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  2. Snowy winter on tap?

    We need it after the last couple seasons being so spotty
  3. Swap meets?

    Anyone know of any, list them up !
  4. F&G useless unless you are an unprepared hiker

    The Union Leader newspaper has provided some well-researched and written news stories about snowmobiling over the years, but while is part of the Union Leader company this story came from F&G and is targeted towards an audience that knows very little about this sport. For a more experienced audience it's like teaching the multiplication tables to a class of MIT students. I suspect that most of the people on this forum will learn little or nothing from this story. As for the financial piece, for resident non-club members, under the current plan F&G gets $14 from the registration fee and would get $19 under the NHSA proposal.The current plan provides $63.30 for grant-in-aid and the proposed plan provides $102.30. F&G's share is up 29%, while grant-in-aid is up 62%. The BOT share for operations and state trail maintenance is now $13.70 and would go to $21.70, an increase of 58%. I don't see F&G as the big winner here.
  5. Another pro snowmobile news article. Yet more about OHRV and registering them than about snowmobiling. So much for getting the word out to the snowmobilers regarding the voucher system and the inability of the dealers being able to sell vouchers for one stop shopping.Clubs must be loving the F&G and the new regime that kisses the NHSA ass with new system so NHSA will push registration increase to raise funding for an antique inept led state agency.Too bad Tim Acerno and John Wimsait got pushed out and replaced with some clown who only cares about money and not the sport that we all dearly love. He cant even differenciat the difference between snowmobiles and OHRV wheeled vehicles. All he sees is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ cash cow and the clubs doing all the work so F&G will reap the rewards of all the money.
  6. How high could sled registration go?

    When it comes right down to it...ITS POCKET CHANGE. I know we don't want to hear it...and it seems like a lot of money...and we all can complain about it and everything else...but REALLY. We talk and compare it to skiing...longer season they make snow. Atving...longer season (but need to travel usually). Register in another, place to stay, etc. We all see all the issues...right? Well what about going out to dinner with the family, water parks, theme parks, hobo railroad ride (I do that small section of rail trail on a sled in minutes in the winter and may even see a crazy person) , Clarks trading post, etc...All good fun but $'s. Dinner for 4 is $60-$80 easy and if you include a favorite beverage even more and thats for only 1-2 hours of entertainment value? The trails are much better than they used to be...I do see a value in better trails don't you? Clubs are doing a good job with what they have AND with less volunteers. I can see both sides of all the issues...but when it comes right down to it...PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT WHEN THERE IS SNOW THE TRAILS NEED TO BE GOOD...I will pay for good snow. There is proof of that in the data of a LOT of late club memberships/registrations in FEB and even MARCH. I know we preach to the choir here most of the time and some of us are a little extreme but it does make for some good conversation and brings out some issues we all should think about. So lets bring on a SNOWY season and EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Fire up the grill and have a SPIDER DOG! Just my $.02 but going up to $.05!
  7. How high could sled registration go?

    You're right. It's happening to sports like golf, motorcycling, and snowmobiling. Younger people look at these sports and decide they just don't fit their situation. So, don't worry about the long term, just focus on the next 10 years. Anybody who thinks there will be a viable trail system in southern NH in 20 years isn't being realistic.
  8. So lets keep this forum positive...

    Nice to too see Pre-Season activity here. We are all waiting and anticipating some snow this year as always. As I have said before my glass is always 1/2 full! Hope it starts early and stays late. Few pictures dated December 17, 2016 at camp in central NH. Nice to ride before Santa comes...that's all I need for Christmas.
  9. Last week
  10. How high could sled registration go?

    aI don't disagree with you at all. my point is that the number of registered sleds are declining which is the reason that they are not bringing the funds. They are not replacing people who have stopped sledding with new people that is the issue. one factor is cost of the sport. hardcore people will always pay and ride, but you need new blood to make the sport grow I call it the Harley Davidson Syndrome, alot of older riders Not many new families are coming into the sport.
  11. How high could sled registration go?

    So, we have an expense of $22,832 for two sleds, and a registration expense of $132, so the registration makes up about ½% in the first year year and 1½% over a three year period. And you think that the registration fee is the place to look for cost savings? You could buy a used machine and save 20%-30%. As much as I like to complain, the registration and club membership costs are a tiny fraction of the total cost of participating in the sport. If Maine offers you a better snowmobiling experience then registering in Maine makes a lot of sense, but a $50 difference in the registration fee shouldn't be the only criteria. For the people with new machines the registration costs are negligible, for people with old machines who don't travel to the north, the registration costs are more significant. The challenge in NH is providing a trail system that meets the needs of the high-end user who most values the experience and the casual riders who worry about the costs. I suspect you could double the registration fees and the Pittsburg crowd would still show up. BTW: There's no magic here, operating a groomer in Maine is no cheaper than operating that same groomer in NH. Clearing brush is no cheaper in Maine. Maine has the advantage of having more of their state being like northern NH.
  12. How high could sled registration go?

