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  3. Sad, after a short hiatus the club resumed waterskips in 2019. Only to fade away in 2020. . .
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  5. ? ? ,? Does anyone know if the. Nipmuck Trail Riders sponsor Water skips ln Stafford Springs, CT? Used to be 1st Sunday in July + August
  6. When do 2019-2020 registration number come out?

    I saw some sales and registration numbers for last winter from ISMA. NH registrations: 41,275 US registrations: 1.1 million Wisconsin registrations: 220,000 (that means that better than 1 in every 5 US sleds is registered in Wisconsin!. ISMA lists numbers for 25 states, including Nebraska which registered 805 sleds) Maine registrations: 82,600 Quebec registrations: 208,000 Total new sleds sold in US: 51,036 Looking at some old US sales numbers the biggest recent years were between 1995 (148K) and 2002 ((134K), with 1996 and 1997 selling 170K each. Still, nothing like the early 1970's when about 600,000 sled were sold each year.
  7. CO Matt Holmes hit by ATV

    Another story on this incident that gives more details:
  8. CO Matt Holmes hit by ATV

    Wish him the best.
  9. CO Matt Holmes hit by ATV

    A Fish and Game conservation officer was released from the hospital Sunday after suffering serious injuries when he was struck by an off-highway recreational vehicle in Dummer on Saturday, officials said. New Hampshire Fish & Game Advertisement In a Facebook post, New Hampshire Fish and Game thanked everyone for their thoughts, prayers and well wishes for Conservation Officer Matthew Holmes, and said that he would be recuperating from home. "He still has a recovery period ahead but will be ok," the post said. The crash happened about 5 p.m. on Dummer Pond Road. Officer Matthew Holmes was attempting to stop two OHRVs that were speeding when a third OHRV hit him from behind, Fish and Game said. The OHRV was going over 60 mph. "That's a high-speed impact on a stopped vehicle," said Fish and Game Col. Kevin Jordan. "That's the equivalent of being hit with a small compact car on an open ATV, which immediately amounts to an ejection." Holmes was sent flying off his ATV and knocked unconscious. Jordan said some off-duty Gilmanton firefighters happened to be riding on the trail and helped another conservation officer treat Holmes before the ambulance arrived. New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officer Matt Holmes is released from the hospital.
  10. When do 2019-2020 registration number come out?

    I have already sold one sled to out of state person. We do have a 4 seat RZR that is a 2017 and we have over 5200 miles on it. We bought it leftover June of 2018. My 2007 Crossfire only has about that many miles so it kind of shows the difference. IF, you do but a 4 seater, ust watch the width as some places you are limited.
  11. When do 2019-2020 registration number come out?

    We've seen some... but most are concerned with width factor and then complain to me about the limited miles. More miles cost more money.
  12. When do 2019-2020 registration number come out?

    That is a good number, 2018-19 was a good season so I’m sure that helped roll into last season. I’d think something would need to happen this year to incentivize early registration this coming season. I’m sure many people will be hesitant until snow is flying after last season. my family and our partner family didn’t even register, and we won’t register at new price next year until we have ride-able snow. We’ve just about decided we’re trading in the Hundreds of $ in sled registrations and trading in for a Four Seat SidexSide. where the season is twice as long(if there’s actually even snow). we will only have to register one machine and can easily afford Maine and NH with money for gas. Expensive costs and the restrictive laws have taken their toll on family affordability. Poor seasons and High Costs make it not worth it unfortunately. Does anyone else know people going this route?
  13. When do 2019-2020 registration number come out?

    They may. But with the State budget being upended, the expectation is that the study committee will not find a subsidy and the second bump in registrations will need to be activated. I think we may also see NRTP transfer from the NH DOT to be a question in the process. So I would guess the option of an early registration at a lower cost may be something that the study committee would be recommending. It probably won't change this year's increase, but could be used as an incentive the second bump to get registrations to start early.
  14. When do 2019-2020 registration number come out?

