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    Trail signage issues

    I like your idea about green trimmed signs. I had been asking for green trail information signs for over 10 years and they finally provided those a couple of years ago. I never thought about adding green to some of the other sign types but it makes sense. Maybe we could get some green plastic an inch bigger than the current signs and use it as a backer so it shows green trim around the Junction Ahead, Stop Ahead and Stop signs.
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    Kind of slow here...I guess we need to post some pictures for all to enjoy. I like to cook on the trail so posted some of the grandboys and a few friends and wife cooking over the last few days. Also a few recent "Random" photos. Good snow out there....get out and enjoy!
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    March 24, 2020 6"-8" of heavy, wet, snow. Plow was taken off the truck a week ago. Only one thing to do.
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    Colman St Park

    Thanks for the update, it was helpful. We visited the Mountain View Grand two weeks ago, it looked like this. Made a reservation to stay this past Sun to Tuesday. Arrived to find this. Wound up trailering up to Coleman SP on Monday, rode from there. It was 60 degrees there at one point on Monday. Found some great trails, but sometimes we would come around a corner, and it would be mud for 100 - 300 yards, then back out of the sun, and it was OK again. Some areas were great, but I doubt there will be much left by this coming weekend. This was at the aptly named Grandview snack shack.
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    Near Dixville a few weeks back. Another member here, who will remain anonymous, unless he claims the pic.