    I can get a non resident registration for Maine for $100 for the season, more snow, more trails better conditions less idiots on the trail. This sport is expensive, and registrations going too high will not increase participation. Sled prices are to prohibitive for new people, and not everyone wants an 800cc turbo charged rocket that seats one person. So lets take a look roughly at cost: 2 sleds new: $ $8300 per sled:: Trailer Hybrid $4600 Gear for two people $500 per person the cheap: $1000 Registration: $66 per sled: $132 Insurance per sled Cheap $250 : $500 total $22,832 Now this is an estimate, yea they could buy used or a non covered trailer That is a lot of money to start. This is why registrations are down, cost is too high. I am going to Maine
  13. Mileage Question

    I am sure that there will be differences. I have found a few trails that are not in the GPS. I would expect that it would depend on the tracks that are sent to them to add to their package, and there would typically be some differences. Overall, my Garmin has been very helpful to me, sometimes clubs signage is lacking a bit (for a whole number of reasons, I understand that), and I don't have maps for everywhere we ride.
  14. Mileage Question

    FYI- I use both BackwoodsGPS & GPS Trailmaster on my Montana. I switch between the two, and even run them both at the same time. I often find they differ in they way they send you.
  15. Mileage Question

    Thanks - I have a Garmin Nuvi with the Backwoods GPS maps. It works great on the trail, but it doesn't have a route planning feature, I can only set the destination from my current location, so it wasn't easy to check the distance with it. I reverted to the paper NHSA map, and estimated, looks like I got pretty close.
  16. How high could sled registration go?

    I agree with that 100% cycle down the groomers to clubs who may not put that many hours on them a season.
  17. It cost me $80 to register non resident in Maine last year and I'm 15 miles to Kittery. I know what I'll do.
  18. Mileage Question

    I just did a route from the Gorham Motor Inn in Gorham, to Robie's Cabins in Pittburg, on my Montana 680T using the GPS Trailmaster map, and the distance measured 75.1 miles. So you were spot on.
  19. Mileage Question

    Do you have a GPS like the Montana 650T or 680T? If so, just mark your starting & end points, as " waypoints" and let the GPS plan the route. It will tell you mileage, & ETA. If you want to stop at any gas stations or restaurants along the way, plan a route with additional "wayponts" . I would say your in the Ball park for mileage.
  20. Mileage Question

    Was talking with my brother-in-law yesterday about a trip for the coming winter. Does anyone have an estimate of the mileage by trail from Gorham to Pittsburg? I'm guessing it's between 75 - 100 miles, but I could be off by a bit. Thanks.
  21. How high could sled registration go?

    Even with the higher pay rate for grooming it would take my club 25+ years to get enough money to replace our large groomer at current prices. We have an 84 Piston Bully for grooming so if your 2002 or 2003 are looking for new homes I'll let you know where to drop them off. I'd have no issue with Coos county getting new groomers every couple of years if they DONATED their old groomers to southern clubs.
  22. How high could sled registration go?

    Most likely the answer would be no. Grants are not automatically paid out. Grants are a reimbursement. As FR pointed out, lack of snow means no grooming hours and no grant money accessed. It does roll over in the specific BoT account, but the club can have a very tough financial time because the costs exist regardless of the lack of revenue. The federal change to the RTP, at what is already a trying time, is putting another element in the mix.
  23. How high could sled registration go?

    It's tough to make a good decision on the subjects of sled registrations and the distribution of state support dollars because we on the outside don't have access to the data. What's the correlation between a club's membership total and the amount of use on that club's trails? Do the clubs with high usage get the highest support levels? There's really no way to answer that question because there isn't any traffic count data. Before DOT gets behind a road improvement plan they do a traffic count and look at problem areas, I doubt that BOT uses those criteria. I think we all know that the Pittsburg trail system gets used hard, and that they get a significant amount of support from the state. But there are no hard numbers other than club membership and total miles of trails. If nobody rode the Pittsburg trails would they get the same support? It comes down to how do you distribute the available support, or do you increase the support so everybody has enough. NHSA seems to have come down on the increased supply side rather than advocating the rationing of the available support. I'd love to know what data NHSA looked at to support that decision. Increasing that supply has its own set of downsides.
  24. How high could sled registration go?

    I never said that I support it, still undecided at this point but something needs to be done differently to fund our sport in NH. I just get sick of people bitching while driving their $65,000.00 truck pulling their $12,000.00 trailer loaded up with $15,000 snowmobiles saying that $150 is to much for a registration!! They said it would take a cycle of 62-65 years to replace every large groomer in the state using our current system. Most of the big clubs want to replace their groomers every 5 or 6 years, the numbers just do not work using the formula we have now. My club has 2 Pisten Bully's one is a 2003 and one is a 2002 they have both been through the refurbishment program once but they are getting old, we do not have the money to replace them even using the current grant in aid program. I agree maybe a small increase and a new GIA program would be better. I think that one thing to do is to make clubs that have purchased a new groomer using GIA should have to have it refurbished at least once before they can buy another new machine and stretch the useful life of a trail groomer close to twice as long. Just my 2 cents.
  25. How high could sled registration go?

    Why would you support this registration increase? It is also going to end any state funding of groomer purchase or refurb. Where is that money going to come from? Just upping hourly rate does not guarantee funding to a club.It only comes into play if great snow year and no breakdowns. As the majority of clubs will never qualify for straight unassisted financing it will be a major set back. The only reason clubs get financing is because with Trails Bureau putting up 65 % of the cost it is a no brainer for bank. The note at maximum would be for 35% cost of machine. The state will not standby and see any groomer in program repossessed. If a trade and RTP involved the actually potential loss exposure drops dramatically. Most clubs would have to get a club officer to co-sign to qualify for financing 100% of a machine. A more reasonable increase coupled with a refined GIA equipment program will go further to assisting the clubs to maintain trails.If not between the high registration cost and the ability of clubs to maintain trails with antique equipment the clubs will lose members and the state will lose registrations.
  26. How high could sled registration go?

    Yep- You can always count on rate increases. I don't mind paying a little more as long as they have the trails to ride, unlike NH that I think is really trying their best to end the sport.
  27. How high could sled registration go?

    Historically Maine is right behind NH in registration increases within a year or two.
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