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  2. Estes Flying Rockets

    Have Estes Rockets with original boxes out grew them. $100 takes it all. Jim cell: 978-204-5024 Haverhill Ma
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  4. Christmas Lights 2021

    Paging John.
  5. Christmas Lights 2021

    John has the power! pathfinder
  6. Don't need snow .....Freeze the swamps, lakes ............
  7. Christmas Lights 2021

    Is it still John we're asking ?
  8. Official SledNH weather thread

    Well, it's Thanksgiving, and time to speculate about the upcoming sled season. That means guessing temperatures and snowfalls. In line with that plan here's the NWS guess for the next several days. In general the NWS says it's going to be colder than normal and that there are several low pressure systems moving through. That sounds promising. It's especially promising for Coos County. From the NWS 11/25/2021 Overall up north the potential exists for ~24-30 hour snowfall totals of 6-10"...particularly in Coos county NH with a band of 3-5" possible across much of northern Oxford/Franklin and central Somerset counties. Update: As of early Friday morning, the winter storm watch has been replaced with a winter weather advisory. 3"-6" of snow, with maybe more at the highest elevations.
  9. Christmas Lights 2021

    Seems like only yesterday that they just got turned off. Time flies! Wouldn't be the same without them! pathfinder
  10. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    My sled is oil injected, I carry extra oil in a ss water bottle for when in need, or another rider for that matter. I’ve never had to dip into my reserve but have portioned it out to friends twice in past
  11. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    My point being, since they are new to the sledding, they may not be aware of oil-injection and know that a reservoir can be filled.
  12. Christmas Lights 2021

    Another vote for lights !
  13. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    That is what I did - carry oil with me, add it at the pump. Takes a bit of estimating. I had a paper with a little table that listed how many ounces of oil to add per gallon. This is an easy calculation - hint- there are 128 oz in a gallon, so if you need 40/1 mix, divide 128/40 to get the number of ounces per gallon. When in doubt, add a little extra... Rock the sled back and forth a bit after you add it to mix, and you are good to go.
  14. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    The 1996 Ski Doo Elan 250 didn't have oil injection. 1996 was the last year for the Elan, but it had a 25-year run and didn't change much from 1971. The base Elan in 1996 was still using bogey wheels.
  15. . Thanksgiving is almost here.... Let's see the Christmas Lights ....
  16. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    As above...... Something is off, we had 1985 , 1986. 1987 Ski Doo,s and they all had oil injection
  17. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    What 1996 was not oil-injected? Did someone modify it?
  18. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    The best way to do it is to carry a quart of two-stroke oil with you and if you know you're going to be putting in say five gallons of gas add the oil that corresponds with the amount of gas you're putting in
  19. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    Newbie here, just acquired 1996 ski-doo and it requires an oil gas mix. What do I do if we are sledding all day and need gas and don’t have the gas/oil mix just regular 87 at the pump? Do list just carry a gas/oil mix tank? Thanks
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  21. Big groomers, small trails

    NRTP may be in the bill. But mostly it is that fact that people either have no clue how that works, or are willfully trying to put one over on the community-at-large. Any trail that has the non-motorized users has the ability to dip into the extra 40% of mixed use (motorized/non-motorized), so in essence those non-motorized users are having some of the money allocated to them expended. Also the fallacy of what is happening over time in the return to State tourism. It has gone from $1.1 Billion in 2003 to less than $600 Million now... and the $1.1 Billion is not inflation-adjusted.
  22. Big groomers, small trails

    Any chance there is some money in Joe's bill for us ??? It would seem logical to do infrastructure improvements. before they do major paving improvements. My company has erected a galvanized Arch pipe for a stream crossing. . . .Labor, wasn't crazy, but the materials were expensive. $$$$ Six Million dollars is nuts for a galvanized arch pipe .... From a snowmobile club project ....To a prevailing PUBLIC WORKS Project. NO Anyone remember Dave's bridge.....He built a bridge up in the air for soft money.. No comparing a real bridge, to a BOLT together Arch, that gets buried with dirt.
  23. Big groomers, small trails

    As much as I want to see trails open, and to make it as easy as possible for the volunteers who do the work, it seems like $6 million, and detours for a period of time is a lot to ask, considering the number of weeks those trails are typically open. Would be way cheaper in this case to buy another groomer for the other side of the tunnel, and give it to the club.
  24. Big groomers, small trails

    Definitely wouldn't work in this case as the groomer would have to cross the highway
  25. Big groomers, small trails

    I suspect that the clubs have already resolved the "quick fix" problems. Big groomers seem to be the direction the clubs are going, probably because they can do trails faster, and big groomers need big room. People are talking about funding infrastructure now, and the trail system is our infrastructure. Anybody see a pile of money laying around?
  26. Big groomers, small trails

    There are quite a few tunnels like that, even up north. By halfway through the season, it gets pretty bumpy inside. Would it make any sense to leave a small, simple drag close by that could be pulled through with a sled to smooth it out, and have the big groomer cross the road above? I'm sure crossing the road won't work in all cases depending on how busy the road is, and things like guard rails, but it should be viable in some situations?
  27. Big groomers, small trails

    Seems to be a common problem: How to fit a large groomer through a small opening. There are still a lot of local trails that pass through small tunnels under roads. Sleds can make it, but big groomers can't.
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