks don't need them unless it gets slimy....still got yours though..wrapped in plastic and developing a fine layer of dust on it.