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  3. Closed Restaurant and Snowmobile parking

    Seems their hours have been reduced over the years. We enjoy that place.
  4. The Miss Wakefield Diner on Rt 16 in Wakefield NH is closed until spring. The parking lot is closed off with a cable across the roadway. It has good food and has always been a great place to park you truck and trailer. You could ride north, south, east and west on groomed trails of the Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club. Sorry to see this. Scott and Gracie deserve an extended vacation.

    Just spoke with a friend as he was leaving the NH Grass Drags. He had great time there with his son and got some fantastic deals on jackets and clothing. He also said it was so busy and crowded there, the parking and admissions had shut down for part of the afternoon so the crowding thinned out. I just wish the politicians running the state would help the sport more because it is $$$$$$$$.
  6. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Yes, I will miss not having to register my sleds for sure! But it is time.
  7. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Beautiful sled. I'm officially jealous, Nothing like new Iron reliability. However, I'm amazed you so casually gave up the financial advantages of vintage plates, kinda like forever stamps. We will also miss the blow by blows of your meticulous maintenance of your old friends, with pics. Seriously, very happy for you. pathfinder

    Probably see you there. I just got back from the Swap Meet in Bethlehem, which turned out to be pretty nice event for a first timer. Great Spot, very scenic, lot's of traffic. Phenomenal quality sleds in the Show part of the event. Surprising number of show sleds Excellent first annual event. pathfinder

    I plan on going to Goffstown with plenty of stuff to sell.
  10. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Congrats Steve! That’s awesome!!!
  11. Beginning of a new era for me....

  12. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Congrats Steve, well deserved.... I look forward to our rides and no open hoods.
  13. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Good for you - you will enjoy that machine for sure.
  14. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Nice sled . . . But when will they actually deliver it 100% complete is the real question... .
  15. Selling all my sleds and moving on....finally bought a new sled. 2022 Enduro 600r. Hopefully it will come in before February.
  16. Sled For Sale. - SOLD

    Selling 2012 Skidoo GSX SE E-TEC 600 HO, it has 7049 miles, red & black in color, 137 “ picked tract. It is in perfect condition, dealer maintained and always kept in garage. There are too many options and accessories to list. $5500.00 & located in Wakefield NH . SOLD / SOLD
  17. 90 Arctic Cat, Mountain Cat two up

    . . . Shouldn't have been short for words . . . Came off point. . . Was awed how far we've progressed after seeing a pristine vintage "Mountain" sled, compared to a current Ski Doo with a 3" paddle track. Armand's sleds a time warp to the past . . . Just never know what the future holds . . . My 2050 Ski Doo . . . What flies
  18. 90 Arctic Cat, Mountain Cat two up

    Apologies to ICG, I tried to quote a post he had made and it became invisible. His comment dealt with the post about the Mountain Cat and basically said it didn't look very Mountain. My reply, " I agree it's nothing like current mountain sleds, but considering it's 31 years old, so was our perception of what a mountain sled was.. Back then a 136" track was not all that common. Riding something like this on a vintage ride puts you in a time travel situation, which is a loot of fun, and highlights how far the sport has come.

    Swap meet and show Contact Information Contact Phil bell Phone: 6038692181 Location: Bethlehem, NH, Us Price: $ 0.00 More Information 1st annual vintage snowmobile show and swap event across from beech hill auto 4093 main st Bethlehem new hampshire saturday october 9 2021 at 10:00am Exhibitors and vendors arrive at 9:00 am Tweet This
  20. Snow Traveler

    That's the same story where ever I call.... Just NO inventory in the pipe line. just a Nightmare from Bombardier . . . . . No new Ski Doo's No new Learjets must be the Socialism in the water . . . .
  21. I'm planning on bringing my sleds.
  22. Snow Traveler

    Interesting. What they display on their web site as being in inventory isn't really in inventory. I've checked with another local Ski Doo dealer and they have zero inventory of new sleds, but their web site shows that. That dealer said his spring order was cut and his fall order is uncertain.
  23. Snow Traveler

    Already spoke with them .... It's not in their current inventory. Dealer floor inventory will be last product delivered in late December, or January .....
  24. Snow Traveler
  25. Snow Traveler

    Spent 1/2 the afternoon on the phone searching for a 600 class sled with 137" track .... NOTHING on the floor for sale.... Not a good sign for September
  26. Snow Traveler

    But just think how much more comfortably and efficiently a new 120 hp sled could kill you. That's what they mean by "getting more bang for your bucks". More seriously, I agree that new sled prices have been climbing, but I'm wondering what's happening with used prices. I haven't seen many sleds for sale yet, but the few I've seen had asking prices pretty close to the original selling price. Maybe the sellers are just being optimistic. One ad I saw was for a 2017 Ski-Doo MXZ Sport 600 ACE 4-stroke with a price of $10,000. That sled listed for $8800 when new. That's optimism! BTW: 2018 was the last year for that model.
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