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    The four northern most clubs in NH are planning to have trails open for the update coming week end. Early season conditions will be present but many summer roads should give riders a nice start to the year.
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    For Saturday's ride, we left from Cedar Brook Road parking lot in Dummer, which was unplowed but we were still able to get in. Did 115 miles up to Piitsburg for lunch and then back. No grooming south of Rt. 26. Millsfield Road and Millsfield Loop Road are plowed and signed as closed. Newell Brook Road was open and we were able to take some of the back trails out by the Millsfield ATV clubhouse and then north to get over to Cor. 18 and then had groomed trails north from there. Conditions were good with about 7" of new powder that fell during Saturday. We got freezing rain and rain on Saturday night which should help the snowpack once it freezes back up. We also got about a 1/4" of ice overnight. Lots of trees down when I left this morning and I saw 3 crews restoring power when I drove south on Rt. 3. Temps were in the low 30's and it looked like a winter wonderland until I got to Twin Mountain and through the notch where its was 45 degrees. On the south side of the notch temps dropped back into the low 30's and it was winter wonderland again to about Plymouth. We did not lose any snow in Stark from the rain so I look at the rainstorm as a plus since it will create some cement snow out of the powder we had. I am sure the story is the same north of Rt. 110.
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    The problem is that the State can not regulate the affiliation of the Association; so the Association could break affiliation with any other corporate entity that it wants. The club would no longer be affiliated; and its members would not longer be legally entitled to the discount.