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    This up and down weather is stressing us all out to no end. Finally got to get out for a quick toot with my wife today. Rain to snow yesterday and then snow over night into today. Headed out after noon with variable conditions in the lower elevations but better and fresh snow higher up. More bits of snow this week and a warm up at the end of the week...go figure. Make the best of what we get! It's coming....just have to wait a little longer. Need to keep the "glass 1/2 full" mentality!
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    Good to see some posts----me, finally got out Sunday - conditions OK to good depending on elevation as usual...80 miles later some great snow some snirt, some rocks, some mud, some smiles which is most important. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !!!!
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    It is an interesting opinion piece... but shows off a major problem. Tourism is about $6 billion of an $80 billion State economy... so not really the driving force. The estimate is that Coos County accounts for roughly 3% of that $6 billion in tourism (based on M&R revenue). So it means that northern NH's economy is really quite bad.
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    Getting state economic impact from a Ridge Runner groomer is not likely to be unbiased nor a valid measurement of state economic impact statistics. UNH is considered a more authoritative source. Like someone mentioned, it's an opinion piece. Talk to real people in North country, it's important. But leaf peeping and skiing are probably equally important. I've read more informative articles with real statics rather than opinions. I was unimpressed with this article. Facts would be more helpful. But researching them them is not as much fun as a ride with a groomer!
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    Got out today with a few friends before the warmer weather and liquid snow (not rain). Hope people stay off the trails in this little "hiccup" in weather this weekend.
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    Good article...and a good informative read. Hope lots of people get a chance to read it.
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    Snowed all day yesterday (Monday) and into the night...guess we are going to get winter 2-4" at a time. 2-4" every couple of days add up!
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    Pic taken at trio ponds on trail 28
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    random photo thread