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    Hi guys and gals. I have been going through a 2000 Polaris 340 that I bought for my daughter over the summer and recently finished. She is coming off a 2004 Polaris 120 with a few upgrades (clutch, gearing, in-take, jetting, etc.) but she got too big for it so it was sold. The new sled was in rough shape when purchased. It sat under a tarp for three years on a trailer and made a nice home for many small woodland creatures. We added a little fresh fuel sprayed a small blast of starting fluid and she fired, even idled (kinda'). The electric start worked as did the heated grips and all the lighting so $450 later she was in the back of the truck and headed home. After the eviction of the aforementioned woodland creatures the transformation began... The only parts replaced were the slides, carbides and grips. I figure I have between 30 and 40 hours into making her what she is today. This weekend should be the maiden voyage.
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    So, why aren't people happy?

    Trail Admin: Snow on xmas day means "Why aren't the trails opened and groomed". Friggen cold weather to clear all the blowdowns and open all the gates. Broken Groomer (twice). When things get settled down and running I will be happy, but starting up operations is miserable.