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    Common Sense riding...Slow down to a speed that matches your ability or inability. Lots of loose snow in areas that effects braking and steering for sure and coupled with ice does not help the inexperienced, the crazy and the experienced rider as well. I have noticed a bunch of WOW spots just off the trail this season ...you know the area you go buy and think WOW that must of been a tough one, or a tree with a bunch of color on it and plastic on the ground. And there is not much snow in Chichester either.
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    The reactions to this story are interesting in that it seems accepted that F&G has the responsibility to "rescue" riders who have gotten stuck. Skip joked about F&G being the AAA of the woods, but there was a bit of truth there it seems. I think there are about 33 CO's out in the six districts, not a lot of people to handle multiple jobs 24X7. We all should know our limitations, and the limitations of our equipment. Many times I've read the negative comments about a hiker who attempts to climb a mountain in winter without the proper equipment and clothing and expects a prompt rescue. Maybe these two riders should have considered their limitations prior to leaving a groomed trail.
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    Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Classicdmax, hendo, and I tore up the great white north today. 170 miles. Cold and fast. Lancaster to west stewartstown and back, lunch st SDR
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    Like I was saying about those GPS things....... People put way too much faith in them.