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    957 mi. We did three trips up to Pittsburg. Best photo was of my wife on Diamond Ridge in January.
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    I've been reading every one of these posts, and there are some very valid points. I've been riding all my life, (started at 5, 48 now), consider myself a sport rider and I see how the sport has outpriced many of my friends who used to go. I have 4 sleds, and register them all every year, and with the recent winters, that's pricey. We have threads here on SledNH saying register early, register in November, etc. Sorry, but no way. $244 for one or two snowstorms isn't happening. Am I one problem? Maybe, but I'm also a parent and have bills to pay. Priorities. I'm also a 17 year member of my club. The youngest member I'd say is around 30. Another Problem... There are many things that need to be fixed to attract new riders. I think clubs should set the speed limits! 45 in Pittsburg is stupid, but perfectly justified in Milton with its windy trails. Change in that area would be way good. I also think we need to address off trail riding WAY sooner than later. That kind of riding is being pushed by the manufacturers. If you went to the grass drags this year, you probably noticed the HUGE push on mountain sleds! Those were front row at every dealer, with the trail sleds kinda in the back somewhere. Unfortunately the dealers think NH is Montana or Wyoming with miles and miles of mountainous area or wide open field to sidehill or plow through. There are very few places like that here, and I think NONE below the White Mts, so if Maine has more, so be it. We can't be like Maine, or Montana, just like we can't be like Moab when it comes to certain off road activities. We're NH and we have certain geography we must take care of, OR promote certain areas to do that type of riding in. I get WideOpenOrNothins ideas and opinions, but unfortunately the dealers products have changed the way we snowmobile here in NH way faster than we as a state has adapted, and in the long run, more and more clubs are paying the price with pissed landowners and closed trails.
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    And about 175 groomer hours also!!!
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    Quite obvious that you don't ride in the south or even realize what goes on there with the clubs who bust their asses to keep trails open for people who wish to ride their sleds instead of trucks. There are no $300,000.00 groomers down here. I do not think there are any in the whole state. The newest groomers that I know of are the Mid 2000 vintage groomers that SNHSS have for full size and 2009 ASV Scout the NCP has. Kingston runs a nice older model Pistonbully. Derry runs an older BR, and Newfields runs a mid 90's Tucker. Nothing new just well cared for. NCP runs a 1973 Thiokol. The last GIA funding for a groomer purchase in Rockingham County was in 2009. I bet if you totaled all of the groomers values it would not equal buying a 5 year old machine. Out of these listed they take nothing away from the North Country as you may think. The whole County combined receives less than 1 club above the notches as far as grooming money.Yet the SNHSS is consistently in the top 3 when it comes to membership size. What does closing trails in the south have to do with increasing funding in the north? It will help the demise of the sport we all love. Many families like to ride out of their homes when conditions allow. Many count on that to share the experience with the youngsters. That is how many have come to be involved with snowmobiling.Not many with young kids would risk their safety by bringing them to Pittsburg for a first ride.The local clubs in the south along with clubs to our west do a standup job promoting the family sport of snowmobiling, not just the rich, young mans sport.There are many State Parks and Rail Trails in the south and western parts of the state. They are maintained by the volunteers of the clubs that you would like to be shuttered. Those volunteers give many the benefit of well maintained trails year round. They do so on the clubs dime not the states. Maybe you would rather see higher taxes to pay for it instead. Try getting involved in a club closer to where you live to see why closing them is not a very smart option. You will probably find you will make many more friends than you will going north.These clubs are part of the community. It is not businesses that thrive from them but many local residents.who appreciate what they give back. If all trails south of notch's were closed how well do you think the trails in Coos County would be? You wouldn't be able to make anything better with the amount of money that was spent south of there.Money doesn't replace snow nor does putting 40,000 snowmobiles in 5 clubs trail systems. After 10:00 am trails would be destroyed. People would be pissed and then ride at night following the groomers as that would be only time trails would be flat. Trails wouldn't even have time to set up properly. Now that would improve the snowmobile experience how? How would you personally enjoy riding your $20,000.00 worth of sleds after sitting in your $50,000 dollar truck for 4 hours? Then after another 50 mile day of riding moguls dodging a sled every 100 yards and a mogul every 50 feet have to get back in your truck and ride 4 hours home. Wicked pissa huh? Sport will be thriving. