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    It's something how we not only have people riding off trail where they don't belong. The manufacturers have been perfecting sleds that cater to these morons. Twelve feet of paddle track and 150+ hp. Not to mention F&G having to spend resources rescuing these folks when they created there own maze.There is really nothing good that comes of this nonsense.
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    OVSC trail work

    Yesterday the OVSC fielded two work parties. Trail master Mark along with Dex and Paul cleared several major blow downs in our extreme southern section. Meanwhile deep in the woods of Wonalancet at the foot of Mt. Chocorua one current and the two past presidents (George, Dave & Skip) along with Barry and Jim spent 7 hours along Paugus Brook near the Swift River clearing tons of debris left from the last flooding incident. It was extremely hazardous working conditions as the trails at both sites were sheets of ice...but spending a day in the woods with good friends is priceless. And none of us would have wanted to be anywhere else!
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    Trail side - camping

    We sleep out in our tent every winter and usually in March when we have longer daylight, usually more snow, and warmer....well, we decided to go last Saturday night due to our abnormally long January thaw. This location is at ~2000 feet in the White MTNs at the North end of Rumney. We ride up and camp out for the night. Bruce, I love your feedback on cooking and we like to try different backcountry dried options- dinner- chix/alfredo linguini, desert- Creme brulee and apple cobleer (my son loved that)- Breakfast- eggs/bacon or hot granola blueberry milk mix (yummy). Little rain shower activity, plenty of owl hoots, plenty of sleds out, groomer when by and tooted. Well, I am finally getting out to ride more often so I will try to update with trail reports starting the end of next week. Until then.... Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
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    Tough topic to be objective on, having made my living for years out there touring people, sometimes off trail. The Companies that owned the land up here knew what I was doing and considered the level of off trail that I was involved in and actually would rather have someone who knows the area, "guide" people through it in relative safety. There are some favorites that we all have visited at one time or another, like Magalloway Mtn, Stubb Hill Pond, Rump Mtn. The list goes on, and people enjoyed being able to experience that country. Perhaps, something could be worked out to make it legit to access these more popular ones, and still save the "back country" from the madness that seems to be taking over with people looking to work out there 154" mountain sleds. If it all has to be closed, so be it, but it will be a chapter of the North Country I will miss.........
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    Trail side - camping

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    Trail Side Cooking Time....

    It was a good day to get out and start off the trail side cooking season. The warmer temps made it easier to be able to stop and cook without freezing to death. Nothing like beans and hotdogs on the trail with friends topped off with some good riding!
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    Trail Report

    Rode in Aroostook county this past weekend with my son and some friends.Trails were fast and flat. Only downside is the 7 hr drive .
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