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  3. Could be tough to get out this season

    Plain Janes will be missed and was always a good place for people to park. New management last year and some parking issues but did not even get a chance to make a good go of it. The Snow Drifters even cut a new trail to it since the original bridge had washed out. Hopefully we will see it back on line in the future after this mess is over.
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  5. Could be tough to get out this season

    I have stopped at Plain Janes several times, an always liked it. It's a shame to see these businesses close. No fault of the owners or employees who worked for years to build a business.
  6. Covid rules snowmobiling?

    A previous post from PolarisCobra titled "Could be tough to get out this year" has a link to the VAST site that stated " travelers have several options for quarantine, they can quarantine in their own home outside of Vermont for fourteen days, or they can come to Vermont and quarantine for the same amount of time. " To expand on the quarantine requirement a bit, here's something from the Burlington Free Press: "This can be done at home if travelers have come to the state via a private vehicle. Otherwise, those who by plane, train, boat or bus must stay at a hotel or other lodging establishment." This is from Quarantining Before Coming IS an Option If you plan to travel to Vermont in a personal vehicle (including a rental vehicle or private plane), you may complete either a 14-day quarantine or a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative PCR test in your home state and enter Vermont without further quarantine restrictions. Continue to quarantine until you travel to Vermont. When you travel to Vermont, limit your stops. Only stop when necessary (for example, for fuel, food or rest).When you stop, follow the general prevention steps: wear a face mask, stay at least 6 feet away from people you don't live with, avoid crowded indoor spaces, and wash your hands often. Stay home and do not travel if you are sick. Vermont is pretty much like the rest of the northern New England states, but their rules apply to all states' travelers. Let's face it, none of the northern New England states want to kill their tourist industry.
  7. Could be tough to get out this season

    Sorry to hear that. It was often the right place at the right time when we rode at Baker River. A long time ago there was a thread here that talked about trailside restaurants and lodging. Something like like that could be useful now in dealing with COVID putting stress on service providers.
  8. Could be tough to get out this season

    You should open up for business...grilling trailside! On a side note, one of the area's favorite lunch destinations is out of business... To our loyal friends and neighbors, It is with great sadness that we must announce that Plain Jane's is permanently closed. Covid took too much of a toll on our business and, in the current environment, we cannot continue to operate. We thank you all for your patronage and support through this difficult time. Bill and the staff wish you all good health and prosperity in the coming year looking at Covid with 20/20 hindsight. Sincerely, Bill, Mikki, Cathy, Laura, Nick, Bixby, Connor, Tori, Kurt, Ben, Susan, Simone, Chloe, Addie, Hannah, Deb, Kelly, and anyone who joined us on this journey.
  9. This is you think this will happen in NH? This will really hurt clubs and registration
  10. Could be tough to get out this season

    That place does have promise. But unless I hit the lottery (not likely, I never buy tickets), it is a bit out of my range, especially for the four people that would likely in our group. I guess if you can get 12 people together and split the cost it gets more reasonable. And yes, more snow an open trails in the southern part of the state would make day trips easier.
  11. Could be tough to get out this season

    Looks like the BLYE House/Camp Trail Side Chef Included. I do think if we could have an Old Grass Roots Winter when everyone can ride out of/or in their own back yard it will distribute the riders throughout the state and the pressures of concentrated riding areas. Trail Side Cookin will be the norm this winter as well as returns to the cabin or home for lunch. So step it up a notch and get ready. During the week should not be a problem at restaurants but think of the new way to handle yourself to limit exposure. Don't be hanging your helmet on the same post the last person did {hung on the mouth side)...take the helmet to your seat! Go dig into those community plate of nacho's...don't think so!
  12. Could be tough to get out this season

    I think I've found an alternative solution for you. I'm not disparaging Bruce's trailside cooking, but this might also provide a good experience, although at a slightly higher price point..
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  14. C & T Powersports

    Guys- C & T Powersports is located right here in N.H. Please consider when purchasing products for your Ski Doo! Happy Holidays! Chris
  15. Could be tough to get out this season

    Pretty sure that he isn't concerned with the legislative reaction; his main focus would be on the longer term economic outcomes. We've been an essential operation, open all the way through, but in May... mainly due to the Big Boxes and other placing masking requirements on customers... we overheated. Since I don't really need this particular job, I took two weeks off. That made them overheat quite a bit more - my sales numbers are higher than the others around me, and about twice as high as anyone else in our department. We nearly cancelled walk-ins, which would have made any ''masking requirement'' moot. Just last week, our Hampton location had a case among the employees - seems that they got it from outside the operation - but with that employee out, along with others that were upset. The location is now curb-side service only. The specialty sales force has decided to work from home when they can, and you have to make an appointment to enter the showroom due to the lower staffing. An outbreak like we are starting to experience has consequences that can't be easily resolved by a political position. This is something that should have been learned in the Spring. It has been a long-held Republican strategy that we should remove more children from public schools toward private and home, but when the option arrived... the only thing that they could come with is we need to immediately reopen the schools. These types of black swan events are the means to learn what will work over time, and what is just being coddled along. It is the same for political strategy as it is for business.
  16. Could be tough to get out this season