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    REGISTER RIGHT to keep it FLAT and WHITE. 1 Dump the discount, put the $30 where it will do the most to keep it FLAT and WHITE, the Trails Bureau (Grant in Aid). Remember the $30 is now $18 because you have to throw away $12 to get $30 and by registering this way it should put off the proposed registration increase to $150 to $180 per sled. 2 Join a Club to keep it FLAT and WHITE, where you live, ride, or both and yes the money helps but the money and your involvement makes a difference, remember most trails are maintained and groomed by club volunteers. 3 Be nice, say please and thank you, treat people like you would like or expect to be treated. 4 Stay away from associations that are only concerned with there bottom line 5 Remember not everyone rides the same sled as you or has the same riding style. We are all snowmobilers and if we work together, support each other, respect landowners and law enforcement we can MAKE SNOWMOBILING GREAT AGAIN. THANKS Dave Copeland
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    Getting to the end of the season for me back to daily work...so had to get out and get in my last licks. Rode on Sat and invoked in some Trail Side cooking at the "Big Pine Tree" for maybe the last time this season. Enjoyed a great day of riding. Sunday rode with Coldbrew, Noxorc, and Mark B. Great too finally ride with these guys this season. Where has the season gone? Took in some great scenery, good riding...90% great trails, good fellowship and overall wonderful time as usual. Not a lot of traffic at all either! Got a bit of Gopro footage that will have to last me into the summer before I hunger for more. Will post some later! Nice to meet some new people on the trails as always...I guess I have become too social...who ME! You never know whom you may meet...nice to meet you President Phil of the Derry Pathfinders...Pres to Pres! Thanx guys for riding!
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    Great time at the Scrub Oak Scramblers winter carnival yesterday at the old air strip in Freedom. These are a few photos from the drone portfolio I took.....
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    The logic and arguments about off trail anything (Snowmobiling, ATV's, dirt bikes etc) is getting older than dirt, and not much ever seems to get resolved. Back in the day, I rode dirt bikes in Northern Mass. pretty much anywhere and never really had any issues with access to where we wanted to ride. We did make a mess of things in muddy areas, but never really got in trouble. Started riding Pittsburg in the early 80's when there was less traffic, hardly any long track dedicated mountain vehicles, and went into some areas that were definitely off trail, limited only by where we dare take a trail sled. Often times during that period of time, we would bump into Fish and Game out there and they were only concerned with us knowing where we were and how to get out safely. Between then and now, the evolution of the average sled has taken a definite turn towards off trail design, long,deep paddle tracks, giant motors, riser bars all contribute to comfort hitting it hard on mountain terrain. A visit to any gas stop in the area shows that the popularity of this type of sled is dominating the trails as well as "protected areas". The manufacturers of these machines could care less if people use them in protected areas, and are in a sense, shooting themselves in the foot, by causing trail closures and related problems which impact future sales. Another issue that has not been raised is the level of damage that paddle tracks cause on groomed trails, even with careful riding. You only have to follow a deep paddle rider to see the impact of one pass on fresh groomed snow. The clubs end up on the receiving end of complaints that the frequency of passes is inadequate. Complex issues that are weaved together in a mix of cause and effect that has no simple resolution............ pathfinder
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    Old Thumper

