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    How many times have you been out riding and the trail signs are missing, not readable, hand-written, or confusing? As the Signmaster for the Monadnock Sno-moles I was asked to research and recommend a system to solve the sign problem EVERY club faces. We too had hand-written signs, and maintaining them was a monumental task. Pre-printed signs were just too expensive. And we all know trails change with landowners. I evaluated many different sign systems and came up with a workable solution that can be installed on any PC laptop or desktop. The Monadnock Sno-moles have invested in a sign making system that EVERY club can afford. We can now create trail signs as needed, put street names on all STOP signs, and the value to the riders of our trails is invaluable! We can still use the blanks provided by BOT. The signs are good for 7 years in harsh weather, highly REFLECTIVE, and easily readable from a distance, even at night. Take a look at the attached samples and if YOUR club is interested please let me know how I can reach you or your club Signmaster. I do not want to turn this post into a commercial for the sign system so most questions will be answered off-line. Rider safety is our number one job! Proper signage is our responsibility. NO MORE HAND-WRITTEN SIGNS!
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    Pigs will fly and Hell will freeze...
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    This up and down weather is stressing us all out to no end. Finally got to get out for a quick toot with my wife today. Rain to snow yesterday and then snow over night into today. Headed out after noon with variable conditions in the lower elevations but better and fresh snow higher up. More bits of snow this week and a warm up at the end of the week...go figure. Make the best of what we get! It's coming....just have to wait a little longer. Need to keep the "glass 1/2 full" mentality!
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    Good to see some posts----me, finally got out Sunday - conditions OK to good depending on elevation as usual...80 miles later some great snow some snirt, some rocks, some mud, some smiles which is most important. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !!!!
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    You’ve made your point. Ad nauseum. You’re going to Maine. Send us a digital postcard when you settle in (we don’t need to read six threads and twenty posts from you bitching about the price of stamps)...
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    Kind of slow here...I guess we need to post some pictures for all to enjoy. I like to cook on the trail so posted some of the grandboys and a few friends and wife cooking over the last few days. Also a few recent "Random" photos. Good snow out there....get out and enjoy!
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    Quarrentine Check in

    Please try to veer away from political arguments, which are not allowed on this site. This thread is about "Quarantine Check In" and should stay in that direction. pathfinder
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    Trail signage issues

    I like your idea about green trimmed signs. I had been asking for green trail information signs for over 10 years and they finally provided those a couple of years ago. I never thought about adding green to some of the other sign types but it makes sense. Maybe we could get some green plastic an inch bigger than the current signs and use it as a backer so it shows green trim around the Junction Ahead, Stop Ahead and Stop signs.
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    800R Gade X

    Pittsburg trails this past weekend

    Heading to Quebec Friday, so worth the drive.
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    Found this article recently... https://www.snowtechmagazine.com/off-trail-snowmobile-trespassing-the-devil-made-me-do-it/ "Those who cry they have nowhere to ride should be reminded that buying a snowmobile with a deep lug track was a voluntary purchase. You don’t go buy a high powered rifle to go deer hunting if they only allow slug hunting in your local area. Nor do you use the rifle to go duck hunting. If you want to use that new rifle you’d better find where it is legal to do so. The notion that it is an obligation of the club volunteers to accommodate riders who want to go off trail and break laws is absurd. If these riders want a different experience and opportunity, they can take their machines to locations where that kind of riding is legal and acceptable, or they can roll up their sleeves and do the work to create such opportunities – just like everyone else has. Not all riding areas will be able to have legal off-trail opportunities. Just like your rifle, you can’t use it everywhere hunting is legal."
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    Hooked up for a club ride...Fort Mountain Trailwnders...We headed out from Rumney and worked our way into the hills to find a great place for a TRAIL SIDE lunch. There were 14 of us dedicated club members seeking redemption on the negative snow gods and naysayers in the sport. So off we went and found variable conditions on our pursuit to snowmobiler happiness. I found a nice spot out of the wind around 11 am. First the coffee then the SAUSAGE, PEPPERS & ONIONS cooked and served on fresh rolls....now if that doesn't sound good there is something wrong with you. With some time for good fellowship and our bellies full...off we went to finish the day. A good time had by all! Come to find out that your NHSA Treasurer not only is a bean counter for our association but he also can cook beans (in this case sausage and peppers). Way to go Steve! Trail Siding cooking...get out and do it! Everything tastes better cooked in the great outdoors. Ride often and ride safe...I'll see you on the trail.
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    random photo thread

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    It is an interesting opinion piece... but shows off a major problem. Tourism is about $6 billion of an $80 billion State economy... so not really the driving force. The estimate is that Coos County accounts for roughly 3% of that $6 billion in tourism (based on M&R revenue). So it means that northern NH's economy is really quite bad.
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    800R Gade X

    Anyone planning to ride

    Absolutely, going to SDR
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    New Trailer

