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  3. any thoughts on billwills02?

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  5. March 24, 2020 6"-8" of heavy, wet, snow. Plow was taken off the truck a week ago. Only one thing to do.
  6. Christmas bulbs

    OK - So is it time to take them down now??? After all, it's almost Easter.
  7. Trail signage issues

    Color doesn't matter to someone who is color blind,,,, shape and wording is what matters.
  8. Trail signage issues

    I rode Maine last weekend for first time. Overall, signage was consistent always depicting trail designation # and direction of travel.....something I’ve mentioned here before that you don’t always find in NH
  9. Today's Union Leader has a story on the 2019-2020 sled season in the north country of NH. There are interviews with BoT's Chris Gamache, NHSA's Dan Gould, F&G's Captain Michael Eastman, and SnoFest coordinator and former NHSA's Gail Hanson. Capt Eastman stated that as of 2/26/2020 40,272 sleds have been registered, which is a drop of about 4,000 sleds from the previous year. Some quotes from the story. Capt Eastman: Rental sled accidents caused "by inexperience rather than speed or alcohol" "a spike in registrations in February" Chris Gamache: "The season wasn't bad" "BoT looking at creating designated areas for back-country riding" Dan Gould: "We did not believe it was going to be as strong a year as it was" "a lot of riders went north" "Coos County had a good year after a slow start" Gail Hanson: It's been a probably fair to good season" "Hotels and restaurants up here have been full"
  10. Trail signage issues

    I like your idea about green trimmed signs. I had been asking for green trail information signs for over 10 years and they finally provided those a couple of years ago. I never thought about adding green to some of the other sign types but it makes sense. Maybe we could get some green plastic an inch bigger than the current signs and use it as a backer so it shows green trim around the Junction Ahead, Stop Ahead and Stop signs.
  11. Trail signage issues

    I have suggested a number of time at the Trails Bureau level that all ATV signage needs to be a Lime green including stop signs just for that reason they are not being taken down. So your riding down an unfimiliar trail and you see a stop sign so you stop only to realize there was no reason to stop because it is an ATV trail that is not used in the winter, another mile down the trail another stop sign, you stop same thing no reason to stop so after doing this three or four time you start blowing through the stop signs and finaly run into another sledder or vehicle traffic becasue you had already stopped at 3 or more stop signs with nothing there. These sings are not being taken down because they are a lot of work to put up and take down so color them differently or something. As far as getting better signage on our trail systems I agree but it will not happen just with volunteers, it will need to be done at the state level by paid employees to get in done correctly and uniformly.
  12. Anybody has one, see picture, this is what i'm looking for, thanks so much
  13. Colman St Park

    It really was a light snow winter. We did good to get in the riding that we did. Biggest storm for us here in central Mass was in November. Could see the lawn for most of the winter. Looks like lots of clubs will be shutting down this week.
  14. Colman St Park

    For an interesting report on snow cover in NH go here: The NWS does a flood assessment each spring, and it includes measurement of snow depths in Maine and NH. Baker River has called it a day for the season. Pretty good sign that things are shutting down. Down my way they never really opened up.
  15. Colman St Park

    Thanks for the update, it was helpful. We visited the Mountain View Grand two weeks ago, it looked like this. Made a reservation to stay this past Sun to Tuesday. Arrived to find this. Wound up trailering up to Coleman SP on Monday, rode from there. It was 60 degrees there at one point on Monday. Found some great trails, but sometimes we would come around a corner, and it would be mud for 100 - 300 yards, then back out of the sun, and it was OK again. Some areas were great, but I doubt there will be much left by this coming weekend. This was at the aptly named Grandview snack shack.
  16. Colman St Park

    The Swift Diamond Riders are out of Coleman State Park, and here's their Saturday (March 7) at noon trail report from Facebook. The snofest was held in their area. SDR Update: Evening all. Quite a day at the SDR Warming Hut and Coleman State Park with the final day of SnoFest. Very...Very...Busy and we appreciate all that stopped by and showed the local clubs and businesses your support. As for the SDR Trails, it’s no secret, they got completely smoked with the heavy traffic. We sent 4 groomers out tonight but there is no way that one shift will make miracles. The odds are against us between the traffic that is still out there and the “mealy” type snow we are pushing around. As you are aware we are now through the first week of March, the sun is high and daytime temps quickly become an issue. Please know that from this point on everything with trails and grooming is anybody’s guess and as the old saying goes “We will get what we get”. Rest assured that the SDR will continue to do the very best we can to keep things smooth but there is only so much we can do at times. Next weeks weather pattern would be an example of that. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and SnoFest. SDR
  17. Colman St Park

    Any chance of riding from there Monday?
  18. Trail signage issues

    I'm sure that is more important in your area, where there is lots of ATV usage. Maybe there could be a way to denote on signs that they are for snowmobile or ATV users. Or use the same route numbers for trails that are used by both user groups? I was up in that area a few weeks back, and noticed multiple trail signs that were ATV focused, and that caused some confusion for me for sure, those signs are not all coming down for the winter. I can't say for sure which clubs trails I was on, so this may not pertain to your club specifically. I have to think that it is difficult to get volunteers to do all that work. Seems to me that routing signs, and stop signs are most important. Most of the rest could be lower priority, if necessary. I agree with the policy put in place a few years back where many of the arrow signs were eliminated, partly for the reason of volunteers. I would think that in the more northern clubs, where things are more spread out, vandalism could be a bigger issue, but the idea of permanent signs does seem to have some merit, if they can be left up all year.
  19. Trail signage issues

    Due to the fact that many of the snowmobile trails are multi-use (snowmobile and ATV), all of the junction signs must come down every year.
  20. Looking to ride on this coming Saturday, March 7 North of Loon Mountain. Starting anywhere from the Waterpark to Rt 302, looking to do 80-100 miles for the day, moderate to moderate fast pace. I am also open to anywhere else, but do not want to drive all the way to Pittsburgh for for a day trip.
  21. Trail signage issues

    we put ours up 12 years ago,,,,,, they are still up ,, we have changed any that needed to be changed,,, my last count was TWO bullet holes in about 70 signs
  22. Trail signage issues

    The solution is called "volunteers". Putting up and taking down signs is a thankless job and no one wants to do it. I did it for the WMRR club for seven years. 2-3 days to put up the wooden directional signs at every junction and another 2-3 days to take them down. Then there are hundreds of Bridge Ahead, Junction Ahead, Stop Ahead, Stop signs, etc. Those took several more days. How many people want to give up their riding days to do this? Not many. To make it easier, I and several other volunteers installed several hundred wooden sign posts throughout the trail system. If you ride through there now, most of those posts stand empty because even with the posts in place, no one wants to trudge off the trail through two feet of snow to replace a missing sign.
  23. Trail signage issues

    Well, IMO a statewide standard is one thing - but I believe we're missing a big root cause and that is getting signage out on the trails to begin with. Many trails lack signage, or is out of date - so we need a solution to that.
  24. Choko gloves

    I love Choko but their glove fit lately leaves something to be desired for me.
  25. Choko gloves

    This is probably your best bet. We have some clothes from Choko, and like them.
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