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  2. It isn't a F&G mandate. F&G does not have the legal authority to determine which clubs are affiliated with NHSA - a requirement of statute to get the registration discount. And yes, it is the NHSA's way to get around the funding issue. Another possibility would be to simply set club dues based on the total NHSA budget divided by the number of clubs. Of course in that scenario small clubs would see the dues as outrageous, but have no other choice but to pay them or forgo affiliation. The result would be fewer clubs and more gaps in trail links. So instead of collecting roughly $250,000 in this manner, the NHSA would set club dues at roughly $2500 per club. A club that had fewer than 250 membership transactions would end up paying more, one that more than 250 membership transactions would pay less... and small clubs would less funds, while large clubs would have more funds.
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  4. I think it's still true that if you give any thread enough time it will wander a bit, and sometimes more. What I get from George's post is that he doesn't think the NHSA and F&G rules are fair to his club. That has little to do with the price of sleds. My concern with the proposed changes to F&G administrative rules and NHSA Rules and By-Laws is that they seem designed to be a work-around to preserve funding for NHSA Before, the NHSA took a $10 membership fee for each member, then a re-interpretation of the enabling statute said that NHSA membership wasn't required to get the discount. Now, the NHSA says that they will charge the clubs $10 to issue a number that the F&G proposes to be required to get the discount. Without the proposed F&G mandate the NHSA would have little leverage to require the transaction fee. I think you would have to fairly oblivious to not see that the "membership transaction fee" is a replacement for the former "membership fee" for those seeking the registration discount. Now, as to the mechanics of how this will work out, it's hard to say seeing that I don't understand how this process will work, thus I asked the questions in a previous post. There doesn't seem to be a lot of hard public information out there. As for the price of sleds.... I suspect the rising prices have a lot to do with a shrinking market due to urbanization of formerly rural areas, and a changing winter climate over a large part of North America and other regions. Snowmobiles need open space and consistent snow cover, and both are becoming in short supply, especially in the Northeast. Wheeled vehicles always enjoyed a sales advantage over sleds in that they can be used in all climates for at least part of the year.
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  6. The manufacturers didn't demand higher and higher motor displacements.
  7. And NHSA is not saying that you, individually, have to be a member of NHSA. They are saying that an affiliated club will pay $30 annually, and $10 per transaction for the discount number. The other option is to not be an NHSA-affiliated club. F&G is stating that it has no legal authority to determine which clubs are affiliated clubs of the NHSA... nor any legal authority to set the parameters for qualifications to be an affiliated club.
  8. Rob, My State of the Art 97 XLT Triple still Rides like you are riding on a field of Marshmallows. For those not familiar XLT stood for EXTRA LONG TRAVEL! Smoothest Ride for its' time!!!! To Me $3,600.00 delivered! Laconia Cowasacki. 106 on Moultonboro Bay! My Wife's 94 2up Touring Long Track, Air Cold was nice to ride on those warmer days at the End of a Season. Yes both Polaris Sleds.
  9. Dave the sport is pricing itself right out of existence. I blame the manufacturers for the ridiculous prices of new sleds, if you think a toy used for 3-4 months is worth as much as a small car your NUTS!!! Don't even get me started on the ridiculous prices of new grooming equipment!
  10. John, The RSA nowhere states you have to be a Member of NHSA!! It is being perverted by F&G by way of Administrative Rules. TITLE XVIII FISH AND GAME CHAPTER 215-C SNOWMOBILES Section 215-C:39 215-C:39 Registration Fees. – The fees to be collected under this chapter are as follows: I. Individual resident registration--$90 for each snowmobile registration upon presentation of a valid driver's license issued to a New Hampshire resident 18 years of age or older. An individual resident registering a snowmobile who provides proof, at the time of registration, that the individual is a member of an organized New Hampshire nonprofit snowmobile club which is a member of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association shall pay $60 for each snowmobile. Entire RSA, Section 215-C:39 The section above says everything! The other 89.9% of this document deals with distribution of Monies! Open link:
  11. Rob BEFORE you throw in the towel ,, can I ask did you ever ride a NEW sled that cost less than $1000 ?? Did you ride it PRE GROOMING days?? sleds have “morphed” grooming has “morphed” our members EXPECTATIONS have “morphed” gear has “morphed” New sleds under $10,000 are getting more “rare” the WORST change I’ve seen in my 50 years ? Is the lack of people pulling TOGETHER with time, resources, and EVEN MONEY ,,, to make it all work ! on a positive note there ARE GREAT people working to make it stick ,,, but we can always use more,,,,,
  12. Its quickly getting to the point where the $30 discount isn't even worth it. A lot of clubs are at $35 for dues, so for the person registering a single sled it costs less to register as a non club member. $30 into GIA or $35 to a club. Either way the sport wins but it sucks that the two groups that make it all happen (clubs and BOT) are competing for the money. I'm starting to think this whole system sucks and needs an overhaul
