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    No new posts since 3/21/19

    Reality is that facebook and other sites have decimated the individual snowmobile sites....Just not the same as the mid / early 2000's....
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    Lowes garage to Errol and back

    Folks, Rode 117 miles from Lowe's to Errol, had lunch at the Subway and LL Cotes and came back yesterday. Trails were great. A couple of muddy spots where there is logging etc otherwise quite nice. Get your riding in while you can. Route taken was Lowe's to 11N to PT 109 to 117E up 19N to Errol and back.
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    Official 2019 riding pic thread

    3/23...Sugar Hill
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    Official 2019 riding pic thread

    3/22/19...trail 110 near Dixville Peak
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    Quick 35 miles after school through PMSC. Home in time for dinner.
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    Something to think about

    It's surprising to me that there are only 318 rentals in the state. Seems low! As someone who had a rental fleet for a little over twenty years I have seen a lot of situations evolve. Big difference in my operation was I included guide service for no extra money than the rental. I SOLD people on the advantages of going out with someone who could show them the best of the area had to offer without stopping at every intersection to look at a map. Also the advantages of someone who could fix any minor problems they couldn't handle (plugs, belts etc). I also convinced people it would be to there advantage to allow me to show them the sleds in detail before mounting up and taking them on a fun game of follow the leader on First Conn Lake (nothing to run into) where they could get the feel of throttle, brake, leaning into corners, keeping distance, hand signals, on then after about 10-15 minutes we would roar off onto the trail at 15 to 20mph, see some great stuff, come back all together at 35-40, all in one piece. I was lucky to operate out of Timberland Lodge where I was referred mostly rookies, got good at it, and loved it. Still bump into people who tell me about there first experience being very nice. As far as damage goes, people were responsible for there own, but rarely was there anything more serious than bumpers, tail lights, hoods, skis. Not everyone went out with the guide, but were aware of what they were missing, before heading off with friends or solo. If some of the rental outfits operating today, trained someone to approach rookies from the same direction there would be a tiny fraction of accidents that are occurring. The salary of one or two good individuals would generate huge savings in the long run, and a super increase in repeat business. Few people come back a second time if you have to "melt" their credit card with big numbers on the first ride.
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    Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Been meaning to add some pics here for a while. Rode out of Baker River with BigGuyNH today, had a great ride. First time to the Rocket for him. Had lunch at the Mountain View with our wives a few weeks back. Best front porch in New England, at least. Getting ready to head out with our group in Early February, in Gorham. Fayban's for lunch on a different day. Just a trail shot I liked. Probably done for this year, unless the cold holds for a few more weeks, got in more trips and miles than average for me.
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    March is the best!

    Great riding today. Helga and I are going to try again tomorrow.