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  2. Snow Totals

    About 5” in Franklin, and 6” in Andover from this last storm.
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  4. Snow Totals

    Almost 6” in Littleton snowing again
  5. Snow Totals

    Got a solid 6" in Milton, we will be out rolling tonight.
  6. Snow Totals

    Dud of a storm! we got our FIRST snowfall of the season here in RI, got a wapping 2”...and it’ll all be gone by end of day what a suck @ss winter
  7. Snow Totals

    West Stewartstown i got about 3
  8. Snow Totals

    This is my house in Twin from yesterday to today. They said 8-12 and I expected 6 but didn't even get that.
  9. Snow Totals

    Not much of a snow storm in Loudon, with maybe 3"-4" of mostly small ice pellets. Very greasy underfoot and doesn't want to pack. Here's the NWS snow report for NH. Looks like Franklin County in Maine got the jackpot with 10" reported in the town of Weld. NEW HAMPSHIRE ...Belknap County... Laconia 4.0 1121 PM 2/12 Co-Op Observer Sanbornton 3.2 938 PM 2/12 Social Media ...Carroll County... 1 SE Jackson 8.0 704 AM 2/13 Trained Spotter Ossipee 6.3 430 AM 2/13 Social Media Crawford Notch 5.0 1114 PM 2/12 Dept of Highways 1 N Madison 5.0 1038 PM 2/12 Trained Spotter North Conway 1.5 837 PM 2/12 Trained Spotter ...Coos County... Pinkham Notch 3.0 1114 PM 2/12 Along US-302. 1 NNW Whitefield 3.0 600 AM 2/13 Trained Spotter 2 ESE Jefferson 1.0 903 PM 2/12 Social Media ...Grafton County... Enfield 4.5 923 PM 2/12 Social Media Hanover 4.3 951 PM 2/12 Social Media 2 ENE Plymouth 3.8 946 PM 2/12 Trained Spotter Plymouth 2.8 807 PM 2/12 Trained Spotter ...Hillsborough County... 2 SE Hillsborough 5.0 500 AM 2/13 Deering. 3 SSE Nashua 5.0 1236 AM 2/13 Snow and sleet. Hudson 4.0 841 PM 2/12 Social Media Bedford 3.5 821 PM 2/12 Social Media ...Merrimack County... 1 E Newbury 4.5 530 AM 2/13 North Haverhill Concord ASOS 3.9 711 AM 2/13 ASOS 1 SSE Henniker 3.0 826 PM 2/12 Changed to sleet. ...Rockingham County... 2 ENE Stratham 6.5 1040 PM 2/12 Trained Spotter Rye 5.1 719 PM 2/12 Social Media 4 NNW Derry 5.1 1040 PM 2/12 Trained Spotter West Hampstead 4.3 911 PM 2/12 Amateur Radio 1 NNE Deerfield 3.5 915 PM 2/12 Trained Spotter Salem 3.0 831 PM 2/12 Social Media Deerfield 3.0 846 PM 2/12 Amateur Radio ...Strafford County... 2 SSE Strafford 4.5 1136 PM 2/12 Trained Spotter ...Sullivan County... Grantham 5.0 515 AM 2/13 Social Media Sunapee 4.0 544 AM 2/13 Social Media
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  11. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    Great post... thanks for the info! We're planning to ride Sunday and possibly do a Friday night run...might have to move it to Saturday though if Red Hat is in the house!
  12. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    Oh come on...You can bring a lunch and eat in front of the woodstove at the warming hut, Sunset Grill is great, not too far to Rumney for the Common Cafe, Bistro or Plain Janes (you know about that). If you ride on Feb 23 you can eat TRAIL SIDE at Peaked Hill for Central NH's groomer the club, eat some dogs, burgers plus and enjoy the whole snowmobile experience. If all else fails you may see me cooking burgers on the Cor11 rail bed a week ago. I usually have extra. By the way...Red Hat Band next Sat night. Hope we don't get liquid snow on Sat.
  13. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Gotta love Jackman
  14. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Awesome trip! Jackman is awesome, and the 250 miles in 2 days proves it! That's obviously me in the yellow LOL
  15. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    Any recommendations on a good lunch stop in Campton or Thornton...the area of 152/155/11? Catreserve's trailside cooking doesn't count
  16. This event is only a week away! Here is an updated announcement with a little more info than the first one... The Andover Snowmobile Club will be hosting our 16th Annual Highland Lake SnoFest on Saturday February 16th, 2019 at the East Andover Fish and Game Clubhouse located on Snowmobile Corridor 2 (Railbed) and Highway Rt. 11. Event will be held from 9am - 2pm. Event is open to all antique and vintage snowmobiles and is FREE to register and attend. Trophies will be awarded to 4 different categories, People's Choice Antique (pre-1969), People's Choice Vintage (1970-1994), People's Choice Most Unique (Any year snowmobile), and our chairman's award, The George Burdick Memorial Award (Any year Snowmobile). We also have a trail permit to allow trail riding to snowmobiles 25 years and older with no state registration. NEW THIS YEAR will be a snowmobile poker run. The poker run will be approximately 10 miles and is open to snowmobiles new and old! Cost of the poker run will be $5 per hand and prizes will be awarded to the winning hand. We will also be doing a 50/50 raffle throughout the event. Winners for the poker run and 50/50 will be announced before the trophies are awarded at 2pm. Winners do not need to be present. We will have hot food, drinks, and a warm clubhouse to relax and enjoy vintage snowmobile videos and stories. Food and drinks are Donation Only. Dig out those old snowmobiles or just swing by to check out some awesome snowmobiles from yesteryear! We hope to see you all there!!!
  17. Hope to see you there Dave! Yes, Leon’s cheeseburger chowder is amazing. I’m going to make my pepperoni pizza chili as usual too. There will be lots of delicious food!!!
  18. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    Down here on State land along Parade Rd (106) the Belknap Snowmobilers have stakes that are placed apart just a little wider than the groomer. And I would guess the chance of losing a state-owned access would be much lower than on a privately held property. They put them up every fall and take them down every spring. It may be that the local club needs a bit more volunteer help. Someone that knows the current legal system willing to make a small circuit and carry some extra stakes with signage and a mallet.
  19. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    DRED, now the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, only comes into play should the ticket be issued by an officer in the Division of Parks and Recreation. They would supply the prosecuting officer, and if the fine was upheld by the judge, would receive the proceeds from the fine, minus a court administration fee. RSA 251-C:33 covers that. The lack of signage is reasonable cause to believe that you are not on a legal trail. We, motorized users, have not been on permitted unless restricted since around 2004. A non-motorized user can state, I didn't see a sign, so I thought I can be here. We have to state, I saw a sign, so I thought I could be here.
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  21. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    You're right, but those administrative penalties are limited to $250 and the process is performed by DRED, not the courts. Does DRED follow a set of rules in determining if a person had reasonable cause to believe he/she were operating on a snowmobile trail? If there are no trail markers or other signage how would they know?
  22. 2019 legislative session