    First trailer for sleds, second ProLine to own. Purchased my first enclosed ProLine in 2017 for work/construction. Spent lots of time/money setting up interior to flow well for every day needs. Trailers are top quality, built well and home grown in NH! number two followed me home last weekend. I plan to insulate ceiling for some reason.....load it up and haul machines north for the winter thanksgiving weekend. anyone in the market for a trailer Id certainly give these guys a look. A bit more expensive but the extra dough spent is well worth a long term investment. These trailers are top notch
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    Electric recreational vehicles

    Nothing is better than the smell of 2 stroke. Nothing.
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    Electric recreational vehicles

    I'd rather run out of gas out on the trail than run out of battery
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    New Trailer

    YUP. Bought ours in 2014. GREAT place and people
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    Bear Brook Swap Meet Interview

    Here's a Youtube link to an Interview that was done last fall at the Bear Brook State Park Vintage Swap Meet. Some old guy with a bunch of red things. Enjoy! pathfinder
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    Any sleds not ridden in Pittsburg

    Until you find out that his wife's name is Ella Snall.
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    random photo thread

    Pretty good display today.
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    NH does offer a 20% tax reduction to landowners who allow public access to land held under current use, but public OHRV/sled use isn't a required activity to get the discount. 20% Recreational Adjustment. If a landowner decides not to post, and opens the property to public use without an entrance fee for 12 months a year, the land is entitled to a 20% reduction in the current use assessment of the acres opened to public recreational use. To receive the 20% recreation adjustment, the landowner must allow all of the following activities: Hunting Skiing Fishing Snowshoeing Hiking Nature Observation If any of these activities are detrimental to a specific agricultural or forest crop, that activity may be prohibited. If the 20% recreational adjustment has been granted, posting to prohibit any activity listed above requires approval of the local assessing officials. See Cub 305.03 for further explanation. The landowner may prohibit trespass upon his property for all other activities, including use of mechanized and off-highway vehicles (such as snowmobiles and three-wheelers), camping, cutting down trees, etc. Posting land to prohibit these activities will not affect the 20% recreation adjustment. Here's the current use rules: https://www.revenue.nh.gov/current-use/documents/2019-booklet.pdf Valuation of current use land is set by classification: farmland, forest land, unproductive land, and wetland. From the NH Business Review: Farmland is currently assessed between $25 and $425 per acre. White pine forest with documented stewardship is assessed between $66 and $99 per acre and without stewardship between $110 and $165 per acre. Hardwood forest with stewardship is assessed between $28 and $43 per acre and without between $47 and $71 per acre. Unproductive and wetlands are assessed at $20 per acre. If land in current use is not posted but open to recreation — hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and nature observation — it qualifies for an additional 20 percent reduction in assessed value. There is no buyout provision in the program. When land in current use is sold or transferred, it remains enrolled. But if the land is either developed or put to a disqualifying use, a land use change tax equal to 10 percent of its “full and fair value” is charged. Today, 3,008,456 acres — more than half the land area of the state — is enrolled in current use, and virtually half of it qualifies for the recreational discount. Forest land, with and without stewardship, covers 2,623,405 acres, or 87 percent, of the land in current use. The 204,353 acres of farmland account for 7 percent of the total, while 180,698 acres of unproductive land and wetland make up the balance.
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    Why beat around the bush just come out and say you don't like the increase! (doesn’t mix with what the younger Americans want to do) Most not all young Americans are to lazy and cheap to do anything that mommy and daddy won't pay for! Enjoy Maine before they go up.
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    Love how this site continues to be the "Bash the NHSA site"... Step up if you can do better.
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    The Keith Haynes trail

    I've heard that the Colebrook Ski-Bees have a new trail trail named after Keith Haynes. I remember the old Keith Haynes trail that we'd pass on the way to Colebrook. That trail was not our first option. Here's a magazine story about riding sleds in the area around the Balsams back in the 1990's. American Snowmobiler 1994 https://amsnow.com/reviews/snowmobile-trails-travel/1994/11/the-historic-balsams We got in a lot of riding in not a lot of miles. Especially when we hit the R. Keith Haynes Memorial Trail. The sign on the Haynes trail marker simply stated, "North Country's First Groomed Trail." The joke of the day was "…and it hasn't been groomed since." It was a narrow trail. Ice formed from a previous rain and melt had frozen hard and bumpy in the -30 degree temperatures we faced during our travels. No amount of grooming would make a difference until much more snow would come. In the meantime, the grooming club would suffer abuse for this next to impossible to groom section of trail. BTW: I have an extra 1992 Umbagog Sports Association trail map that I can spare, any taker? This is the one with a picture of the new 197 ft bridge over the Androscoggin River built by the club.
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    Repair shop groveton area

    No longer in need i disconnected kill switch and problem went away. Now just need to come up with a kill switch fix
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    There is some great snow and snowmobiling to be had here in central NH. I have a cabin located just 1 hour North of Concord, NH in Dorchester, NH. It is 8-10 minutes up the hill from the Baker River Clubhouse. It is a great base location because you can ride in all directions and find some great snow and conditions. Tenny Mountain Ski area is also just down the road. The riding has been good and we continue to get snow especially up in the elevation. Winter conditions are here but will not be forever...so check us out on facebook: NH Accommodations and Central NH Cabin rental as well as Homeaway https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p4086570?noDates=true. Good place to bring the family, friends and anyone else! Let me know.
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    Pittsburg trails this past weekend

    Beautiful sled!
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    Had the privilege of meeting Sabrina and her team in '18 at the Vintage World Championships in Eagle River WI. She is amazing on the track, which she proved at Eagle River this year by being the first female ever to qualify for the front row in the Championship Finals where she finished 9th. She is someone who is obviously going to continue her rise to the top in the racing world. pathfinder Boonville Herald · 16 hrs · Sabrina Blanchet with the Vintage Adirondack Cup trophy after her big win Sunday in Boonville. She is the first female to ever win the Adirondack Cup. — at Boonville Snow Festival
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    Make the best with what we have!!!!

