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    Registered two in NH in November and joined two NH clubs. Will be registering both in Maine as well when the snow flies and still deciding which southern Maine club to join. Quite frankly if you can’t support the meager registration fees and join/support the clubs where you ride, you need to find a different sport....IMHO
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    I registered 3 in NH and have 1 registered in Maine, member of 3 or 4 clubs. Bring on the snow!
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    I will register one or both when it's time to ride them. Any travel restrictions around Covid will change my plans before the price increase does. Joined my club back in September, that part is out of the way.
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    Registered both sleds in NH & Maine, November. (Joined 3 clubs)
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    Registered two sleds back in August.... I like to average out the cost over a longer duration... Yes, I have ridden both sleds on the trail system...
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    dirt dummy

    Happy New Year !

    Happy New Year