    United Snowmobile Alliance

    "dedicated to serving our members" That doesn't sound like anything that NHSA would be interested in …
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    Today was a good day...

    I only rode two miles in circles at my parents house, but I got to watch this....Life is good.
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    I agree that average speeds are faster in Maine. I have ridden in parts of the state, many of the trails are wider and straighter, for much longer distances, more like highways than state two lane roads. Distances between towns tend to be longer, riding faster is easier. There are trails in NH where you have plenty of room, and good sight-lines, but not near as many as in Maine. As for off trail, I would agree that opening up some defined areas where it's acceptable makes sense. It even makes sense for the NHSA to help with the process. But it also seems to me that the responsibility should be on the people who want to ride off trail to take the first step, start to work with landowners, then with the organization. I sometimes see posts on other sites where new off trail riders ask where they can ride. They typically get no answer, or someone is up front and tells them that no one is going to give up their secret spot. I would have to think that a big part of the reason they want to keep the secret is that they know they aren't supposed to be there. In the end, we have to understand that the landowners are in charge, and work with them, so we don't wind up with no place to ride.
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    Regarding speed...I'm curious how many folks are getting stopped and ticketed, and how frequently!?!? I'm a weekend warrior...have a vacation home in central NH... And while I very often exceed the 45 MPH speed limits (my whole life...i'm 43 now) I've only been "caught" and stopped once or maybe twice. With just a warning. My point is, I ride over 45. I use common sense and keep an eye...and the speed limit is NOT a deterrent for me to ride in NH. I mean seriously..."I want to drive faster so I'm going to Maine"... that sounds silly to me. BUT maybe I'm in a minority here of being lucky and not having to face the consequences of going over 45. LAND and riding areas. This is a big problem. I very much agree that legislation should consider working to find ways to allow off-trail access. The demand won't go away. If the only outcome is that folks go off trail regardless, pissing off land owners, then more and more trails will close and riding will become that much more difficult in the state. Despite bigger issues in VT (keep reading below) I found it interesting last year when riding there once that we came upon a HUGE open meadow/field and there were signs marking it as a designated area to ride freely. I thought it was genius... why not get permission from owners/companies/state to designate various areas as safe. Mark them on maps and post signs... OK...that's way easier said than done. But I agree with WideOpenOrNothing... Rather than just always saying "Stay On Trail" and closing trails when people close their land... why not take some actions to make some off trail riding permissible? In the meantime, land closures are more inevitable. And until rules change...if you really want to ride faster or go off-trail, then by all means go to Maine. I could care less and I'll keep riding NH trails. BUT the outcome of going off-trail in NH at the moment is far more impactful and detrimental than anything else. So STAY ON THE TRAIL! I actually did ride with some buddies in northern VT last weekend, and there were multiple sections of trails where you had to ride the road for MILES to continue on the trails. Luckily there was some coating of snow. During a warm-up, these sections would be impassable! The reason for those trails having to cross miles of public road...according to my group who are club groomers/volunteers there... land ownership/closures. Someone closes their land down...and there's no other choice. Lastly...northern migration is killing trails. Every year, more and more people move a bit further north. Once great riding areas in the southern or central part of the state, are getting thinned out as older generations die and sell off large plots of land for developers to come in and build housing.. "Flat landers" move in and could give a rats ass about keeping property open to allow snowmobiling...so trails get closed or very costly re-routes occur. This won't change.
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    Why surrender and accept sled registrations cannot increase? How about pushing FAMILY in NH snowmobiling? The 850s and Sidewinders are amazing, videos of off-trail riding are fun to watch and I’d love to do it (in Montana), but such developments are not going to increase participation in any significant way. Look at the vintage commercials for sled and you’ll it was all about getting the family out together; look at new commercials and all you see are the top models driven by professional riders going 70+ and or sailing 20-30 of a jump. How are those advertisements going to convince your wife the family should drop BIG dollars for sleds, tow vehicle, clothing, and all the other incidental costs? It won’t! Perception matters. Less families mean a lost opportunity to add big numbers of registered sleds and potential volunteers for clubs. BOT and F&G could even designate certain areas family friendly on certain weekends so people wouldn’t have to worry—as much—about some clown blowing a corner at 60 mph and hitting you or your kids head on…and the speed addicts would know where to avoid. 50 miles of riding with the wife and young kids riding is good day, and the family areas could be easily designated by the local club. There should be a state and retailer effort pushing the family aspect snowmobiling (why Snow Traveler last year had a SnowTrax story about the growth off-trial riding still mystifies me, it’s interesting from a very general standpoint of the overall sport, but it clearly isn’t the future of snowmobiling in NH). Dad can still get his 850 (and have days getting big miles with the guys) while retailers get more sales on entry level sleds, more sled maintenance and apparel sales opportunities, and the state and clubs win too. The Youtube video that was released when Yamaha reintroduced the Snow Scoot last year is the perfect example of what I mean regarding the emphasis on family. Polaris has its new Evo which targets families and growing riding skills. Even aside from new sleds, there are so many capable, reliable older sleds that are well suited to families and family riding, but it has to make sense, on many levels, for more families to get involved to see any sustained growth, i.e., the perception of snowmobiling as a true family activity needs to be fostered . If the current plan is to simply increase costs more and more on fewer and fewer riders while losing trails, then the comment above about the sport swirling down the drain is accurate.
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    We have a bridge!

