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    Ny guy lost in the burg

    He was located at Bosebuck Camps and it sounds like he will be returning to the Burg on his sled. Good News!!!!!!!
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    Successful test ride!

    Very successful test ride today! I think I'm good to go.
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    Official SledNH weather thread

    Last night the NWS was forecasting up to an inch of snow, we got 6". Tons of sleds around town this weekend.
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    trail conditions?

    We just finished a 70 mile ride and it was one of the best rides we had in a long time. Conditions were great. Did a big loop from Stark to Berlin to Jefferson to Gorham and then back to Berlin and Stark. PT109 was great, Cor. 11 had just been groomed by both Berlin and the Waubek club (Jefferson). The railbed between Jefferson thru Gorham and into Berlin was the best I have ever seen it. A speed limit ride the entire way. Took the trail up to Pine Mt. which had been recently groomed. I think the snow had a lot to do with it. We had a 3" thick layer of cement snow that was so dense I needed a steel shovel to get it off my walk. That was followed up last night by 3" of powder. So even though it was thin in a few spots, everything was flat and the base snow is taking the traffic well.
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    Looks like I'll be staying at Buck Rub. Arrive Monday mid day, leave Wednesday unless I can concoct an excuse to extend! A nice place, very reasonable price. Might be riding with OVR and Old Thumper. But work doesn't suck either. Pictures are below, one is my office window view taken today. The night shot was taken from Pistol lift which is not the summit.
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    Arctic Cat sold to Textron

    Kinda like how people here prefer to discuss the NHSA for the most part
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    trail conditions?

    Very true Don, but what about the trail conditions?
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    dirt dummy

    trail conditions?

    Northwood is bad to ugly with a touch of hideous!