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    Hello, again

    YUP, been gone awhile and back now. Things have changed a tad now, retired and not a gunmaker anymore. Moved to a much quieter place and enjoy it more. Still riding the Crossfires and have a sxs RZR that we have put 3100 miles on this year alone. Life is pretty good. OH, and Barney the Dodge has passed on, guy i sold it to totalled it.
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    Slowly collecting parts

    Nice work snorander, you sure do take great care of the old gems
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    Slowly collecting parts

    Looking good. Lets hope we get some snow early this year. That thing looks great.
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    Where it gets interesting is finding parts for stuff from the 60 and 70's, although I was at a Swap Meet at Bear Brook State Park yesterday and they had a great crowd and lots of parts, sleds and deals. pathfinder
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    Slowly collecting parts

    And that’s a wrap, just need to pick up a new battery.
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    Slowly collecting parts

    Almost there...