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  3. NCP Sept 9th Watercross

    Are you guys having a vintage show this year?
  4. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    Nice! Looks like everyone wins with this one.
  5. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    winning bid was $2200.00!
  6. NCP Sept 9th Watercross

    Right around the corner! Who is in?
  7. Me either, my garage is been a furnace the last few weeks....
  8. Good family project for the summer...looking forward to seeing it on the trails this winter! I've got a few projects to work on but I don't have AC in the shop. Miserable weather can' wait for fall/winter. Enjoy to build.
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  10. Thanks Mike, A quick once over and it has spark, so I’ll clean the carb this weekend and see if she’ll fire up! Now if I could only find the damn engine tag so I can figure out what motor is in it. I’m really hoping it’s a 340, but from what I’ve found online I think it’s a 440. If I could Id the sled itself that would help too lol. Model number and year built have long since worn away. I’ve got the serial number but can’t find anywhere online to decode it.
  11. Looks awesome Steve! That will be a great project for you and your son! And it looks like you've already given it the WD-40 treatment. That's always the first step. If the windshield isn't cracked (it looks complete from the pics) then you might be able to clean it up with plastic polish. I've had pretty good luck with this stuff: And if you can't find a hood in time, you can always do the "frankenstein repair" - holes drilled on either sides of the crack and then stitched together with zip ties. I know that wouldn't really be up to snorander standards, but it would get you by until you could find one.
  12. Thankfully it is very complete. All that is missing is the air box. My brother in law has a sprint parts sled that I have to pick up, but it's hurting and missing stuff too. Other than fixing the no spark issue, I just need a windshield and a hood as this one is cracked (now a nice hood will be tough to find, hopefully I'll stumble across one from a sprint as they seemed to be more common).
  13. I know I said my next sled would be a rev, but.....