    On March 16, 2020. Today's Union Leader has a story on the 2019-2020 sled season in the north country of NH. Capt Eastman stated that as of 2/26/2020 40,272 sleds have been registered, which is a drop of about 4,000 sleds from the previous year. I've heard nothing more recent. I was surprised to see the number as good as it was.The snow was in the north country, with little to no riding in the southern half. This year, 2020-2021, the registrations go up $1 for the registration agent and snowmobile fees go up $32. That means a resident club member will pay $99 per sled. I imagine that more riders will wait to see how much snow is on the ground before they register.
  15. Does anyone know when the final number of Snowmobile registrations for 2019-2020 are made public? Curious what the numbers are.
  16. Do any of you buy from

    Will use your link,
  17. Quarrentine Check in

    Thanks. Note the deer fencing around it. Without that fencing we humans wouldn't get a taste of what grows there. They truly are a walking stomach. Today we saw several bluebirds, a male Baltimore Oriole, two Flickers, and a Pileated Woodpecker. Oh yeah, the swallows are back. Good things in the middle of the bad. There's too many discouraged people. Edit: Just wanted to add one more thing. Anybody else here old enough to remember the Mayflower doughnut boxes that had a quote printed on the box that said "As you wander on through life, brother, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." Pretty good deal; a great philosophy, and a good doughnut, for a fair price.
  18. Quarrentine Check in

    Being a landscape contractor things motor on as normal with maybe a few less phone calls which will probably pick-up once we get into a normal spring weather pattern. We keep our distance and work outside away from people. Can't believe its 2 weeks to Memorial Weekend all ready. Normal spring issues with not enough quality help...everyone is working (not) or getting paid too much to stay home! Seems to be a problem with all the area contractors...oh well. Family is good and Wife works from home anyway. Had a few "social distancing" weekend fires with refreshments. I guess the good Lord is trying to tell me to slow down and chill in his own way...looks like this Pandemic can bring out some good things in humanity and living life in general! Stay healthy my friends...
  19. Quarrentine Check in

    What a nice garden! Amazing what a couple of hundred miles a difference makes. I don't expect to see that much green for another 2-3 weeks! pathfinder
  20. Quarrentine Check in

    But, on the other hand, Spring is motoring along and won't be denied. Today, about 5 PM. Ain't no stopping it. Grass is green, maples are in bud, and the garden is waiting to be planted. This mess will end. I'm putting in snap peas tomorrow, corn in a week, and sweet potatoes in 3 weeks. Life goes on. Just look out your window and see how pretty it is, and just how good we have it.
  21. Quarrentine Check in

    Isolation is not much fun after a few weeks, and home is getting a little redundant. I'm lucky I'm retired (I think) so guess you could say I work from home. My current focus is trying to gather enough firewood for next winter before the black flies arrive to make it a living hell to do. I am doing it the least efficient way, by going out and finding standing deadwood, dropping it, and cutting it to 16 inch lengths and then hauling it in to face the splitter behind a wheeler in a cart. This had been working out pretty well until the second coming of winter arrived, which I'm sure will end soon and the black flies will arrive in full force. Also recently acquired a massive amount of older sled parts from the inventory of Youngs Third Generation Repair, which is soon to go on the market, so that has taken a lot of time and effort trying to figure out what to do with lots of stuff, having lots of stuff already. Being in Pittsburg in the off season is normally a little boring, but no Buck Rub, no Happy Corner, No Tall Timber, not even Hicks lumber is open. Kind of like a bad sci-fi movie. Hi lite of the week is armoring up to go to the IGA in Colebrook and maybe Walgreens. So far everything is consistently variable which is a good description of Pittsburg anyway. Be Safe!! pathfinder
  22. Quarrentine Check in

    If you have a shortage of deer up your way I'd love to ship you a cattle car load, or three, from down here. Pretty good crop of red foxes too.
  23. Didn't know they groomed in the desert of Glamis Calif.
  24. Quarrentine Check in

    WISH THE SNOW WOULD STOP!!!!!. Ok that's out. All's good on the 45th Parallel as far as the virus. Been taking drives and have seen moose,bear and a very red fox, not many deer anymore.
  25. Quarrentine Check in

    No Worries! We are all under a lot of stress that shows up in different ways. I'm sure more of us would like to vent about politics (me included) but that would lead to a very deep down slope for the site. Appreciate the apology! Be safe!
  26. Quarrentine Check in

    So everything is about normal with you then.
  27. Not quite the weekend weather I was hoping for..... Snow early, then big winds, then a couple rounds of some stuff called graupel. It's not sleet, hail, or snow, and looks like tiny pieces of Styrofoam.
  28. Quarrentine Check in

    I’m getting by
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