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    As many of you may remember that the current regime in Tilton decided to file suit against the New Hampshire Attorney Generals office back in January. Well they got their answer on April. 26th. It was not the answer that they dreamed about. They have to follow the laws, as we all do, after all. The presiding judge has dismissed their suit. Hopefully they will just realise they are not as smart as they think they are.They meaning the chosen few who ignore common sense and are leading the Association down the drain. I find that for the most part the average Director cares passionately for the sport and it's members. Too bad they get lied to constantly by the leadership and most just go along with what ever they are told. This wild goose chase just shows how broken this association is. I reached out to a few directors to see if they were informed of the judge's decision by the leadership. Of course they were not. Just like when the Vice President quit and the Executive Director quit. No news to the directors or members. When does it stop? Maybe it is time for the "leadership" to quit and see if anybody misses them. I bet some information would finally get out then. Time will only tell when the PREZ and the HASBEENS get their asses hauled into court and the truth comes out. Kinda anxious to see Union Leaders article about this. Should be interesting. At our county meeting last Monday, when asked about what was going on with suit we were told it was not a suit and it would be a few more months for the scheduling of the hearings. I fee badly for the Directors having to stand there and give out the bogus info that they are given by the Associations Executive Officer. Happy reading the truth from the source and not being spoon feed the shit that is coming out of Tilton. I would advise everyone to really give some thought to not joining the NHSA and instead give the $10.00 to their club. It is obvious that the way the Association is throwing away money on things like this suit and the cruise around Lake Winni this weekend on the "S.S. FU2" that they don't need anymore of it's members money.They clearly don't care about it's members, supporters, or it's clubs. The money wasted could have been better utilized in programs to help clubs and our dieing sport! NH.pdfNH.pdf
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    There's a group of long-term snowmobile people who have zero faith in the NHSA. They believe that the NHSA must be replaced in order to advance snowmobiling. I don't know, but do see that most of the wounds on the NHSA are self-inflicted. The issues you raised about trail access, club membership, and volunteers are all valid and important, but I don't see the NHSA involved in those issues in any meaningful way. I doubt that most snowmobilers even know what the function of the NHSA might be, or that they fund that organization. They have become irrelevant.
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    The board of directors presented a brilliant new program which would allow them to collect $10 per year from each monkey that wants to have access to the banana trees.
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    The "funding shortfall" has been worsened by weather and our stated goal of a "state-wide" trail system. There's nothing we can do about the weather, but should we look at how we distribute our resources? By supporting trails from Salem to Pittsburg the state, the NHSA, and the clubs drew support from sled riders across the state. Many of those riders used their local trails as well as taking trips to the north country. As someone who rides locally, I can say that I don't see many riders out locally now even when we have good conditions. Most of the "serious" riders head north to find consistently good trails. It's awfully hard to sell a kid on Canobie Lake Park after they've been to Disneyland. Due to the weather and the public's desire to ride the best trails we've ended up with a large southern NH trail system that seems to get little use. Another issue is a lack of hard data on where people ride. It's tough to allocate resources effectively when you don't know where the consumers of those resources are located. Our current allocation method is to spread the resources everywhere and and hope that somebody uses them. With limited resources we need to make better use of what we have.
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    Thank you for posting the decision Jeff. Really not too complicated. A group filed an inquiry with the Charitable Trust division to ascertain whether the on line fixed pricing was legal. The AG's office began a preliminary inquiry (no criminal complaint was filed and the AG had not begun a criminal investigation). The NHSA was faced with two simple choices. Simply cooperate with the AG, answer any questions they had, and provide information as to why they thought the fixed pricing was allowed under their charter and applicable State and Federal law. Most likely if the AG didn't concur a simple verbal correction (at no cost to anyone) could have rectified the situation. Unfortunately the organization took a hostile stance against the AG's office and spent thousands of precious membership dollars in a futile battle that was totally unnecessary. Now, if the AG moves forward against the organization, thousands more will need to be spent essentially doubling or trickling a legal bill that could have been zero. As in the snowmobile community, there seems to be three schools of thought here when it comes to the NHSA. In the middle are the vast majority that just don't care either way. And in the minority on either side are those that adamantly defend whatever action the NHSA takes versus the other side that consistently challenges the organization when it feels the NHSA has acted improperly or illegally. But there is one simple concept that the NHSA and its supporters choose to ignore at their own peril. And that is the belief that the NHSA is a private organization free to do what it wants behind closed or slightly open doors, and that if you are not a dues paying member of the organization you have no standing to question or complain. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. The NHSA operates as a non-profit organization and receives special privileges from both the State and Federal government especially in the area tax relief. Because it freely chose to pursue those options, it agreed to leave its books and most of its operational decisions open to scrutiny of any citizen, regardless of club or NHSA affiliation. It means it has a special corporate and fiduciary responsibility to be open and honest not only with its membership, but also of any citizen inquiries or concerns. In my opinion the organization has consistently failed in the past to meet those standards, and this latest ruling confirms that it still continues to do so today. As a past board member and sitting vice president of the NHSA, painfully aware of the attitude and conduct of former and current officer within the organization, I firmly believe that this is only going to end very badly for the organization already beginning to feel the effects of a sport that has gone well past its half life.. And for that reason alone any citizen, not just snowmobilers, of the State of New Hampshire should be not only concerned but saddened by what has become of the NHSA.