    Will be interesting to watch this progress. You will need to do some searching to find the missing parts for that thing for sure. Could turn out to be a great project.
  14. For $150 I couldn't pass this one up. It will be a great project to work on with my 11 year old son. 150lb in each cylinder and no spark. Let the fun begin!
  15. So how do you fix the driver of the registration increase suggestion... the F&G funding from registrations? John, I am offering a solution that is available now and it’s availible to everyone. I agree that F&G needs more funding, but any increase will take at least two years to become a reality. Yes my solution does not fund one agency $12.00 and change but it does address many other problems. And it’s free, we just need to get the word out and get the snowmobiling public on board. Thanks for your question Dave Copeland
  16. If you read the F&G response it's clear that they're saying that the clubs have no way to provide assurance that a member is a member of a snowmobile club that will comply with the needs of the registration system. They offer the alternative of a repeal of the club discount. How many clubs would favor such a repeal?
  17. So how do you fix the driver of the registration increase suggestion... the F&G funding from registrations?
  18. Dave, Some things are more important than Snowmobiling. My deepest sympathies on your lose of your brother. George
  19. Dave your post is spot on and very well said!! We either work together or we sink alone.
  20. Our sport is in crisis. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, we need more funding. I would like to provide a low-cost fix that is immediately available and I have been suggesting for years. REGISTER: REGISTER without taking the discount, you pay $96.00 per sled. 1. Yes it will cost more money, and if you REGISTER more than one sled it’s going to cost $ 30.00 for each additional sleds, but remember the old discount of $30.00 has been reduced to well let’s see. You must buy a voucher for $10.00 plus $2.00 transaction fee and in order to do this you must join a club which and that will cost the club a $10.00 membership fee to the NHSA. And if want to be a member of the NHSA or your club by-laws say that the club members will be 100% NHSA members that’s another $10.00. That s a grand total of $32.00, didn’ realize this, you are not alone, I’m sure that at least 50% of the NHSA board of directors have no clue. Probably your clubs old membership fee of $30.00 or less is not going to work and it just cost $32.00 to get a $30.00 discount. 2. Be aware do not think that you are going to go to a dealership or agent and buy a voucher and REGISTER, the NHSA has taken that away from you. To do this your club would have to buy a tablet or computer and printer and put them at every location to sell club memberships and vouchers. 3. As recent posts have shown, the $30.00 for every sled REGISTERED goes directly to Grant in Aid, this is the best way to get the highest percentage of your REGISTATION dollars to Grant in Aid. Even higher than proposed increases and if enough people participate there will be less of a need for a REGISTATION increase! 4. Since the $30.00 will go directly to improving snowmobile trails, this is the best $30.00 accessory you can by for your sled or sleds. Better trails make for a more enjoyable and safe ride and less ware and tear on your sled. SUPPORT; SUPPORT a club or clubs 1. Yes Support , you are not seeking membership,. As previously reported it seems that $10.00 will be accessed for every member that JOINS a club 2. Yes, this will cost you more money. Before you were taking the $30.00 discount and using this money to Join a club, now you have wisely invested that $30 in Grant in Aid. 3. Now your only additional cost is that of SUPPORTING a club or clubs that will give you the most benefit for your REGISTRATION dollars SUPPORT the club or clubs you have chosen. 1. Above all attend meetings, events, functions, and SUPPORT your fellow SUPPORTERS. 2. Become involved as an officer, committee member, work parties to make the trails you ride safe and enjoyable, groomer operator and/or groomer maintenance. Remember most trails are groomed and maintained by SUPPORTERS like yourself. 3. SUPPORT your neighboring club’s events and functions, yes you are both competing for SUPPORTERS and may the best club win. One exception, if one club is Supporting the sport (promoting paying $96.00 and Supporting a club) and the other is promoting itself (sounds like an association I have heard of) then of course SUPPORT the club that SUPPORTS the sport. THE ADVANTAGE Your club no longer has to deal with vouchers, portals, contracts, and your club membership person is only concerned with club SUPPORTERS. Yes, in the rare case that someone wants to join the NHSA you would have to use the portal and most clubs are planning on charging an additional $5.00 to $10.00 for this service. So that would be $10.00 to join NHSA, $10.00 membership fee, and $10.00 portal fee or $30.00 to join the NHSA, any takers! Another option would be to not even offer the option to join the NHSA. This reduces your involvement with the NHSA, less stress, frustration, accounting, and no need to sign the contract. Until the NHSA changes it deceptive ways and starts to SUPPORT the sport and those of us that SUPPORT it, it is very hard to support an association that is only concerned with itself and it’s bottom line. Just think where we would be if the association put as much effort into the sport as they do the grass drags and Easter Seals. I would be the first to join the NHSA if they put as much effort in the sport, as they do these two events. CONCLUSION We all know of the proposed REGISTRATION increases in the works, but we all work together we can succeed and just maybe our state association will realize that if you treat people fairly and up front with everyone you can get things done. This will take a grass roots effort by all of you. Someday maybe we will want to join and SUPPORT our association because we want to, not because they have spent our money on lawyers to find ways to force us to join. Thanks Dave Copeland Yes, you can forward, copy, post, send at copy to your Senator, AG’s office or anywhere it will be read.
  21. My brother passed away rather suddenly , ,, I have been in the throws of a lot of family stuff including company from out of state,, I will get back you you soon
  23. NIPMUCK - Water Skips - Union - CT

    There will be no race there.
  24. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    forget the shed, gimmie a sled! All kidding aside, that it a great idea and should appeal to tons of people. Who doesn't want a new shed?
  25. Registration increase being proposed

    If they make a cut of for vintage plates at 1995 I'm going to be pissed as both of mine are 1996 models! I can register my car for less than it costs to register my sleds. This is just stupid.
  26. Nipmuck Water Skips.... missed the July event.... Should be coming up this Sunday ( 1st Sunday of August).... anyone going ? participating ?
  27. Upgraded my Wheels

    It's actually a 2017, has 22,000 miles on it. So it was much less expensive than a new one, but it's in great shape. A brand new one would have been nice, but this will be just fine for me.
  28. The 34% in the article included transfer payments from other State agencies; and I am not sure that it included transfer payments from F&G to other State agencies. It is usually pointed out by hunting/fishing opposition; but it isn't a realistic breakdown, as federal funds come from federal taxes on sporting goods - mainly guns and ammo. Our 34% includes gas tax transfers for OHRV and Snowmobiles, but also registration and gas tax transfers from boats. They may have also included recent funding from the Legislature over the last few budget cycles.
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