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  1. Problem with logging in

    should be fixed now
  2. Weather Net Thread

    40 degrees and breezy here in VT this afternoon.
  3. forum upgrade

    hello all.. we did a pretty big forum upgrade today, and if anyone has or sees any problems, please post here for John or I to look at.
  4. the sledNH stickers are through ckf, thanks.
  5. Someone in charge here?

    you may have sent to an outdated email address. If you check you'll see it didn't go through. Please PM me directly.
  6. Very sorry to read this. Try to take one day at a time. Rob
  7. I found some pics to show how it is done: First pics show how water poured on the headlight ends up under the hood, (power snow does same thing): Now the fix: And now water poured on headlight stays outside of hood.
  8. Denny is right, there was a big problem with the design of the XC hoods in that snow could go around the headlight seal straight into the airbox. My fix was to take 3/4" heater hose, slit it, and push it into the gap between the headlight and hood. With a little pratice you can make it look like it came that way from the factory, and it completely cured the snow ingestion problem. Good luck.
  9. Forum Upgrade

    I believe it was a setting, should be fixed now.
  10. Is it just me..

    We didn't have much choice, as support for the old version was going to be dropped this summer. I'd like to get people's opinions here. I'll do QR and FS some point in the near future.