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    Sno-Traveler story

    NHSA is living in the past. Snowmobile ownership has peaked and is slowly declining. Clubs have had to tighten their belts and its time for NHSA to do the same. They need to think about downsizing in a big way so more money stays with the clubs and is not spent by them. NHOHVA is a good model to follow. They are operating with a virtual office and quarterly meetings are held at schools or public buildings in various locations around the state. All communications are done via the Internet. The current system of county directors should be scrapped and replaced with direct input from the clubs. They can outsource the grass drags, get rid of the SnoTraveler, dump the office, have staff members work out of their homes and the entire operation can be run on less than $100k per year using the profit from the Grass Drags. No money at all from the clubs.
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    Groomer age requirement?

    We can send these "kids" to battle in a 8.9 million dollar M1a2 Abrams, but God forbid we let them take a groomer out....
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    957 mi. We did three trips up to Pittsburg. Best photo was of my wife on Diamond Ridge in January.
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    The Town determined that it would make clear notation on the record/map/lot that it currently "hosts" a State primary trail! This makes the landowner/purchaser "aware" it is there,,,,,,,,,
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    dirt dummy

    Front page!

    Original photo.
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    What are you running this winter???

    Shhhhh ... don't tell anyone .... 900 ACE Blizzard I don't think anyones knows ;-) Rob ....
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    I've been reading every one of these posts, and there are some very valid points. I've been riding all my life, (started at 5, 48 now), consider myself a sport rider and I see how the sport has outpriced many of my friends who used to go. I have 4 sleds, and register them all every year, and with the recent winters, that's pricey. We have threads here on SledNH saying register early, register in November, etc. Sorry, but no way. $244 for one or two snowstorms isn't happening. Am I one problem? Maybe, but I'm also a parent and have bills to pay. Priorities. I'm also a 17 year member of my club. The youngest member I'd say is around 30. Another Problem... There are many things that need to be fixed to attract new riders. I think clubs should set the speed limits! 45 in Pittsburg is stupid, but perfectly justified in Milton with its windy trails. Change in that area would be way good. I also think we need to address off trail riding WAY sooner than later. That kind of riding is being pushed by the manufacturers. If you went to the grass drags this year, you probably noticed the HUGE push on mountain sleds! Those were front row at every dealer, with the trail sleds kinda in the back somewhere. Unfortunately the dealers think NH is Montana or Wyoming with miles and miles of mountainous area or wide open field to sidehill or plow through. There are very few places like that here, and I think NONE below the White Mts, so if Maine has more, so be it. We can't be like Maine, or Montana, just like we can't be like Moab when it comes to certain off road activities. We're NH and we have certain geography we must take care of, OR promote certain areas to do that type of riding in. I get WideOpenOrNothins ideas and opinions, but unfortunately the dealers products have changed the way we snowmobile here in NH way faster than we as a state has adapted, and in the long run, more and more clubs are paying the price with pissed landowners and closed trails.
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    And about 175 groomer hours also!!!
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    Our membership is up....we see the money but never see the faces. A problem all clubs have. We need more snow so this forum will get back into sledding pictures, stories, how to get to here or there, etc. That is what I enjoy.... Sick of the negative, negative, negative....get enough of that in the NEWS. My glass is always 1/2 fullnot
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    Online Membership Update

    Well said. And let me add one more point. Even though it is sacred territory. It is well past time the Association at the Tilton level scale WAY back on the office time and effort spent on Easter Seals. Easter Seals would be better served by working with a county, or perhaps a group of clubs. But I was mortified at my time spent in Tilton representing a non-profit organization that was spending a significant portion of its time that should be devoted to its own mission (assisting and promoting sledding in NH) instead using all of its limited resources raising money for another non-profit. In my time in Tilton there was meeting after meeting where no actual time was devoted to sledding issues, but entire meetings were devoted to Easter Seals, the Grass Drags or both. I understand the fascination with the Grass Drags, especially by certain past presidents and several board members that profited handsomely from their ties to the Drags. But in my humble opinion when a non-profit loses focus on its mission by concentrating too much effort on fund raising for another non-profit, something needs to change.
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    Fat Bikes in the news!

