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    random photo thread

    Been a while since I've posted here. This was taken about a week ago. I've always been a fool for gaudy sunsets.
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    Got out on Saturday

    Got to do my once a year (at least) ride with BigGuyNH on Saturday. Left from the Newfound General Store, which is a fine starting point. Was a bit warm in the afternoon, but we got in a few miles, and had a great time. More than our share of bumps in the road, but all ended well. It's possible that one of us manages to hook a ski and go off trail a bit, resulting with a sled on it's side ins ditch. Got the rider vertical, and the sled on its track, and everything out f the hole with no damage to people or equipment. Thanks to the two guys who stopped to lend a hand. Pushed a stuck sled (not ours) out of a water bar, there were lots of them, which is no surprise this winter. Ran into a group with a dead sled (fouled plugs and dead battery), we were able to do some back of the group troubleshooting and loaned out a set of jumper cables that got them going. Only took one wrong trail that had us looking at a very unfrozen lake between us and our trucks. That added a few miles to our day, but that's nothing to complain about. It was great to finally get on the trails.
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    NHSA Membership Portal Outages

    It was state wide... On average there are about 600 a day in January. On Friday there was 5,000 requests.
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    random photo thread

    You nailed this one!
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    random photo thread

    First tracks of the year.
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    random photo thread

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    This past weekend was the Vintage Snowmobile World Championships in Eagle River WI. The scale of this event is amazing, as competition started last Thursday with the number of entrants reaching 760 people from around the country and Canada. Sabrina Blanchet is from Drummondville, Quebec and races for Samson Racing, very successful team. Ms. Blanchet ended up winning 3 different classes including the Worlds Championship. Placing third in the World Championship was Lancaster, NH native Lucas Nast, who over the last three years has been working his way to the top with a 10th place two years ago, a seventh last year, and a third this year. pathfinder