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  4. NHSA membership portal

    Update: This morning I received another invoice message and two voucher notifications. Probably should contact the NHSA..
  5. Fall colors happen close to home sometimes.
  6. Almost time

    Getting there....waiting on a new before I can install the chain case, then I need to make a trip to Maine to pick up a new pipe....
  7. Last week
  8. NHSA membership portal

    Anybody used the NHSA portal to join a club recently? I joined 3 clubs today, one in my first purchase, and 2 clubs in a second purchase. A club purchase triggers an invoice email and a membership voucher email. I've received 5 invoice emails and 8 membership voucher emails. I've looked at my credit card billings and all is okay. Why 2 transactions triggered 8 membership voucher notifications, over a 5 hour period, is a mystery. Don't be surprised by multiple notifications.
  9. Making lemonade

    I saw this, thought it was a great idea.
  10. Making lemonade

    An old saying advises that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Today I got an email from a snowmobile club that would win the Lemonade Award, if it existed. In this case the lemons were the COVID restrictions around public gatherings.
  11. What do you think?

    If the hypothetical cost X of the trail system is $7.5 million, and the projected registration sales are 50K, then you must price the registration at $150 per. If the higher price deters registration to let's say 40K, then they will need to raise the price to $187.50 per. If you keep/lower the cost to $100 per, then you must sell 75K registrations. If you fail to sell enough registrations to meet the $7.5 million, then you must cut costs to whatever you raised. So tell us what sections of the trail system that you want to get rid of to make revenue cover the costs.
  12. What do you think?

    On top of all the other costs, the extra $25 really isn't going to make much difference. Since I live 100 miles south of Concord, day trips to Maine are pretty much out of the question distance wise, but I can get as far as Baker River Valley, and some good riding easy enough. I will burn about $25 worth of gas just getting to Concord on the first trip. Just need snow, and to be welcome to come, depending on the Covid restrictions that may be in place come winter, which none of us can even begin to predict.
  13. What do you think?

    Because we live where we do, we will register. IF, we lived where we use to, maybe not as the snow is less and travel would be involved. We have ridden every trail up in the Pittsburg/Errol area so to register and have to travel to ride same trails, maybe not. IF we still lived down south might consider registering in another state because of having to travel. 3 hours traveling puts you into any good riding northern direction.
  14. What do you think?

    We're joining and registering as usual.
  15. What do you think?

    Some one must have skipped Economics 101 . . . Supply and Demand. . . Rising prices always have an effect on demand.
  16. Almost time

    It looks like you're 1/2 way there . . .why stop now . . . Plenty of time till snow flies.
  17. Unknown if true - heard info

    Reality bites . . . They treated me A - 1 , on my last sled.
  18. What do you think?

    The system cost X amount of dollars. That overall cost has to be divided among the number of registrations. They must either increase the registration to meet the cost of X or decrease the cost of X by scrapping sections of the system. The overall impact is actually minimum. People readily change from one format of recreation to another. It is the specific impact to a particular business that can be devastating as customers move from one format to another. Think of that as the ''Amazon Effect''. Sears controlled much of the retail catalog business in the US, but lost out when it failed to take into account he impact of the growing internet on-line sales format. I haven't seen a Sear's Christmas Wishbook in years. But the sales that are not generated by the Wishbook still exist, just in the other format. It happens across the breadth of the economy and is completely normal, but the individual impacts have strong effect on the individuals within that impact zone.
  19. Almost time

    No,I would love to, but I tried when I first bought it a few years ago and it requires me to pull the motor and use a different motor mount plate. Too much of a pain so I’ll live with the pull start.
  20. Does anyone know if this is on and if so when?
  21. What do you think?

    I have always registered my sleds early. Never again, if ever in the State of New Hampshire. People are focusing only on the cost of the Registration, not the over all impact of the increase. 1 - The revenue from the increase will either be a little higher or the same no great increase. 2 - The effects on the economy. There will be fewer sleds registered in NH, which means less people. Less people, means less money spent thru the local economies, which will have an adverse effect. 3 - it is what I call "The Harley Davidson Effect" More cost to service fewer people. Sleds are expensive, gear is expensive, Registrations are expensive, lets go elsewhere. 4 - I live in the Southern part of the state, where clubs are struggling. I can travel to the White Mountains, 2.5 hours, and pay $125 to register my sled. or,go to Maine, better and more trails for $100, same travel time. Which would you do? And dont forget,the same goes for MA people Also.
  22. Almost time

    Are you installing electric start also?
  23. Earlier
  24. I have a brand new tunnel update kit which includes a new rear section of a F-800 tunnel, new rear bumper and brand new rear snow flap. Also have a like new seat, I believe is also for a F-800. Have no use for them, and know that someone out there may have some interest in them. Asking $375 for the kit and the seat. Thanks for looking!
  25. I heard info that Town & Country of East Conway is closing it’s doors. I hope it is not true. They have always been great for deals on snowmobile hard to find clothes and accessories. As anyone heard anything.
  26. Almost time

    Slow and steady...waiting for parts...
  27. New Random photo them if you got them!

    That is a very cool looking sled. Style ahead of its time for sure. Looks brand new. Its nice that someone had the presence of mind to keep it covered up in a safe place. So many of these things wind up covered in grime and mouse droppings.
  28. Addiction can be problem. Probably too late for counseling, right? Maybe an intervention? Maybe just enjoy the addiction?
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