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  2. Trail 15

    Think it has been for a while.
  3. Trail 15

    Looks like corridor trail 15 is broken through the Loudon area and south of Route 4. I've got my doubts it will come back. The south is moving north.
  4. Back Lake's Festival of Lights

    Raymond Lacasse 13m · 3rd Annual Great North Woods Vintage Snowmobile Ride, March 4th 2023 on beautiful Pittsburg NH!!! Ride starts at 9am with a cookout from 12 noon until 2pm!!! Approximately a 30 mile loop, cookout is free, donations accepted, proceeds will go to the Pittsburg fireman's association. Raffling off a 1973 Moto Ski Capri, tickets 1 for $10 3 for $20!!! More details to follow next week. Call Ray Lacasse 603-387-0318 with any questions or to buy tickets!!! Raymond Lacasse Spoeotdnsr57ttct72glll6ih78ig5tcg3c7ih769f23g5l112570l83i3h5 · VINTAGE SNOWMOBILE RAFFLE!!!! GREAT NORTH WOODS VINTAGE SNOWMOBILE RIDE to benefit the Pittsburg fireman's association!! 1973 MOTO SKI CAPRI!!! Tickets $10 a piece or 3 for $20 tickets can be purchased at Great North Woods Gallery and More, or you can call Ray Lacasse 603-387-0318
  5. Got out on Saturday

    We pulled a sled out of a water bar as well in the Lincoln area. We left from the Hebron Store on Saturday.
  6. Back Lake's Festival of Lights

    I'm sure if it was this weekend, it would be pretty exciting! March is my favorite month to ride Pittsburg, warmer, less traffic!
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  8. Back Lake's Festival of Lights

    Wait - it's MARCH 5th. In my head, I was thinking it was this weekend. Never mind, you should be fine...
  9. Back Lake's Festival of Lights

    T, hat has been talked about, as the organizing body of the event is the Pittsburg Fire Association. By March it should be good, as the temps of late have been brutally cold up North. Near future forecast puts a low at -27 degrees. doesn't take too many of those conditions to make ice. Another factor is Back L:ake is fairly shallow, enabling it to support that kind of event to be safe.
  10. Back Lake's Festival of Lights

    Good luck with the record, would be great to see you get there. Hopefully the ice is thick enough this year, and you don't set the record for the most snowmobiles IN a frozen body of water.
  11. Back Lake's Festival of Lights

    Just wanted to elaborate on the day of the Festival of lights. The Vintage snowmobile ride this year will be the same day, so that anyone coming in for the weekend can have the option of attending both events. The last two years of the Vintage ride have been very successful, even though last year saw 18 inches of snow during the ride. Looking for several hundred vintage, as that event is becoming more popular every year. Rumor has it that the folks from Gneiss will be there in anticipation of the Record For Most Snowmobiles on a frozen body of water. Hope to see you there! pathfinder
  12. Got out on Saturday

    Better than being at work... We really did have a great day. Nothing broken, no one got hurt. Not as many miles as we would have hoped, but it was good to be out in the trails.
  13. Got out on Saturday

    Sounds somewhat successful....
  14. NHSA Membership Portal Outages

    It was state wide... On average there are about 600 a day in January. On Friday there was 5,000 requests.
  15. Got out on Saturday

    Got to do my once a year (at least) ride with BigGuyNH on Saturday. Left from the Newfound General Store, which is a fine starting point. Was a bit warm in the afternoon, but we got in a few miles, and had a great time. More than our share of bumps in the road, but all ended well. It's possible that one of us manages to hook a ski and go off trail a bit, resulting with a sled on it's side ins ditch. Got the rider vertical, and the sled on its track, and everything out f the hole with no damage to people or equipment. Thanks to the two guys who stopped to lend a hand. Pushed a stuck sled (not ours) out of a water bar, there were lots of them, which is no surprise this winter. Ran into a group with a dead sled (fouled plugs and dead battery), we were able to do some back of the group troubleshooting and loaned out a set of jumper cables that got them going. Only took one wrong trail that had us looking at a very unfrozen lake between us and our trucks. That added a few miles to our day, but that's nothing to complain about. It was great to finally get on the trails.
  16. NHSA Membership Portal Outages

    Sorry - can't help with that one. Joined my club the week of the Grass Drags, no issue back then.
  17. For the second weekend in a row, the NHSA portal went off line for a number of hours. This prevented our club from processing memberships and resulted in a number of angry customers. The Fish and Game registration site remained stable. According to the NHSA director Dan Gould, it was the result of the NHSA server being “overwhelmed”. we were assured this would not be an issue. Did any other clubs/agents experience these same issues Saturday and last week? It will be a concern brought to our Carroll County NHSA team tomorrow. thanks all…just looking to see if this was localized or a state wide issue… Skip
  18. random photo thread

    You nailed this one!
  19. random photo thread

    First tracks of the year.
  20. Another bust of a storm in Southern NH.  I can't justify the decision to increase registration fees again when there is barely any snow, and fish and game have not fulfilled their promise to get online registration up and running. Ii'll be holding off on registering in NH until there is snow on our clubs trail system. :unsure:

  21. random photo thread

  22. random photo thread

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