    I normally stay out of these "debates", because once someone has their mind made up about something (whether right or wrong), there usually is no changing it... And also because arguing over the internet is, well, you know the rest. But some of the ignorant comments here are ridiculous. Let me first say that I am an officer in a snowmobile club, and have been for many years. I volunteer COUNTLESS hours doing trailwork, fundraising, etc, etc, etc... I am also a volunteer with a local mountain bike club, and I'd like to point out some of the similarities for some of you that don't know already... The mountain bike club I am in is a local club in central NH, and that club is also part of a larger organization called NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association). (Very similar to local snowmobile clubs being part of NHSA). We have built, and we maintain many miles of singletrack trails in Central NH. Franklin Falls trails in Franklin, Page Hill trails in Hill, Ahern St Park trails in Laconia, etc, etc. (Very similar to snowmobile clubs that build and maintain miles of trails) We hold regular meetings, just like snowmobile clubs. We apply for RTP grants, just like snowmobile clubs. We obtain landowner permission for our trails, just like snowmobile clubs. We have trailwork days, and usually it is the same 10 people that show up to do all the work (Hmmm, that sounds familiar too...?) In the spring, mountain bikers are cautioned against riding on the trails during mud season, because of the ruts and damage it causes. But there are always the riders that don't listen, and ride the trails anyway, causing damage. (Gee, sound like anything familiar in the snowmobile community? Like the people that can't obey the "stay on trail" signs???) So my point in all of this is... The snowmobile community and the mountain bike community share very similar issues. The "core" group of people (like you and I in the snowmobile community) are the ones that follow the rules, and don't even get noticed. But it's the "a-holes" in each sport that threaten to ruin it for the rest of us... Think about it... You don't see the mountain bikers that are following the rules and riding all of the singletrack trails that THEY built, because they are off doing the right thing and keeping to themselves. Just like people don't even see us snowmobilers that are doing the right thing and riding the trails the WE built, following the rules, running stock exhaust, staying on approved trails, etc. It's only the a-holes that ride past "no snowmobiling" signs, litter, ride wth loud exhaust, skim across the Weirs beach channel towing a skier, etc. that get people's attention. Each sport has it's share of a-holes, and they are the ones that get all of the attention. We all are outside sharing the woods because we love the outdoors. It would be great if we could all work together instead of spewing so much hate towards the other... And for the record, I don't even own a "fat bike". I just have two regular mountain bikes and a road bike. -M
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    You can ride EVERYWHERE now...BUT?

    BUT NOTHING>>>Its time to get out and ride while the snow is here and continues to come. With a blanket of snow on the entire state it will be great to see all the clubs out GROOMING a truly continuous trail system throughout the state. This is what we wish for and it is a reality. Bring it on BABY!
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    Successful test ride!

    Very successful test ride today! I think I'm good to go.
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    random photo thread