    Evergreen Valley Snowmobile Club in Milton had a trail closure because of a bad town bridge in Union. We had lots to do, and it took several weeks, but with the hard work of many, including folks from other clubs, we have reopened corridor 26 from Milton to Moose Mountain.
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    The Look and Feel of Winter and SNOW... Nothing like it unless you hate the cold (then move!). Sitting down, having my morning coffee, looking out the window and just relaxing with the winter wonderland presented to me. Then out to start grooming my camp trail access and install a small bridge. It was good to have some cold weather to start freezing things up...now time for the snow to fall and NOT rain. Headed back home in the afternoon... ugh! Work gets in the way of everything.
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    Freedom Rider

    United Snowmobile Alliance

    You get serviced ok. Dry and hard, no lube either. New group will probably be another way for you to have to buy a voucher to join a club and buy another voucher to register your sled. Here is a video of the County Directors at last NHSA Board meeting when someone had a good idea to help the sport or their respective clubs. Does this look familiar to you guys Rob or Dirt Dummy? https://www.facebook.com/ActiveHire.co.uk/videos/1813861348703779/
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    So lets keep this forum positive...

    We get enough negative in everyday life from the idiots on the news. I have posted in the past to keep it positive on here so lets do it. HCS used to be the sled bashing format but that has cleaned up a bit toward the positive and but also has less comments that usual. Keep in clean and keep it fun...and lets invite our younger and newer sledders to chime in and post some FUN STUFF. Seems like when any forum goes ROGUE and NEGATIVE...a new forum pops up somewhere else and we all move to it. Lets get it back to normal and have some fun...so when the riding starts we are in the BIG POSITIVE ATTITUDE. I am starting it off with a nice high peak cooking photo. Can't wait! I look at photos and videos all summer! Might be hot lemonade in the cup....
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    Special Meeting

