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    Merry Christmas, Happy New year

    Hoping everyone has a great one, enjoy !!
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    May all have a special holiday with their loved ones and all that they cherish. Treat those around you better than you expect to be treated.Please remember thus when giving to your local club you support. Give more money and help for them to work with. so they can do more to make you a happy responsible snowmobiler. Go only where it is posted legal to go. Carry in, carry out. Please be considerate of the awesome landowners who give the club's something more valuable than money. The use of their property so that anybody registered in the State can use it with no income or tax break received for doing so. Go to a meeting and shake the hand and say hi to those that set their families and family life on hold just to make sure you have a pleasurable experience. Again may God Bless all of you and keep loved ones close and safe. Watch over our club volunteer.
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    Merry Christmas, Happy New year

    Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas. Now... Everyone.... SNOW DANCE!!!