    I got a new toy
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    Quite obvious that you don't ride in the south or even realize what goes on there with the clubs who bust their asses to keep trails open for people who wish to ride their sleds instead of trucks. There are no $300,000.00 groomers down here. I do not think there are any in the whole state. The newest groomers that I know of are the Mid 2000 vintage groomers that SNHSS have for full size and 2009 ASV Scout the NCP has. Kingston runs a nice older model Pistonbully. Derry runs an older BR, and Newfields runs a mid 90's Tucker. Nothing new just well cared for. NCP runs a 1973 Thiokol. The last GIA funding for a groomer purchase in Rockingham County was in 2009. I bet if you totaled all of the groomers values it would not equal buying a 5 year old machine. Out of these listed they take nothing away from the North Country as you may think. The whole County combined receives less than 1 club above the notches as far as grooming money.Yet the SNHSS is consistently in the top 3 when it comes to membership size. What does closing trails in the south have to do with increasing funding in the north? It will help the demise of the sport we all love. Many families like to ride out of their homes when conditions allow. Many count on that to share the experience with the youngsters. That is how many have come to be involved with snowmobiling.Not many with young kids would risk their safety by bringing them to Pittsburg for a first ride.The local clubs in the south along with clubs to our west do a standup job promoting the family sport of snowmobiling, not just the rich, young mans sport.There are many State Parks and Rail Trails in the south and western parts of the state. They are maintained by the volunteers of the clubs that you would like to be shuttered. Those volunteers give many the benefit of well maintained trails year round. They do so on the clubs dime not the states. Maybe you would rather see higher taxes to pay for it instead. Try getting involved in a club closer to where you live to see why closing them is not a very smart option. You will probably find you will make many more friends than you will going north.These clubs are part of the community. It is not businesses that thrive from them but many local residents.who appreciate what they give back. If all trails south of notch's were closed how well do you think the trails in Coos County would be? You wouldn't be able to make anything better with the amount of money that was spent south of there.Money doesn't replace snow nor does putting 40,000 snowmobiles in 5 clubs trail systems. After 10:00 am trails would be destroyed. People would be pissed and then ride at night following the groomers as that would be only time trails would be flat. Trails wouldn't even have time to set up properly. Now that would improve the snowmobile experience how? How would you personally enjoy riding your $20,000.00 worth of sleds after sitting in your $50,000 dollar truck for 4 hours? Then after another 50 mile day of riding moguls dodging a sled every 100 yards and a mogul every 50 feet have to get back in your truck and ride 4 hours home. Wicked pissa huh? Sport will be thriving. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    REGISTER RIGHT to keep it FLAT and WHITE. 1 Dump the discount, put the $30 where it will do the most to keep it FLAT and WHITE, the Trails Bureau (Grant in Aid). Remember the $30 is now $18 because you have to throw away $12 to get $30 and by registering this way it should put off the proposed registration increase to $150 to $180 per sled. 2 Join a Club to keep it FLAT and WHITE, where you live, ride, or both and yes the money helps but the money and your involvement makes a difference, remember most trails are maintained and groomed by club volunteers. 3 Be nice, say please and thank you, treat people like you would like or expect to be treated. 4 Stay away from associations that are only concerned with there bottom line 5 Remember not everyone rides the same sled as you or has the same riding style. We are all snowmobilers and if we work together, support each other, respect landowners and law enforcement we can MAKE SNOWMOBILING GREAT AGAIN. THANKS Dave Copeland
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    Getting to the end of the season for me back to daily work...so had to get out and get in my last licks. Rode on Sat and invoked in some Trail Side cooking at the "Big Pine Tree" for maybe the last time this season. Enjoyed a great day of riding. Sunday rode with Coldbrew, Noxorc, and Mark B. Great too finally ride with these guys this season. Where has the season gone? Took in some great scenery, good riding...90% great trails, good fellowship and overall wonderful time as usual. Not a lot of traffic at all either! Got a bit of Gopro footage that will have to last me into the summer before I hunger for more. Will post some later! Nice to meet some new people on the trails as always...I guess I have become too social...who ME! You never know whom you may meet...nice to meet you President Phil of the Derry Pathfinders...Pres to Pres! Thanx guys for riding!
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    Trail Side Cooking Time....

    It was a good day to get out and start off the trail side cooking season. The warmer temps made it easier to be able to stop and cook without freezing to death. Nothing like beans and hotdogs on the trail with friends topped off with some good riding!
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    Coming soon

    In June of 2015 I made a presentation to the board about these issues. I told them they could not force clubs to have the same membership fee (price fixing) and also told them they could not force individual club members to join NHSA (it had to be a choice). They took a vote at that meeting to move ahead regardless of the fact that they would be breaking the law. At that point, I gave up trying to change anyone's mind in NHSA but I was successful in working with NHOHVA to make sure they redid their bylaws so they would not be breaking any laws. I have not been a member of NHSA since 2016 and will not join in the future unless things change. I believe they are only interested in their own self-preservation and not at all interested in helping the clubs to survive. I think the entire organization needs to be downsized and their budget cut. I also think the system of county representation should be scrapped and each club should have a voice in what NHSA is working on. This would necessitate getting rid of monthly meetings at NHSA headquarters and holding quarterly meetings in a larger location. It should be a back-to-basics agenda with the sole focus of working on things that help the clubs.
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    Summer Fun????