  13. My guess is that an affiliated club will pay $30 per year in dues and $10 for each entry for a discount code.
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  15. Special Meeting

    I was sitting here this afternoon think about this Post? Reduce the Number of Delegates each Club earns from he Total Number of Members each Club has. That includes Wives, Spouse and Significant Others if a Family Membership. My thought is the "NEW MATH" is not to lower the number of Delegates but reduce the number of HANDS you have to COUNT for each Item needing a SHOW OF HANDS. Easier Yay or Na. Anyone "Official Counter" can discern for this process who has the most votes. As the Gavle Strikes, THE YAYS have IT!!!!!
  16. Always a sad time of year to head up to camp and pick up the sleds to bring home until next season. Worked a bit extra this week so I could come up Sunday and Monday. Still got some snow up in the elevation of the woods around camp. Rode up and down the hill a few times to get rid of the demons until next season. Cookin outside at camp not to far off the trail so I guess you could call it Trail Side Cookin! Cutting some trees to get back my view of the White Mountains again before the leaves come out...stuff grows in so quick. Snow depth is up to 2.5" in spots...making it tough to cut in such uneven terrain. Snow will still be here for a bit so I still have some time and don't have to risk turning an ankle or worse. Thought I would just share a few pictures for those of you who also also suffer from the seasonal change from snow to "next season" whatever that may be. For anyone that saw the last picture of the far off peak with snow (Twin) in a previous post. it still has snow (1st picture). Last 2 pictures are coming in my road of my neighbors...then rest up by camp. Crazy what elevation has on snow and weather in general. i was landscaping peoples yard last week and I have snow at camp...yipee.
  17. In the proposed "Rules of Business" under Dues, it states "Annual dues shall be $30. In addition, member clubs shall be assessed $10 per club membership transaction." What is the meaning of "club membership transaction"? Is it all members of a club? Is it all club members that belong to the NHSA? Can I be a member of a club and not have any connection to the NHSA that would require a transaction with them? Is this $10 connected to a discounted registration? When NHSA allocates delegates do NHSA members and non-NHSA members both count? The proposed BY-Laws state that "Delegates from the member clubs of the NHSA allowed to vote must have been a club member registered in the NHSA database on or before March 1'st of that year." So, are clubs members who are not members of the NHSA registered in the NHSA database? (does being in the database imply NHSA membership?) If I'm not an NHSA member, will my club membership count towards the delegate allocation? There are rules and by-laws, and there are interpretations of rules and by-laws, and sometimes the interpretation can make all the difference.
  18. '' ''Again where does the "Member of a CLUB" (NOT NHSA) go to get HIS or HER Reduced Price REGISTRATION?''- The answer would be a club that has followed the rules of the NHSA to be an affiliated member. I think what you are trying to state is the NHSA can not set its club dues based on membership of that club... but since it sets its delegate representation based on membership of that club; I think that would be a hard argument to win. F&G will defer to the NHSA to determine which clubs are affiliated members... because only the NHSA can determine such legally. Just as if the RSA state ''GIA-eligible clubs'' F&G would need to defer to the BoT to legally determine which clubs are GIA-eligible. As for getting memberships through agents and on-line... The system doesn't allow you to take an on-line membership and then enter it into the NHSA app and return the number to the applicant? The system doesn't allow a dealer to enter the NHSA app and sign-up a member for a specific snowmobile club (per the purchaser's request) and provide them with the number?
  19. Dave, I have always thought of you as an "outsider" and that is good. You are your own man when it comes to a lot of NHSA matters. As you can see this is an outright TRASHING of the RSA by FISH and GAME. MEMBER OF A CLUB THAT IS A MEMBER OF NHSA! NOT A MEMBER OF NHSA! Again where does the "Member of a CLUB" (NOT NHSA) go to get HIS or HER Reduced Price REGISTRATION? Hopefully when "WE" get to the JLCAR they will see the basic simplicity of our argument. There needs to be a way for Clubs to continue being able to generate MEMBERSHIP through a multi tiered system, Agent Applications/Online Memberships, as we, MSC, presently have. How do any of the similar Clubs obtain Validation Numbers from NHSA a head of time to supply those formats. Close to 60% of our Memberships this Season from these 2 Sources. We are talking 380 Members. Would we have put up almost $4000.00 to get those "VD" Numbers?