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    I'll pull the pin out of the grenade and say that if Pittsburg wants more $ for groomers then they should stop PAYING their operators and use that $ towards new equipment. The rest of us operators are "volunteers" and spend countless hours grooming for the love of the sport.
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    John if they set up those in your neck of the woods they would only pick up black flies. The lack of local traffic is also a byproduct of the lack of maintenance by the clubs.We all know how a couple of trail systems in your area get very little if none at all, signage and grooming. Brand new groomer that has not even been used in 2 years. I think that you are on the right path with the need for accountability.If clubs have snow they should groom the same amout of hours % wise as their neighboring clubs. This season for example. There were maybe 2 weeks of 8 inches or more (minimum amount for grooming reimbursement) in the area. If clubs north, east, south, and west groomed say 20% of the budgeted hours, then the clubs in between only used 2%. The clubs not grooming as the surrounding clubs should have allocated hours cut. Those allocated hours are dedicated funds. If they are no used then no else can use them either. Same said for RTP Grants.When clubs get Grants then fail to fulfill grant the money is lost, when it could have been used elsewhere.
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    I will sell all sleds and never support anything to do with snowmobiling in NH ever again.That is just frikkin STUPID....Time for a bigger boat
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    There hasn't been a dime spent on large grooming equipment in Rockingham county in 10 to 15 years. I've got clubs that would die to have Coos counties used groomers, the 70's and 80's called they want ours back! Plus I will tell you that when we have good snow there are a lot of people out riding the trails down here
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    No worries... I'm sure Mr & Mrs Howell will pick up the check.
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    From page 2 "NHSA has this uniform pricing to "save the extra expense that would be entailed by offering separate prices online for individual club memberships" I asked the question "what would it cost to adjust the online system to allow clubs to set their own dues fee" and was told it would cost NOTHING. I'm getting really tired of getting different answers every time I turn around!!
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    Drone video from this afternoon.
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    Am I the only one who thinks that this is counter-productive to our goal? When I say OUR goal, I mean all of us, ALL snowmobilers in NH. When I say OUR goal, I mean being able to snowmobile on the trails in NH. Freedom Rider, I don't mean to single you out here, and apologies if you feel that I am. I am really not, but it just seems like to me that this dissension is not helping to further the sport of snowmobiling in NH. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that NHSA is error-free here. And don't get me wrong, I am not saying that there haven't been people who have recognized the errors of NHSA's ways, and that those people have tried to help NHSA get on the right path. I guess my point is this...snowmobiling in NH is a very fragile sport. I think every club in the state is one landowner away from having to shut down major trail systems. Funding is a huge problem. Club membership and volunteerism is a HUGE problem. But how can we (ALL SNOWMOBILERS) address those issues? How can we make snowmobiling better in the state? How can we get more people involved? How can we help NHSA help the clubs, the trail systems, the club members, and ALL snowmobilers? And again to Freedom Rider and some of you other guys, I know that you have tried to help out, I get that. But how can we, as a state, as a group of snowmobilers help?
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    I took this yesterday when I was passing through on my way to North Conway.
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    This was brought to the board by an individual from Coos county and NOT the Coos director. The board agreed only to put together a committee to review and explore the possibility of an increase. The proposed increase was NOT supposed to be presented to the counties since it is currently not supported by the board (apparently someone forgot about that). I asked why people would pay this amount instead of going to Maine and the response was "we have a better product to offer". Personally I think the increase as presented is NUTS and will push people to register in Maine only, the MSA must be reading this and doing cart wheels.