    I agree that our governor has taken a prudent, middle-of-the-road path in his handling of the COVID pandemic, and believe he will continue to do so. His last emergency proclamation #74 requires people to wear face masks when in public areas, but doesn't provide for penalties if the proclamation is violated. BTW: This proclamation was issued well after the recent election. That said, the last election installed a Republican majority in the House, the Senate, and the Executive Council. It remains to be seen what their position on appropriate government actions on COVID will be. We'll have a clue when the leadership of the House and Senate is named. The legislature may terminate a state of emergency by concurrent resolution adopted by a majority vote of each chamber. The governor's power to renew a declaration of a state of emergency shall terminate upon the adoption of a concurrent resolution under this subparagraph; provided, however, that such resolution shall not preclude the governor from declaring a new emergency for different circumstances under paragraph I of this section. N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 4:45. Across the states, this, or something like it, is a pretty common situation.
  17. Could be tough to get out this season

    A agree. Things are surely going in the wrong direction right now. Some of it is unavoidable, but I think 'we' could do better. Whatever you think about the benefits of wearing a mask, I think wearing one makes lots of people more comfortable, particularly the people who can make decisions around our ability to visit NH from out of state, and our ability to get out and ride, which includes getting fuel and food. I don't think anyone is worried about people being out on the trails, the issue is stopping and going inside buildings. One thing I am thinking about is renting a cabin for trips this year, and avoiding hotels. Maybe even a loop that gets me back to the cabin for lunch, rather than trying to find a restaurant someplace. Maybe its time for all of us to pay a bit more attention to Bruce's trailside cooking tips...
  18. Could be tough to get out this season

    It is going to be a little different than in year's past, but it should only be one season. By next year, we should be well on the way to mass vaccination if all goes well. I think the real issue will be how well we behave leading up to the season and holding through it. If part of the population presses it a little too hard, the Governors' reactions are going to be far worse.
  19. Notes on an old map

    While looking at an old state map of the NH snowmobile trail system I saw some notes put together by the state regarding the trails. I thought some of those notes might be interesting to the current generations of riders in the Colebrook-Errol area. I then copied an old Umbagog Sports Association trail map that you could relate to the trails in the notes
  20. Could be tough to get out this season

    I agree that enforcement will be tricky, especially for day travelers. We often do 3 - 4 day trips, staying in a hotel. Maybe a Covid test will be enough to get me by. Also, we typically look to ride to a town, have some lunch, and continue on. If the restaurants are all closed, or are take out only, its going to be tougher, especially if we cannot access rest rooms, as we often travel with our wives. My wife has answered the call of nature off the side of a trail before, but it is by no means her first choice....
  21. Could be tough to get out this season

    Note this line: "they can quarantine in their own home outside of Vermont for fourteen days, or they can come to Vermont and quarantine for the same amount of time. Another option is that they can quarantine for seven days and after seven days get a COVID test and carry the results with them." That's the problem the states have with enforcing these restrictions; how do they enforce the quarantine if it's done in another state? The state is relying on you to self-report you didn't quarantine. NH had a similar rule for travelers from outside New England, and it was widely ignored. I can't see Vermont, or any other state, putting much effort into enforcement of this type of rule.
  22. Noticed this on Facebook this morning. If NH and Maine put in a policy like this, my sled stays parked for the winter, will no be welcome anywhere. Not saying this is the wrong approach from a health and safety standpoint, and health and safety is important. Just saying I won't be able to ride. Maybe with a recent Covid test, will have to see how that shakes out. May be time to hope there are some decent trails in western MA...
  23. 2 years ago 3 of us rode from pine river pond in East wakefield up C19 through Evans notch to gorham. We started at about 7:00 am. Had lunch in gorham mid day. Then west to Franconia notch and south through Plymouth. Hopped on winni and then to Wolfeboro back to wakefield. we were home by 7:00 pm or so. it was a Friday, the route we took includes a lot of miles on rail lines. Trail reports did not include any language like “rails showing”. So to answer your question, absolutely you can make it to gorham and back in a day. If you do it on a weekend leaving very early is recommended. And be prepared for some bumps on the way south.
  24. ossipee to gorham through evans notch trail 19

    A group of us left the north side of Broad Bay and travelled to C19, then on to Evens Notch. We spent about a half hour looking at the notch then headed back. On the return trip we saved some time by crossing Silver Lake. The trip killed most of a day and we didn't tarry much. No lunch break.
  25. On a Saturday you are talking an all day trip especially if you plan to eat while up in Gorham. Saturday’s see extremely heavy use of C19, and while going up in the morning may be pleasant if groomed the night before, plan on a longer and bumpier ride home anytime after noon. It’s doable, what I consider an easy to moderate ride, and quite fun with fantastic views especially up in the notch!
  26. In the old state map C17 appears to originate to the east of Route 125 in Epping, goes west over Route 125, then northwest to the northeast corner of the park. There wasn't a connection to Trail 6 at that time. I dated the old map[ to the 1980's because John Sununu was governor 1983-1989, and he's mentioned on the map. By any chance has anybody made a bet on where old trail C17 started?
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