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    Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    There's an Associated Press story being published today in several NH newspapers and web sites on the loss of the reciprocal weekend between Maine, Vermont, and NH. The story makes the point that it was NH that required that other states offer reciprocity on the same weekend as NH. The NH legislature could fix this by simply offering a free weekend to all registered sleds from any state. If the state's goal is to bring business to NH retail businesses, why should we care if another state declines to offer the same deal to NH riders? Right now, for one weekend, NH riders can ride free in Maine and Vermont. That will deprive NH businesses of some amount of revenue, while not getting any revenue from Maine and Vermont riders. The legislature needs to stop micromanaging things like this and leave the decision-making on dates and conditions to the state agencies in DPR/F&G. NH riders aren't harmed by the status quo, but northern NH retail businesses are harmed. This AP story got a pretty wide distribution. I expected NH, Maine, and Vermont TV and newspapers to carry it, but I also saw it in a Roanake, Virginia newspaper site.Why the good people in Roanoke would be interested in a NH snowmobiling story is beyond me. Maybe it was a quiet news day down there.