    Taking my boys to some car shows and just cruzin around.
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    Old Thumper

    Fat Bikes in the news!

    That's OK as long as you leave the OEM card and clothespin in place. But you just try and run one of those damn aftermarket playing cards because they are thicker and sound cool, and the boys from F&G will be ALL OVER your ass! And don't even think about using one of those fancy pants Billet Aluminum clothespins to hold that Bad Boy in place. Ticket Bait for sure!
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    One of the best days I've had. Headed north from home to Lancaster where I met Hendo and classicD. Then back south to Littleton. East to twin mtn. Up cherry mtn, over to Jefferson, over pine mtn to gorham, up into the high ground near pond of safety. Down to the pipeline back to Lancaster where we split and I headed back to Littleton. Trails were Fantastic. Passed thru 8 clubs. We cut first tracks for hours in the morning. Passed 3 groomers. My odometer read 191.
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    Ny guy lost in the burg

    He was located at Bosebuck Camps and it sounds like he will be returning to the Burg on his sled. Good News!!!!!!!
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    trail conditions?

    Very true Don, but what about the trail conditions?
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    Seasons Greetings to all

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May there be plenty of snow and only safe miles.
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    I know one of them was made by a club in our county. They were tired of being harassed and bullied about their club membership program. Parties that be, felt that the club was not compliant, with a club in good standing because they were following to the letter of the RSA that F&G has presented to all of the clubs. RSA says that riders who wish to get discount on Registration shall be a member of a club affiliated with the NHSA. They do NOT have to join the NHSA. The club offers everyone a choice of whether they want to join or not. They actually even match the person's $5.00 with the club's $5.00 to pay for the club members NHSA membership. Dues are $30.00 for club. For an extra $5.00 the club throws in $5.00 and the members receives all of the benefits of being an NHSA member. If a person chooses not to join the $5.00 that is used as match is instead put in to Trail Maintenance fund. They have kind of have built their own in - house Grant in Aid to cover shortfalls in funding. Freedom of Choice. The powers that be demanded that the President and Directors show up in Tilton to discuss membership dues program. The club informed them that this would fall under Anti -Trust laws as a violation and is considered price fixing. More demands were made and posturing by the parties that be. The club stood their ground. Then they were in formed if they didn't show in Tilton for a meeting to change membership program they would be removed from Association for not being a club in good standing. The club had vetted the program through Major Wimsatt of F&G as well as the Attorney Generals Office to make sure they were complying with the RSA during the summer and early fall. Thumbs up was given by both. The night before the Grass-drags they were contacted regarding Online Membership Program. The club had informed Association of it was no going to participate in online membership program in writing back in June. Letter was accepted by program manager and they were removed from it. Then they were informed at this point, 3 months later, that they were being held to it saying it is a legal binding contract. More threats at Grass-drags, again with powers that be giving an ultimatum to the club making them give membership to anyone who joined there at $30.00 with the club having to eat the whole $10.00 it costs to join the Association so club had no choice. If they didn't comply they were being forced to leave the Grass-drags even after paying there vendor fees in full far in advance of the event with no refund. This took place at 10:00 am on Friday with clubs volunteers already on site and set up. At that point the club made the choice and had to file complaint and hire legal council to protect its membership and it's organization. Another club was being threatened with being thrown out as well. They notified the powers that be via Certified mail, that they were not going to participate in online program and wanted to be removed from it. They are not being allowed to remove themselves and the Association is charging $35.00 + $2.00 to anybody who joins via it even thought the clubs dues are not $35.00. Now the Association has decided to have the legalities of it's Letter of Understanding checked out by Council. Would have thought it would have been done prior to it being released. The story above has been an ongoing saga being presented each month at the County Meetings. Not many happy campers at those meetings. There are quite a few on this Forum who have sat at these meetings and listened to what has been transpiring.
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    dirt dummy

    Front page!

