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    In a time where everything seems to be going sour across the country, a story of moderate success for a 26 year old vintage racer from Lancaster is making a lot of people smile. Lucas Nast, who made the front row starting position in the final of the Vintage World Championships last year, went out on his own with building and taking on a lot of financial burdens that come with racing at Eagle River. Derby track. Squeaking through five or six rounds of qualifiers, last round, missed it by one place. Last Chance Qualifier was taking the last two sleds to start on the back row. Lucas qualified in the last spot for the 10 lap final, which found him finishing in 7th place at the end. A remarkable feat for a young independent racer.
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    Trail wooden bridges

    I do my part to extend bridges lifespan. I just jump them……
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    Riding reports…

    Rode out of SDR late this morning on 5n thru Coleman and found conditions to be very nice. There was a stretch of 5 just prior to young’s that was a bit choppy. Young’s for fuel, and the newly renovated restaurant next door for grub…forget the name. Continued on 5 and made our way to the border. Returned on the eastern side taking 144 and 112 I believe, a short jaunt on 134 then back to the parking area. Was pleasantly surprised by the conditions overall. Logged about 110mi with my son and I believe it was a mink we saw running through the woods along side us
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    Riding reports…

    Just got back from a 45-mile ride around the trail system that surrounds Millsfield Pond. We trailered to the end of Newell Brook Road, unloaded and drove the snowmobiles up Newell Brook Road about a mile before hitting groomed trail. From there all logging roads were pretty much perfect: Newell Brook Road, Metallak Trail, Millsfield Pond Road, Loop Road, Signal Mountain Road, etc. We tried following PT110 east over towards Cor. 18 because we were thinking about riding up 112 towards Pittsburg, but we encountered thin conditions and ice patches in the woods and we decided it was not worth the effort and turned around to get back on the logging roads. I printed a map from the Umbagog Snowmobile Association Facebook page that had many details on what was open, logging operations and where the bad spots were. I highly recommend anyone riding tomorrow or Saturday get a copy of this map. I found it to be very accurate. I did not see any signs that the Groveton groomer had come in from Cor. 28. Not surprising since there is a section of trail near Trio Ponds that needs a couple of feet of snow before it can get groomed. Also did not see any signs of the Berlin groomer coming up Cor. 19. Also not surprising since several sections of Cor. 19 follows woods trails and not logging roads. Hopefully the storm forecast for Sunday-Monday will come through. We have a good hard base in most areas (even on the trails that have not been groomed), but need more snow is needed to fill the water bars, cover rocks and build approaches to the bridges. We did not see any other riders during our two hour ride even though there were other vehicles and trailers in the parking area. But we did see a dozen turkeys and 2 grouse which was nice and not something we normally see when there is normal snowmobile traffic.
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    They don't get paid because they are worthless but because they are priceless. Thanks to all the volunteers that help make this sport possible.
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    And what kind of ignorant would supply their debit card to that?
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    Closed Restaurant and Snowmobile parking

    Standing 4-5 hours at a whack in some real cold temps. Sure they could find something in this job climate.
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    Closed Restaurant and Snowmobile parking

    Too bad, yet you still see people at the entrance to shopping centers begging.
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    It may not be that they can meet the hiring requirements. I heard that Walmart here is seeking overnight stocking associates starting at $17.50/hr with no experience. Managing labor is going to be the hardest thing that management will have to do over the next several years should they want to keep the doors open.