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    It's hard to compare southern NH to Pittsburg when it comes to grooming. They probably groom more in two weeks than some clubs do all season. I would think it would be very hard to fill their grooming shifts from December through March with volunteer operators.
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    Sure all you have to do is show two copies of the Snow Traveler addressed to you. Some people with be eligible for a $300 discount. There has been a fairly animated discussion on FB about this, They aren't being very kind...
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    According to the by laws at the July board meeting after the new officers are sworn in the board will nominate and vote on a new Vice President. Anyone who has been on the board for a two year term is elidgable.
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    Meanwhile, the Professor had to curtail development of his coconut based radio transmitter so that he can focus on researching possible grounds for an appeal of their recent legal debacle.
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    Lousy weather, yeah. But, suddenly this afternoon, along came sunshine.
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    I can see Maine from my front window, and will go there from now on.
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    So,what they propose,is either join our association which does questionable things behind closed doors or pay an extra $100 to ride your sled,which for me this year was 5 times? Anyone want a good deal on 2 used sleds because I'm out.
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    You mean something like this? The infrared version seems like it would work pretty well for sleds
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    Years ago, I'm going back to when Paul Gray was in charge of trails bureau, they had a sled counter setup where you enter White Lake State Park across from Canoe King. At the time it was the busiest road crossing in the state. It was also Corridor 15 at the time and was the way you accessed the Castle Trails. If they did snowmobile traffic counts back then, they could certainly do them today.
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    As always, well said John. Another area that could be tightened up considerably, introduce accountability and eliminate paperwork: GPS tracking of all authorized grooming assets with reimbursement based on type of machine/mileage. Its 2017 folks. I manage a large government fleet via a Verizon system. It's cheap, easy to install and reduces maintenance costs and improper use. Like many of you here, I've been around the sport long enough to know how easy it is to cheat the current system based on highly inaccurate hour meters (idling groomers anyone?) and know that the chance of having Bureau of Trails audit your club is akin to winning the Megabucks. It is sad that there are virtually limitless possibilies to improve the sport, changes that should be led by our representatives in Tilton. Sadly, the only "change" that the NHSA is interested in is what is left in our pockets!
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    Obviously something needs to be done to address the funding shortfall that has happened due to registration numbers dropping. I don't see the sport growing much over the next several years due to the rising cost of snowmobiles. I think there needs to be a balance of a small registration increase and clubs cutting back on their grooming schedule. If registration numbers are down, so is the traffic on the trails.
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    I think the answer may be painful to some, but obvious to all that want to see this corruption and dishonesty ended regarding "mandatory" membership. Get rid of the discount all together. One tier rate for NH residents, another tier for out of staters and several tiers of one to maybe four or five day passes. The NHSA goes back to its roots and sells itself to maintain membership (and existence) by changing its business model, offering group insurance discounts and still supporting charities. This would require a significant downsizing of the personnel in the current office, perhaps even closing it. With both full time employees gone, what better time than now? The Grass Drags, or some form of it, could be picked up and run by an interested County or Club. The same with the Easter Seals Ride In. The NHSA could easily find a restaraunt or other venue to hold monthly meetings, or take the whole zoo on the road county meeting by county meeting. Also, by letting go of the Grass Drags and Ride In, the NHSA could easily survive with one or two part time personnel that could work remotely from a home office. i believe all of the above is inevitable. Wouldn't it be great if the organization would bite the bullet and get ahead of the curve?
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    Just another attempt by the NHSA to increase their revenue by essentially forcing everyone that registers to become a member of the organization.
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    Is this a joke? Who in their right mind would propose something like this? We need to be in the ball park of what is being charged in other states or we will lose significant market share. This has to be someones sick idea of a Cinco de Mayo prank.
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    " The charity stuff is all well and good, and it is a wonderful thing to support, but seems to get too much focus." I completely agree. Their focus seems to be more about raising money for the Easter Seals when it should be about snowmobiling.
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    Plenty of young guys to carry the flag,Larson,Elliot just to name a few. Earnhardt has been due to retire,he hasn't been the same since he crashed in the Corvette a few years ago.
