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    957 mi. We did three trips up to Pittsburg. Best photo was of my wife on Diamond Ridge in January.
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    Special Meeting

    It's seems that NHSA is really trying to consolidate the power into the Board. Instead of embracing the membership (clubs specifically) it appears to really be attempting to solidify control and pushing their agenda. I'm really thinking it's time for another association.
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    Zack and I did get out on Monday and it was sweeet. Just stayed around camp area...probably my last ride for the season. Nobody else around...not that it surprised us. Looking for moose...got close but didn't see them. "There is always next season we say" and how quick the snowmobile season comes and goes and then we say it again... We have pictures and videos so we can savor the moments once again at a later date...usually on a hot summers day. How nice it is to be able share these photo op's...with friends, family, fellow sledders and others. Always have to include pictures!