    One other item, fire the lawyer. The whole idea of suing the AG's office was asinine.
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    About 650, not bad considering every ride included my wife, a 3 year old and 7 year old. Some days it felt it would be easier to go to the moon than get everyone out on the snow.
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    Zack and I did get out on Monday and it was sweeet. Just stayed around camp area...probably my last ride for the season. Nobody else around...not that it surprised us. Looking for moose...got close but didn't see them. "There is always next season we say" and how quick the snowmobile season comes and goes and then we say it again... We have pictures and videos so we can savor the moments once again at a later date...usually on a hot summers day. How nice it is to be able share these photo op's...with friends, family, fellow sledders and others. Always have to include pictures!
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    Great pictures from everyone...Got a chance to get out yesterday Wednesday. Rode from camp in Groton, Warren, Lincoln, and back to camp thru Central NH trails. Was good except for 156 on the Lincoln maintained section which was rough. 11 south was also fine toward Campton. Took as few side trails which are always less traveled and fun! Still got snow but southern slopes show some thinning. Same every year...elevation is key!
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    Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Sweet ride from the dooryard today. Met Dmax and his buddy in Lancaster on 5 then back south thru dalton, littleton,103 to bath and lunch in woodsville. Then a quick blast up the rail 5 to Littleton and home. Trails were perfect everywhere. 100+ miles. I forgot to set the trip meter.
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    Nice encounter yesterday (Sat. 2/16) on 155. My 7 year old was amazed to see this big lady (I think it was female) on the trails! We kept our distance and let her trot along for a ways...she eventually hoofed up into the woods after a bit of high revving from someone in another group who was stopped coming from the other direction.
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    Then you are not paying attention to what is being stated. I had a lot of people in their early 20s on sleds... but they are now suffering the result of financial planning. It is very sad to find a 50-60 year old with retirement savings that will not suffice their retirement... to watch them sell the things they loved... and know that even after it is all gone, there will not be enough. The numbers in the first post are nationwide. US registrations... not new or used sled sales... have fallen approximately 450,000. Canadian registrations... not new or used sled sales, but actual users... have fallen approximately 165,000. The average age of snowmobile owners has gone up 2 years... even with all those inexpensive used sled available to the younger generation. And the amount spend snowmobiling per capita has gone down from an estimated $4000 annually to $2000 annually. Sales... new or used... is not the issue. Registrations falling, registrants being older, and what each registrant is spending annually... those are the issues. Landowners that can no longer afford to hold large parcels... they need the money for retirement... that is an issue. How did that happen? When they were young they didn't care about gross income. Now they are old... they are selling things to live off what income they can muster. Since the median according to the stats is 45 years old... it probably weighs on them more than it does a 20 year old. Polaris and Bombardier realized in their study that the days of the garage full of toys would result in the days of focus on one toy. What will that ''toy'' be in the end? I think it will vary... but it means the community of support will be lower.
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    Official 2019 riding pic thread

    It was fun riding in the snow most of the day yesterday. Love to see the TRAIL SIDE hot chocolate Renegade08. We cooked burgers TRAIL SIDE on Saturday and gave the last one away to a lone rider. Shifty...I was passing thru your neck of the woods last Wednesday...trails were a blast. Rode from Groton thru Notch over to Littleton to Warren and back. Rossi...thinking of you at the Common Cafe on Saturday. Great place to ride to on the trail in downtown Rumney for good food and entertainment.
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    Official 2019 riding pic thread

    DEEEEP Powder on Aziscohos lake Wednesday the day before the big rain.
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    How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    Unfortunately you wasting your time talking with NHSA. They are not concerned at all with any trail issues. Their action this year in taking $12 of each club membership fee as a "transaction fee" is nothing less than extortion and only helping to sink clubs financially. You need to start with the NH BOT and the clubs themselves. The NHBOT staff are the ones that negotiate the land use contracts with the large landowners and the clubs have the trail agreements with the smaller landowners. Having been a snowmobile trail master for 7 years and now an ATV trail master for 5 years, I can tell you that one of the major concerns of ALL landowners (large and small) is off trail riding. On all of the new trails that I have built or rebuilt since 2007, I have included physical barriers on all side trails to make sure people stay on the main trail. When these barriers are removed or breached, we will go in and fix them on a priority basis. If someone cuts a new side trail to get around a barrier, we will block that. If problems continue, we get Fish and Game involved or use game cameras to find out who is causing the damage. This is part of the commitment that must be made to get new trails opened. I don't know any landowner that says "go ahead and put the trail in anywhere that you want". Some landowners will specify exactly where they want the trail. Others will ask for our recommended route. But in the end, we agree on the trail location and provide the landowner with a detailed map that shows exactly where the trail is going along with the location of all bridges, culverts, gates and rock barriers. In addition to our club, the landowner gets keys to all gates. I do not forsee any easy way to open up off trail riding. In addition to the sensitive environmental areas that need to be protected, lets talk about the practical aspects. Just look at the tree damage from the wet snows that occurred this year. Even if you were able to get landowner permission to run on an ungroomed trail through their land, who is going to maintain it? I can tell you that cutting trees that bent over and frozen to the ground is not only dangerous but extremely hard work. On a groomed trail, the club normally uses the club groomer to help push these trees aside once they have been cut up, but that won't be allowed on ungroomed trails. Having begged for help in clearing our groomed trails over the past 12 years, I doubt very much you will get any of these riders to show up and spend a day hauling a chain saw through 2' deep snow to clear downed trees so they can ride a few miles of fresh powder. Its not much fun doing this work even when I have the groomer. At the end of the day, you are totally wet and exhausted. How about washouts? On our main trails we spent thousands of dollars putting in bridges, culverts and ditches to control water. What do you think those unmaintained trails look like right now after the deluge of rain that we just got? I am sure there are dozens of 2' deep washouts all over the place. Right now the only legal off-trail riding that I know of is in Jericho Mt. State Park. All of the ungroomed ATV trails make great places to hone your off-trail skills. But even there, you may find downed trees or washouts blocking your way so be prepared to cut your way through or turn around.
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    172 mile ride on Saturday

