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    Condition updates

    In Stark, we received another 3"-4" of new powder snow last night. All of the groomers in the area have been out (Groveton, Berlin, Gorham, Jefferson, Twin Mt.) and this new snow should help, but the base is still very thin and driving by trails that have been groomed, we could still see water and mud in the normally wet spots. We are hoping that the cold weather over the next few days will freeze things up. We are planning to go riding on Friday so will report back after that ride but I would say to anyone thinking about coming up to this area, that conditions should be fair in the woods and good on RR beds and logging roads. Certainly worth the trip.
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    NHSA safety course

    Ditto. F&G consistently reports inexperience as being the cause of serious accidents.
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    NHSA safety course

    I took a safety class in Goffstown with my son a few years ago. I have been snowmobiling my whole life and I found it informative. I think everyone should have to take it.
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    Ya know, I works better when I look at these pictures!
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    I just mailed off two vintage registration applications to Concord, for my principal vintage rider ( 73 Rupp Nitro 440) and a backup sled (90 Arctic Cat Prowler 440) these carried lifetime app fees of $129. each (up from $50. each). Happy to do it, looking forward to whatever riding will be possible, and worried about the future of people holding back feeding the mechanism that makes it all possible. Lot's of 0's in the pipeline of people that are necessary that have to come from somewhere to keep it going. Same with clubs and what keeps them going while too many people are sitting on the fence waiting for the "perfect storm" to enable them the "perfect ride". Think about the future of the sport, for what doesn't enter the "piggie bank" this year will affect the system next year.... pathfinder
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    Finally got my Z all back together and running.
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    NHSA safety course

    I get it, seen it myself this is his 5th year on a sled, 3rd on his current 370. I think he got a few more years before he’s on 600
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    Registered two in NH in November and joined two NH clubs. Will be registering both in Maine as well when the snow flies and still deciding which southern Maine club to join. Quite frankly if you can’t support the meager registration fees and join/support the clubs where you ride, you need to find a different sport....IMHO
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    I registered 3 in NH and have 1 registered in Maine, member of 3 or 4 clubs. Bring on the snow!
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    I will register one or both when it's time to ride them. Any travel restrictions around Covid will change my plans before the price increase does. Joined my club back in September, that part is out of the way.
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    Registered both sleds in NH & Maine, November. (Joined 3 clubs)
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    Registered two sleds back in August.... I like to average out the cost over a longer duration... Yes, I have ridden both sleds on the trail system...
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    dirt dummy

    Happy New Year !

    Happy New Year