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    I did a Google search and ended up here. I'd guess that most people that visit this site have already seen this page, and the "Snow Revolution" video link. That video will bring back memories for those that rode sleds 40 years ago, and make today's vintage riders feel right at home. North country riding was a very different experience 40 years ago, and more like the experience that today's off-trail riders are looking for. The problem was the sleds were nothing like today's mountain sleds, and breaking trails after a snowfall was common. A great sport for those people who think getting stuck and unstuck is the best part.
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    Things are quiet here

    Sorry Dave about your in laws ,,, it’s a difficult chapter of “life” sledaholic THANK YOU for helping Dirt Dummy... he needs all he can get ,,, (kidding there) ,, don’t let him make you help weed his garden !! Me ? Been open at the greenhouse 61 hours a week ,, plus the work AFTER work, Either this Friday Or Monday I receive 42,000 mums that I have maybe two weeks to plant and get onto irrigation,, YES FALL IS COMING!! ,,, looking forward to early July,, for a day or two off ! And my grass? I think I need to mow and bale it !!