    It appears to be still in Executive Session; and still would be in play if it was not tabled. Sometimes they reignite support on the floor by removing it from the CC for an individual vote.
  23. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    It is the responsibility of every rider to know the laws and regulations. Which is why we had to sign the registration, and why the law makes provisions for when someone else operates our equipment. Remember the old ''I can travel from my land down the road 500 feet because the law says so''; but anyone that read the law realized that the 500 feet was down the road from a designated trailhead. They simply read it the way that wanted. My other favorite was ''I can change my exhaust system to make it louder... as long as I stay on the lake... because the law does not apply out there.'' It isn't just done in the motorized trail user community; but because of the scope of access and how critical each landowner is to what can be large parts of a system... it just cost too much to move the trail again and again, even if a reroute can be found. I even saw a comment on the local club page that someone suggested those wanting to ride ''off trail'' should go up north. It is just moving the problem around and making it worse rather than facing it head on. It was a huge issue for me with the quads. There illegal access would spoil a landowner's willingness not only toward a future legal OHRV trail, but could also jeopardize the existing snowmobile access. I couldn't wrap my head around why anyone would want to destroy all their future options. Criminal trespass is different than a tort trespass. It is a violation of RSA 215-C:49 XIII, which is why you only get a ticket for the first offense and not get arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.
  24. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    John, thanks for the input. What I'm hearing from you is that same vagueness I saw in RSA 215-C, that assumption that EVERYBODY understands what a snowmobile trail is, and how to tell when you're on one. NH trespass law seems pretty clear that to be guilty of criminal trespass the alleged perp must have knowingly trespassed.
  25. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    Hard to say... I let snowmobiles on my land. But imagine that they did what I had problems with a few year's back... they lost their way and ended up in my front yard. The First call goes to the club... signage needs to be better. The Second call goes to law enforcement... rider, and community, need to pay attention to the signs. The Third call, which we didn't get to, goes to BoT... done, land is closed. The local club is dealing with that issue right now. Rider followed what they thought was legal trail... don't know the outcome other than the trail is currently closed. It might seem strange that it has to be that strict... but I had a woodlot that I let rider use. It was not near home, in another town; and I was stunned to get a call from the town threatening a lawsuit because I was building a non-permitted ''race track''. When I checked into it, they had cut a decent size parking lot, and were building ramps. It took a long time and quite few headaches to get everyone to realize that they were no longer permitted to be on that property. The excuse always seems to be that someone else did it before them, that they didn't know, that they saw it on-line, etc, etc. It got to the point that I sold the woodlot to house lot.
  26. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    Technically, no. I've experienced that ''it is not an officially marked trail... but *wink*wink*'' a lot. Laconia had the issue with the Weirs' Bridge were it was determined that the club never had permission for a legal trail... and that statute had been on the books since the 80s. After the fact, the club was going to seek approval... but it was determined that they did not have landowner permission for other parcels for the intersections to that bridge... so the point was moot on getting the bridge legal. We currently have so many sled tracks from the State School property back to O'shea Industrial park to get to the gas station, that it would appear to most to be an official trail... possibly even groomed, though tracked up... and it goes past at least three signs that state ''Private Property, No Tresspassing''. There are no orange diamonds because the landowner did not permit snowmobiling there... but they put up the signs thinking it would stop further use of the unauthorized section... It isn't working. Trail admins, and other, go to a class on trail marking... it is very exacting to the point that we under mark most trails and had to work with the BoT because it felt like we were creating view litter on these properties. Those ''Stay on the trail or Stay home'' signs are almost always on an official trail and used to deter thoughts of just a ''small'' violation.
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