    My picture of Andy (Crusher) Collins made it on the front page of the Sno Traveler! This was Andy's 25th year of racing in fremont plus many other venues across the country. I feel honored to have my picture of my true friend selected for the front page!
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    NHSA & Rail Trails

    Several years ago while on the NHSA Board of Directors, I distinctly remember Chris Gamache stating that all things remaining the same, NH snowmobile trails would eventually become separated and segmented systems across the State. Some of us are already seeing this, while many remain oblivious to the obvious. Unfortunately, no different then when I served, the primary focus of the NHSA remains based on three tenets: 1: Increase funding by forcing/maintaining a mandatory membership scheme 2: maintaining/increasing funding for the NHSA via the Grass Drags 3: spending an inordinate amount of time and effort raising funds for another non-profit (Easter Seals). Very little effort is expended on issues lake the rail trails, trail closures oR assisting clubs with financial and membership issues. You don't need to take my word for it. Ask your County Director to list off, say, half a dozen major efforts initiated by the NHSA (not by paying d lobbyists) over the past several years not regarding the three aforementioned initiatives that have contributed greatly to local clubs and membership. Better yet, if you're friends with the Pope (it takes a divine act of intervention) get your hands on NHSA monthly minutes. Sadly the proof resides in the documentation that the organization refuses to share easily, via the Sno-Traveler or website.
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    if it snows in southern nh.......the cool iron comes out.
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    Great time at the Scrub Oak Scramblers winter carnival yesterday at the old air strip in Freedom. These are a few photos from the drone portfolio I took.....
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    The logic and arguments about off trail anything (Snowmobiling, ATV's, dirt bikes etc) is getting older than dirt, and not much ever seems to get resolved. Back in the day, I rode dirt bikes in Northern Mass. pretty much anywhere and never really had any issues with access to where we wanted to ride. We did make a mess of things in muddy areas, but never really got in trouble. Started riding Pittsburg in the early 80's when there was less traffic, hardly any long track dedicated mountain vehicles, and went into some areas that were definitely off trail, limited only by where we dare take a trail sled. Often times during that period of time, we would bump into Fish and Game out there and they were only concerned with us knowing where we were and how to get out safely. Between then and now, the evolution of the average sled has taken a definite turn towards off trail design, long,deep paddle tracks, giant motors, riser bars all contribute to comfort hitting it hard on mountain terrain. A visit to any gas stop in the area shows that the popularity of this type of sled is dominating the trails as well as "protected areas". The manufacturers of these machines could care less if people use them in protected areas, and are in a sense, shooting themselves in the foot, by causing trail closures and related problems which impact future sales. Another issue that has not been raised is the level of damage that paddle tracks cause on groomed trails, even with careful riding. You only have to follow a deep paddle rider to see the impact of one pass on fresh groomed snow. The clubs end up on the receiving end of complaints that the frequency of passes is inadequate. Complex issues that are weaved together in a mix of cause and effect that has no simple resolution............ pathfinder
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    Old Thumper

    United Snowmobile Alliance

    "dedicated to serving our members" That doesn't sound like anything that NHSA would be interested in …
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    Finally going riding

    186 miles in 6 hours of ride time, not bad for 2 grandfathers !
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    Online Membership Update

    When an association (or any business) can force its customers to belong, and then force the price, their is no incentive for that organization to market itself to its customer base. Those of us that have insisted for years that the forced membership and dues were illegal and led to an organization that no longer marketed itself to its membership have been vindicated. Now the Board needs to accept the AG's findings and reinvent itself so that folks what to join, and know what the benefits of joining are. Otherwise, the NHSA will see a significant drop in membership and along with it member dues. I think it is well past time for some of the LONG time sitting board members to step aside and let new blood in. I also think that a rewrite of the bylaws that significantly reduces the influence of the past presidents is very long overdue. Finally, a rethink must be done on how the annual meetings are conducted so members believe that attending actually has an influence on the direction the Association is taking. Truly the AG's decision is a significant win for the snowmobiler in NH. Now we need to see if the new administration and the present board actually take this information to heart and invoke long overdue changes that many have fought for over the past decade!
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    Rumor mill has it.

