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    Got out on Saturday

    Got to do my once a year (at least) ride with BigGuyNH on Saturday. Left from the Newfound General Store, which is a fine starting point. Was a bit warm in the afternoon, but we got in a few miles, and had a great time. More than our share of bumps in the road, but all ended well. It's possible that one of us manages to hook a ski and go off trail a bit, resulting with a sled on it's side ins ditch. Got the rider vertical, and the sled on its track, and everything out f the hole with no damage to people or equipment. Thanks to the two guys who stopped to lend a hand. Pushed a stuck sled (not ours) out of a water bar, there were lots of them, which is no surprise this winter. Ran into a group with a dead sled (fouled plugs and dead battery), we were able to do some back of the group troubleshooting and loaned out a set of jumper cables that got them going. Only took one wrong trail that had us looking at a very unfrozen lake between us and our trucks. That added a few miles to our day, but that's nothing to complain about. It was great to finally get on the trails.
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    NHSA Membership Portal Outages

    It was state wide... On average there are about 600 a day in January. On Friday there was 5,000 requests.