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  3. "Danger Will Robinson", "Warning, Warning"
  4. The rental riders' gear can be rather entertaining. We passed a lady in the Notch on Saturday who was dressed for fashion in her trench coat and cashmere scarf!
  5. I have to say it is comfy. Smooth, the 4 stroke is quiet and as powerful as I need it to be. I get extra points for the heated seat in back when my wife rides along. It has a set of fiberglass helper springs that I can engage when riding two-up. Never bottoms out. It fits my needs well, surely isn't for everyone. Just don't get it stuck, because it is as heavy as it looks, maybe more. No one has to worry about me going off trail, that is for sure.
  6. Trail signage issues

    Like going into the Los Angeles area and hearing on the radio the Golden State freeway is backed up for miles, I WANT THE NUMBER!!!!!
  7. Trail signage issues

    I would be for it. I share same sentiments on signage and have used nhsa app quite a bit this winter due to poor signage. when I am studying maps to plan a trip I’m looking at trail/corr numbers. I as well don’t care to see Smith/Jones trail. If you want to dedicate a trail, great. Primary labeling should include associated number
  8. Trail signage issues

    anybody else have an opinion of having a State wide standardized signing system?
  9. That's one comfy looking Cat! ‎Evelyn Ferrell‎ to New England Relic Riders 14 hrs · this coming Sunday is the NHSMA vintage ride through Franconia Notch-come join us! NH registration is not required, 1995 and older sleds please.There will be food provided by after the ride! Follow the link to the museum's event for all the details
  10. New Random photo them if you got them!

    Near Dixville a few weeks back. Another member here, who will remain anonymous, unless he claims the pic.
  11. I rode through Franconia Notch on Saturday. It really is a cool trail, great views. Fun cruising under the highway. Just be ready to give a wide berth to the groups on the rentals. You of all people know they can be a bit unpredictable.
  12. Had a great Vintage Ride yesterday with a totally diverse group of vintage Mutants from all over. Now look forward to next Sunday where we will do a Vintage Ride up through Franconia Notch, (never done that one, looking forward to it) on the walking trails. Should be a HOOT! This coming Sunday is the NHSMA vintage ride through Franconia Notch-come join us! NH registration is not required, 1995 and older sleds please.There will be food provided by after the ride! Follow the link to the museum's event for all the details pathfinder
  13. Kind of slow here...I guess we need to post some pictures for all to enjoy. I like to cook on the trail so posted some of the grandboys and a few friends and wife cooking over the last few days. Also a few recent "Random" photos. Good snow out there....get out and enjoy!
  14. Awesome ride today!

    As always a great ride with the "crew"...I get tied up on weekends sometimes with other riders, but love the pictures and routes. I need to do that route!
  15. Awesome ride today!

    Glad you had a great ride...that is why I love it over here!
  16. Trail signage issues

    I think a statewide standard is a great idea!
  17. Trail signage issues

    I suggested to the "Trails Committee" at NHSA that a STATEWIDE marking system be implemented, Like the highway system in the USA, or the signage in VT, Maine, Canada, ,,, maybe SOMEDAY... I will add that two neighboring clubs that for the most part copied the TLTD system got "sponsorship that COMPLETELY paid for the permanent signs installed by the Contoocook Snomads, and the Bow Pioneers
  18. Awesome ride today!

    Got 102 miles in today. Newfound lake to mount Shaw and back.
  19. Trail signage issues

    Went on a great ride today on the west side of the state. Thank God I had the NHSA Trail App. MANY trails were poorly marked, or not marked at all. The App was super stable and got me back to where I needed to be. Many signs did not annotate fuel which was close by, etc. or some intersections had no signage at all. And I appreciate having a trail named (ie, John Smith trail), but PLEASE tell me on the sign WHERE that trail goes! Coming to an intersection on an unfamiliar system and seeing Smith trail to the left and Jones trail to the right can be an issue.
  20. Awesome ride today!

    Left from Meredith, took Corr 8 to Plymouth, shot over Corr 5 to Lyme and the VT border, south to Dorchester, Corr 24 back toward Groton/Hebron. Found Corr 11 back to Corr 8 and Plymoputh, ate lunch/fueled up and cruised back to Meredith. Most trails were OUTSTANDING. Did over 100 miles. NHSA Map App worked great! Great day overall, I've never ridden that side before, will definitely do it again!
  21. Christmas bulbs

    We must fathom the depth of the hypocrisy that Congress wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but not everyone has to prove they are citizens. In NH , what government requires you to be insured? Congress has no interest in your car insurance..
  22. Christmas bulbs

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Repair shop groveton area

    You’re absolutely right. I do have a multimeter but rarely use it to check resistance so am not totally familiar but do understand the concept. not sure at all that the part will fix the problem. I did find your link....but unfortunately for me I’m in Rhode Island, sled rests in groveton until I return this weekend to ride. I do t set aside a whole lot of extra time to diagnose/wrench on things. I figured to take the gamble on this part because of that. Hind-site probably easier to diagnose as opposed to removing grip and heating element. But giving my situation if it gets my son on that sled quicker, and improving his riding experience then win/win? I will at the very least have the part in hand next time I’m north for a fix as opposed to being empty handed after diagnosis I do appreciate your input and will at least at some point run through the motions of resistance testing
  24. Repair shop groveton area

    Have to ask the question.. Are you sure the part will fix the problem? Do you have a multimeter and know how to use it? I've sent you a portion of the repair manual that covers testing of this assembly. Swapping electrical parts can work, but can also be expensive.
  25. Repair shop groveton area

    I have to remove hand grip and heater to replace this????WTF I was hoping the case would split
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