  20. George, one way to try to see it is maybe looking from a slightly different angle ,, Your ELECTED County Director and his peers have the oversight and the final vote on every topic. NHSA is an OFFICE where your County directors that are fully ( if not more) passionate about not ONLY our sport but the FUTURE of our sport meet. It’s my OWN wish that SOMEDAY people would realize that we ARE in this TOGETHER and as I always said to my kids “ I (WE) AM (ARE) NOT THE ENEMY “ “There are multiple moving parts and not everything is always as it appears”, it true throughout life !!!
  21. Thanks to the ^*%($#)@$%** mice, I got in about 300 miles on my sled. Trip up in Pittsburg cut short thanks to those little f*****ers. Mother nature was not much of a help in southern NH either.
  22. Dave, The problem is not a 12 Digit Number. It is how CLUBS generate Memberships! What we got out of attending the 2 Informational Hearings that F&G held is the NHSA has FULL Control of disseminating and setting the cost of the "VD" Numbers (with out ANY over-site). As it stands now NHSA is the only source that F&G will accept to Register a Sled irregardless of any Lower Priced Registration Cost. $30.00 Discount? There is no dollar amount stated in the RSA. It appears to be the difference between the Price set by F&G between a Member of a Club and a NON-Member of a Club. It seam it always ends up at a $30.00 difference? Some people are/were under the impression that EVERYONE was a member of NHSA. Not really. This move by F&G has totally left the "MEMBER of a CLUB that is a MEMBER of NHSA" with no way to get the lower cost of Registering a Snowmobile as the RSA state he has the RIGHT to do. YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF A CLUB THAT IS A MEMBER OF NHSA. Not a Member of NHSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does the meaning of the RSA no longer apply? Case in point only 90 out of 500 Member of a Club when given the option to join or not joined NHSA?
  23. Well MAYBE I’m speaking out of turn but in trying to read between the lines I was hearing some contention over the 12 digit requirement,,, some of the F&G Changes do “dovetail” with NHSA’s purposed changes ,,,
  24. Wrong place to post! This discussion is about F&G rules not NHSA bylaws
  25. I do know this to be fact, The revised/purposed by laws were drawn up by the efforts of a “team” The team had much input and guidance from the Office of the “AG” as well as legal counsel. In the spirit of writing by-laws for ANY non profit, consideration must be exercised has to how the bylaws will carry the organization going FORWARD in the years or even decades to come. When an “AG” representative came to the NHSA office to answer questions to the NHSA County directors my personal “take away” from the q&a presentation was that the format and directive of the existing by laws was QUITE IN NEED OF A REWRITE. I did gather that to office of the “AG” not only stands behind the purposed by-laws but had considerable input into the new format. I do hope and ask that each delegate LISTEN CAREFULLY as the introduction of the new by-laws are explained to the room.
  26. Several years ago I testified at a JLCAR hearing. NH Div of W&M were requesting rule changes which put a financial burden on my employer. I had the proper documents to back my position and the rule changes were denied. I was the only one testifying against the rule changes. The committee will listen to you and make a fair decision. From what I heard at my last club meeting I think there's a good chance these rule changes will not be accepted if contested at JLCAR. Just my opinion.
  27. 1. JLCAR: It would take a large number of people to influence this process as the legislature tends to listen to state agencies and recognized organizations. 2. Consumer complaint: This would go to the AG's office, and the AG is already well aware of the moves being made by NHSA. 3. Opting out of NHSA: Probably the most workable option. If you don't like the NHSA this will hurt them and the clubs will still receive funds, but collectively, not a specific club. Some clubs might like that, some might not. As for the discount on sled registrations, the discount equals about 10 gallons of high-test gas, and for a single-sled registration it's cheaper to not join most clubs. At some point (now?), the club discount needs to be looked at. I suspect that the discount helps some clubs, but not all clubs.Has any club ever polled their members regarding "the discount" ?
  28. Official SledNH weather thread

    The consensus weather forecast was for snow/rain and clouds today, and the sky this morning did give warning. Turned out to be a false alarm. I was a bit late to pick up the best colors, but not too bad.
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