    Awesome to see... great turn out
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    Snorander Very happy you found good trails! I guess it was a crap shoot to head North and face 90% snirt and moguls, or head south like you did and find good riding. Oh well, maybe next time we'll choose the right direction. Do the snow dance!
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    Very cool overhead view of Ragged Mountain on your map. Glad to hear you were able to get through Alexandria (even though it was rough!). Past trail closures on 11 made your loop impassable.
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    Got out today with a few friends before the warmer weather and liquid snow (not rain). Hope people stay off the trails in this little "hiccup" in weather this weekend.
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    Pic taken at trio ponds on trail 28
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    random photo thread

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    What's the story with these trees

    Talked to several loggers over the years about that very stand of trees, and most of them tell me it is a "modified" strip cut. Meaning, rather than do a total strip cut of an area, you cut a a geometric pattern an an attempt to allow the trees that are left to naturally re-sead the cuts between them. Most of us have noticed typical "strip cuts" that are visible from higher elevations. Although these "V" shaped stands of trees have not been allowed to re-sead the open areas between them, over time, most local people have noticed seedlings popping up in these areas and eventually mowed down. So it appears that originally a large stand of trees were harvested with the intent of having them re-sead the spaces between the holes, and somewhere along the line, that intent was abandoned. Now we have a conversation piece to talk about, but this logic seems of the self planting maneuver seems pretty sound. don't know how long ago that stand was cut, but I started riding up here in '84 and it was that way then as far as I can remember. Great topic! Hope this helps. pathfinder
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    Had a 90 Polaris Indy 500 liquid advertised on CL, and found a buyer from the Lakes Region. Had to work until 5 yesterday and he came up and was due here around 8-8:30. At 8:15 I get a text that he is stuck at the end of my road. ( Hey! It's Pittsburg, people get stuck all the time, Right!) Text him back, On my Way. Grab a tow strap and off I go. Get to the end of the road and find out he's not stuck, but driving a small Chev pickup two wheel drive and just can't make the hill. Have him and his lady friend jump in my truck and head to the house, show him the sled, which he loves, pays me, and then try and figure out the best way to get it the .8 mile to his waiting pickup. I have a two place with a 1 3/4 in tongue, and currently have a 2" ball on my truck. He says no problem, "why don't we tow the sled to his truck with my wheeler (a 500 one lunger Quest). Now he and his lady friend are dressed in sweat shirts, no gloves, no hat's. Long story short both of them pile onto the non running Indy and off we go on an extremely arctic, evening cruise down an icy, snow covered, dirt road, moving pretty good on hills or it would spin. Finally get to the last obstacle, long downhill with his truck at the bottom, crawling down for fear the sled was going to tap me from behind. By this time my two shadows in the night were about popsicled out, but happy we all survived. Made it, loaded the sled into the pickup and sped back home, hoping my face would not fall off as I found a new appreciation for my wood stove. Got a text thanking me for my help and suggested he had a friend that might want another sled I have and if he came back he would bring a film crew so we might make an episode of "Rediculousness". Pittsburg, gotta love it......... pathfinder
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    How to get to the best riding area fast

    A little video of the Air Force Ospreys supporting snowmobiles in the field. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/30880/air-force-cv-22-ospreys-have-a-new-snowmobile-extraction-and-insertion-configuration?xid=fbshare&fbclid=IwAR2tN_9U_xa26q7JHugirWNcc2baAdQ9vhPWhK9U4T8rxJEubmiKCQG4cyU
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    Any sleds not ridden in Pittsburg

    My favorite is 'was my wifes sled'.
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    Hello, again

    YUP, been gone awhile and back now. Things have changed a tad now, retired and not a gunmaker anymore. Moved to a much quieter place and enjoy it more. Still riding the Crossfires and have a sxs RZR that we have put 3100 miles on this year alone. Life is pretty good. OH, and Barney the Dodge has passed on, guy i sold it to totalled it.
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    Slowly collecting parts

    Nice work snorander, you sure do take great care of the old gems
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    Slowly collecting parts

    That thing looks like its brand new. Very nice.
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    Slowly collecting parts

    Almost there...
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    Sled Dave

    Any used Renegades out there?

    Check - NH sleds for sale. I see it a lot on Facebook and some great deals on there.
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    2019-2020 snow season

    I am so ready for cold temperatures, which is starting to happen. Looking forward to do some trail work. Our first club meeting is coming up shortly. Both sleds are generally ready. Thinking about new carbides on both.