    It was great, but I sure am feeling it today....
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    Attn Attn Attn

    I heard a rumor that to reduce costs for the website, John tried converting to LED bulbs. Apparently they don't break as easy.........
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    Freedom Rider

    United Snowmobile Alliance

    The person who wrote the subject for the thread included NHSA in it. It was not twisted and inserted.Valium may help the temper a little.
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    Snowy winter on tap?

    We hada couple tornados touch down here in RI. This is a pic a friend took. Can’t identify if it’s a water spout although he did say photo was taken in direction of the Sakonnet River
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    Coldbrew, Snorander, Noxorc
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    * official old pic thread*

    Shifty...hard to believe it's been 2 years since our sons took the safety class together. The mini z had many hours between my son and daughter...that sled was going nonstop. Dad had quite a workout shoveling piles of snow for their jumps!
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    * official old pic thread*

    2011 Shifty Ride!
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    * official old pic thread*

    My oldest on my snorander special ‘12. And my youngest on his first sled ‘11 or 12. He’s 15 and 6’4 now.
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    Balsams News - Can't be good

    Heard for a reliable source that Les Otten was anticipating the sale of nearly a billion dollars in real estate. Plan is for a four season resort, so not 100% dependent on winter sports. I agree they need to make the numbers work without state help. If I had known it would sell for $2m I would have figured out how to buy it and run it as it was. Golf course alone is worth $7m, or that's what it would cost to build it. Buildings were fine, but not good enough for fancy NY guests at $400 a night. Sledders and normal folk would have kept it full for $100 a night, even with crappy old furnishings. Over 7500 beautiful acres, golf course and ski slopes for $2M. AMAZING. Just drop the elite appeal and drop the prices.
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    I asked these questions in a previous post in this thread, but no response. I find it interesting that while there's a good deal of talk here about the roles and responsibilities of the NHSA and the clubs, you seldom hear any official statements from either party. From what I read, neither the clubs or the NHSA even have an opinion of the club discount. The NHSA floated a trial balloon on registration increases, but I haven't heard any responses from a club either pro or con. Could be just the summer season I guess. Haven't heard any NHSA or club statements about how the issues around club memberships might be resolved. Probably summer season again. Probably in October we'll hear a lot of communications on these subjects and many others. Looking at the NHSA web site It seems that the priority issues are Camp Sno-Mo, the Volunteer Bonus Program, the Grass Drags, and Tucker Hibbard's retirement. Back in December 2017 the NHSA put up a story by F&G's Captain David Walsh, where he stressed the importance of maintaining good landowner relationships to keep trails open. Is there an NHSA committee that works on trail closure issues? Does the NHSA consider trail closures to be an equal priority to the Grass Drags, or something less? Would the health of our clubs be more or less important than the Easter Seals Ride-In? Does your club's newsletter discuss the challenges they're facing in maintaining club memberships and the existing trail structure, buying equipment, recruiting volunteers, and raising the funds to do all these things? From my experience, there are some clubs that do that, and many that don't. What does the NHSA think snowmobiling, and our trail system, will look like in 2025? In 2030? And, what could we do, and what are we doing, to preserve what we have as much as possible? The public tends to believe that the subject of our communications represents our priorities, or more simply, we talk about what we believe in, but is that true for the clubs and the NHSA? If so, I should probably make an Easter Seals' donation, volunteer to work the Grass Drags, and get a retirement card in the mail to Tucker Hibbard,
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    Yikes...the NHSA is giving out blocks of “VD”? Wonder if my med insurance still covers penicillin shots???!!!
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    North country riding back in the day