    There's a group of long-term snowmobile people who have zero faith in the NHSA. They believe that the NHSA must be replaced in order to advance snowmobiling. I don't know, but do see that most of the wounds on the NHSA are self-inflicted. The issues you raised about trail access, club membership, and volunteers are all valid and important, but I don't see the NHSA involved in those issues in any meaningful way. I doubt that most snowmobilers even know what the function of the NHSA might be, or that they fund that organization. They have become irrelevant.
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    Summer Fun????

    I probably drive this more than the antique plates allow,but you don't need snow to go for a ride....
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    Summer Fun????

    traveling yes. in style, absolutely. Canada, vt, me, & nh. Planning a can trip or two with sxs in tow to explore them atv trails.
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    Been ill the last few weeks so was tough to get out. Just had to go riding last weekend before work kicks back into gear. We had 6" of snow Friday which really smartened up the trail conditions. It was like riding mid winter except for the lower elevations. Had a blast with a few friends and meet as few new ones. Mostly locals on the trails and not much activity which suits me fine. Had lunch again on the top of Stinson Mountain...chicken wings and burgers with a great view at that. Road all around the central NH area with a few guys that had not been in that area before. We had a blast of course (how could you not) got started about 1 on Saturday and rode Sunday for a bit over 200 miles. Last year sucked, this year is much better...hopefully next year will be an awesome, stellar year like the good olde days!
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    Fat Bikes in the news!

    Wow, great advertisment for Fat Bikes. I enjoyed the "Groomed snowmobile trails provide miles and miles of winter riding." comment. Hey fat bikers, I do it all for you. enjoy.
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    Old Thumper

    random photo thread

    It was a Winter Wonderland in the GNW last week. Very active Dee-ya Yhaaad behind the Pittsburg school - always plenty of critters to see.
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    The four northern most clubs in NH are planning to have trails open for the update coming week end. Early season conditions will be present but many summer roads should give riders a nice start to the year.
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    Favorite sled of all time?

    My Father sold Rupps out of our, modest, walk out basement. Back in the early 70's you could buy 2/3 machines and become a registered dealer. He raced a stock '74 Rupp 440 Nitro. It won, nearly everywhere we went and his trophies are now top shelf in my garage, since his passing. Great topic, Mike.
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    That's what happens when you price yourself out of the market. Once you raise your fees above neighboring states your customers go elsewhere. Then you have to keep raising the fees just to support the system. Hopefully NH won't go down the same road as VT. NH really needs to look at cutting costs instead of just raising the registration fees.
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    What are you running this winter???

    What's everyone riding this winter? I'm going to get my '05 Renegade going again along with the '08 GSX. Both are 600 SDI.
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    Several years ago an EMS technician told me of a rescue they did for a guy who hit a tree and ended up with a serious compound fractured leg. He had to wait for over four hours before EMS found him because EMS got totally lost trying to find him. Since that time I have made my GPS trail maps available for free to first responders and fish and game officers. I have even provided training and donated GPS hardware on occasion. Errol EMS, Gorham Fire & EMS, Berlin Fire and EMS, and the Coos county NH Fish & Game currently use my GPS trail maps. Every now and then I run into the Berlin Fire department guys who attended my training course. Last year they told me that they used my maps in 13 deep woods rescues. Very gratifying. For an example (Berlin Fire & EMS) See... http://backwoodsgpstrails.com/wp3/emergency-rescue-vehicle-gets-gps-navigation/ And, as a quick reference they can always use this printable map... http://backwoodsgpstrails.com/SledMap/SledMap_J_E.html The offer still holds. Feel free to have first responders that cover your club's area contact me for details. Just double check and make sure the map is accurate in your area. If something needs to be updated, just let me know and I will correct it pronto. I can be contacted directly at rick@backwoodsGPStrails.com
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    What are you running this winter???

    A 2015 Yamaha Viper XTX. A few shots from North to South. 1.Pitt looking over Back Lake 2. Lookout overlooking Newfound 3. The Weirs 4. Mt Kearsarge (North Side)
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    What are you running this winter???

    '14 TNT 600 ETEC '02 XC SP 600 w/ M10 '72 TNT 340 '72 Olympique 335 (Note: Those are reflections on the sides of both 72"s - not white spots in the paint)