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    My comments were to ask for information regarding a member of the leadership of the NHSA resigning. Very simple question for the membership to be informed about. Yes I did not renew my NHSA membership this year for the first time since back in the 70's. I did however go to Last Years NHSA Annual Meeting as a delegate for my club. I did participate in the voting that seated this slate of Executive Officers. I do have a vested interest in who is leading the group tasked with providing leadership for its members. I am unsure if you realize that the NHSA works for its members. Not the other way around. They should be helping the sport, not the members being tasked with helping them. That being said members who wish to help could better do so with communication from the NHSA to it's membership. Since July 1, 2016 the Board has had a few prominent resignations. 1) Executive Director with 1 year notice 2) Dealer/Contributor Director No notice 3) New Executive Director 1 week notice and membership was informed the last day. While her leaving to be closer to ailing family member is commendable and full supported by me as family comes first. It doesn't look good that she found a new job all in the same week. Being from the "County" in Maine I doubt there are a lot of large salary paying jobs. 4) Hillsboro County Director 5) Now Vice President is gone with no notice. Board of Directors were not even informed until last Tuesday at scheduled meeting. With the advent of email, fax, or cell I am sure that they could have been notified in a better fashion. I got official word as to the validity of my question in the Rumor Mill at my county meeting last night. A VP quitting weeks before the Annual Meeting and election must have had a triggering point. From what I heard last night it was to do with lack of communication and leadership within the Board of Directors. If he left because there is an unhealed wound or fracture of the Board and he could not give his all to trying to meet goals and expectations he set out to do I would commend him for knowing when to step away. There is always a fine line as to making the best of what you have been dealt and knowing when to step away and doing what your heart is in. Based on history of his club he shows he is a strong leader. Sadly, that is what is lacking in the Association presently. I wish him the best and I am sure his club will reap the benefit of not having to share his time with any other group. I have spent 21/2 years serving my county as an Assistant Director. RK-SXVIPER took my spot representing the county I served when I realized that it was futile trying to make any change.. Sadly, there are very few things that can be done to fix Association. The Exec. Board is forced to recycle the old, more or less causing incest, with requirement that was passed in 2011 or so making it necessary to have 2 terms served on Board to be eligible to run for VP or President. Couple that with Directors who stay on well past their usefulness to their counties. No new people coming in and the same old just being recycled.New VP will most likely be a Past President and/or a person already holding a voting position on the Board eliminating any chance of having a true democracy. I know it is all volunteers jada jada, but the clubs are as well. Clubs go thru cycles were they are very strong and everything clicks. Then things stagnate and the club suffers. New blood comes in or change of philosophy and the magic happens again. In the case of the Association the bylaws have been twisted to keep "gene pool" limited to the chosen few. Coupled with no non residents can be voting Officers of Association. Many clubs have volunteers who are non residents or part time residents who actually make more effort than some of the locals do. They bring money, skills,and business skills that may not be available in parts of the state to clubs located there.If you look at loss of sitting Directors and VP leaving, and Some Directors retiring this year the "gene pool" is getting thinner by the day. That is when "incest" plays a part on diluting the gene pool. I apologize that I forgot Phyllis who ran the office. So that is 6 people who have up and quit. Is it that the sport is dieing? Or is it that the NHSA leadership is lacking?
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    A little four wheeling and a lot of boating at camp!
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    Currently 85F here in northern Vermont.
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    Skip, What sticks out to me is the phrasing IF A PERSON IS A MEMBER OF A STATE WIDE ASS-COSITION? What about the RSA? What is happening to a MEMBER OF A CLUB! As I said on Page 1 we HAVE to get NHSA out of the RSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that the individual is a member of an organized New Hampshire nonprofit SNOWMOBILE CLUB
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    Anybody go on the trip of deniability? Did Gilligan speak much about his matrix's and formulas of why no information gets out to clubs, members, or County Directors?
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    When it comes to the Tilton cabal, all info is evil......
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    True, but let's not forget that little over a decade ago before they started removing large sections of the grandstand they had 175,000 seats. They now have less than half of that with just 80,000 seats...
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    I have no idea what they used at the time. It was at least 15 years ago that they did that study. I like Skip's idea of having GPS transmitters placed in the large groomers. The state would know when a trail was last groomed and be able to produce an accurate up to date trail report. It would also eliminate a lot of paperwork
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    Paul Gray ran a tight ship...
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    I don't know about traffic counts. We do however have plenty of traffic on the trails down here when there is snow. The the Snow Slickers have 3 groomers and run the crap out of all of them. $200 registrations ,I'll just ride in Maine.