    I did a Google search and ended up here. I'd guess that most people that visit this site have already seen this page, and the "Snow Revolution" video link. That video will bring back memories for those that rode sleds 40 years ago, and make today's vintage riders feel right at home. North country riding was a very different experience 40 years ago, and more like the experience that today's off-trail riders are looking for. The problem was the sleds were nothing like today's mountain sleds, and breaking trails after a snowfall was common. A great sport for those people who think getting stuck and unstuck is the best part.
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    Let's imagine an NHSA affiliated club with 100 total members. The NHSA doesn't require that the members also be NHSA members. Let's imagine that 90 of the 100 members are not NHSA members. Because these 90 people are members of an NHSA affiliated club they qualify for the discount, but will need proof of membership. In the past the club could provide a document stating their membership that was accepted by F&G, but under a proposed change that would no longer be true. The F&G wants to MANDATE that the NHSA must provide the proof of membership, and the NHSA wants to charge the club $10 per transaction to provide that proof and maintain a database of member information. Do you believe that the NHSA can, or should, deny a club affiliation because 100% of the members are not NHSA members? The proposed By-Laws state in Article IV-Membership: "Individual memberships will be a benefit for those who are members in good standing as defined in the NHSA Rules of Business of an affiliated club. Members of affiliated clubs are not required to accept this benefit except as required by club by-laws." From the proposed Rules of Business for member clubs under Membership: "Good Standing- Annual dues are paid; its per membership dues are paid per club agreement" (does this mean that a club pays dues for each NHSA member when they join, but doesn't have to pay the $10 unless the non-NHRA member wants to get a registration discount? Joining a club is not always synonymous with registering a sled or requesting a discount) This goes back to the meaning of a "club membership transaction". The decision-making here is on the part of the F&G who proposed the rules change, and the legislature that will either approve or disapprove that proposal.
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    I always figure I'm OK as long as I don't have more than three or four bolts left over.
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    Special Meeting

    It's seems that NHSA is really trying to consolidate the power into the Board. Instead of embracing the membership (clubs specifically) it appears to really be attempting to solidify control and pushing their agenda. I'm really thinking it's time for another association.
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    2954. Mother Nature had us on a roller coaster, but conditions up north in March were best I've seen in a while. Huge thanks to groomer operators from SDR, GTB, Colebrook, Stratford, and Umbagog for a job well done!
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    Spotted at a local fundraiser

    I present to you,Senor' El Flower Fellero'
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    HELP. Need parts. Polaris iq

    I found one on eBay in Wisconsin. It’s here already. I bought this anyway.
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    An early

    Amen. Don't think we've ever done a 60 mile ride in November...until today. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    So here is why the ss has to go...
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    My Father sold Rupp snowmobiles for a few years in the 70's and worked closely with the Cicchetto family who at the time lived in Deerfield. I have known Bob, as long as I can remember. Bob and Helen have been great friends of my wife and I for years and he will be a void in my list of true friends. He was at every Water Cross I can remember and often at other Dances and races the Northwood CrankPullers hosted. He will certainly be missed. God Bless.