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    Unfavorable riding conditions

    How many of us have taken our sled out around the lawn or field on a Fall day? Awful early for sled accidents. LOUDON Union Leader 10/14/2020 Snowmobiler crashes into tree An 18-year-old Loudon man who took a snowmobile out for a spin on Tuesday afternoon was injured when he crashed into a tree, Fish and Game officials said.“The primary cause of the accident appears to be operator inexperience, speed, and unfavorable riding conditions,” Fish and Game officers said in a news release of Reid M. Campbell. Campbell suffered serious injuries in the 3:30 p.m. crash on private land in Loudon and was taken by ambulance to Concord Hospital. He was not wearing a helmet, Fish and Game officials said. “Fish and Game conservation officers would like to remind all riders that operating snowmobiles without adequate snow cover is dangerous and not recommended,” the news release states. The Loudon Police Department and Loudon Fire Department assisted conservation officers at the scene.
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    John Mercier

    NH F&G

    Good News. Revenue to the NH F&G so far has been coming in above plan. Seems COVID is resulting in the sale of more licenses and registrations as consumers change recreational habits. The NH F&G SAR finally went positive. The fund paid back all previous negative balances and has a surplus in the account of $18,610 as if July 1st. They are noting that M&R is still coming in below plan... which means that it may be a bit rough for the municipality finances (they get a part of the M&R receipts). Of course, the Legislature could expanded transfers to the municipalities... and may have to do so depending on the outcome of the current educational mandate court cases.
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    Sept/Oct Sno-Traveler

    Sleds were donated (yes, donated!) by Naults Powersports and HK Powersports. Trailers were donated by Trailer Outlet and Proline.