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    Until they make it hurt to be unregistered, then I see more folks taking that chance. I will not register my FIVE sleds....I will only do two, So they'd be out that.
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    A popular term today is transparency, or, more specifically, organizational transparency. You'll usually see this term put out by organizations doing damage control for some nasty business that leaked out to the public. Before public awareness of this nasty business, the organization believed that protecting their image by controlling information was the way to go, but suddenly they remember that transparency is really their bedrock principle. You'll know that the NHSA has reached this point when their website contains a link to their last 3 IRS Form 990's (annual returns). IRS rules require a non-profit to make them available for public viewing and copying, but the rules don't require that the non-profit make it easy to do. Wouldn't be hard to do, unless the forms are being created on an old Remington typewriter or with quill pen and parchment. I suspect there's a copy of MS Word somewhere around NHSA HQ.
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    To be fair - Everyone knows the weather can be unpredictable this early in the season. I don't know when the regular season starts for the Mt Washington, but I would guess that they don't get a lot of traffic before Memorial Day. I am hoping that the NHSA got a good deal by renting the whole boat tor the day, and that the cost is comparable to holding the meeting at a hotel or resort (ever priced a wedding dinner at one of those places?) None of that matters to the bigger problems the NHSA is having, I would prefer to focus on those, and there are plenty. I have to agree that I have not see evidence of them doing much to help the average sledder in the last few years. The charity stuff is all well and good, and it is a wonderful thing to support, but seems to get too much focus. I like the idea of the portal for joining a club, it really does make it easier for me living down here in Mass. I look forward to a future step where I can also register sleds on the same portal. I'm OK with leveling the pricing, I do think that lots of people would just choose the club with the lowest price, even if its not the best thing for the sport, that is just human nature. I would like to see more publicity about things like off-trail riding (the kind that gets trails closed), keeping our sleds quiet (to keep trails open), safety and etiquette (like not leaving trash around). Maybe some stories about the trails in different parts of the state, with info about parking, food and lodging options with trail access. I like to explore different areas, some tips about that would be really interesting to me.
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    Just read that the cost of a cruise on the Mount Washington per person with no meals is $32.00 per person. Wonder what the cruise that Gilligan and the Skipper are going on is going to cost snowmobilers in New Hampshire ?
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    Thanks for posting the PDF containing the court ruling. It appears that the NHSA got tripped up by a lack of standing to proceed with the case. The court seems to have kicked the can down the road by refusing to hear the case because the NHSA couldn't demonstrate that they had been harmed by the state, nor was any immediate harm threatened. Like a good basketball ref might say, "no harm, no foul."
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    Seems odd for me to be defending the NHSA, but it looks like the NHSA and the NHOHVA will be able to provide input to this committee, so there isn't a lot of urgency to react. Keep in mind that the legislature attracts committees like a dog attracts fleas, and most of the time the committees are just as productive as the fleas. It will be interesting to see the NHSA's testimony to this committee, and if they solicit input from the membership (clubs or general membership).
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    I am in agreement with you Rob. The new generations getting into the sport have a mentality that because they pay their registration money the the Trail Gods put down the finished product as we see it when we ride. I do appreciate what you and all of the volunteers do as far as giving up your time to represent the counties interests in the sport. When I question the associations leadership it is not a knock on them volunteering it is a knock on using a business model/plan that evolved in the late 60's and early 70's. That model doesn't work in 2017. It is quite obvious by what is transpiring with the clubs and sport today. The Association's unwillingness to change, adjust, or even talk compromise will ultimately spell doom for it. Having the Hasbeens keep changing bylaws to accommodate them and to keep out people who are willing to try and make a difference is killing the sport. Would you happen to know as of May 2017 how many Directors would meet the requirements to run for VP or President? (without recycling the past Presidents which is happening on County Director levels now and probably will happen for the VP position as well) I think that all there is with 2 terms of service would be you,Evie, Cheryl, and Joe. So to expand the pool of candidates a County will lose it's director. Rob Mary to pay Paul. I find it ironic that in our great country we could elect our President from the masses. Obama was only a Freshman Legislator if I am not mistaken, and Trump with no public service. Yet the Hasbeens are so paranoid about people finding out what is really going on within the Association they add restrictions on eligibility to its members who may want to run. When there is such a high turnover of officers and a lack of new blood coming in there will be a point very soon that there will be no pool to pick from other than the Hasbeens.