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  2. Early riding

    The BoT news email is out and listed some early riding options. News about early December riding in southern NH isn't all that common, but this last storm did dump some serious snow down there. Early Season Riding Bureau of Trails and Hollis Nor’Easters Snowmobile Club (Nashua/Hollis area) have opened their trail system, including Silver Lake State Park. Some trails have been groomed and the club hopes to have all of them done by Saturday. Note that the abutting trail systems are NOT OPEN at this time. Bureau of Trails has also opened Pisgah State Park (Cheshire County) for riding, within the Park ONLY. Gates in the park will be opened today. Trails leading out of the park to the north are NOT OPEN at this time. Trails will be ungroomed. The following Recreational Rail Trails are also OPEN for riding: Rockingham Recreational Trail, Fremont Branch (Windham to Epping) Rockingham Recreational Trail, Portsmouth Branch (Newfields to Auburn) Cheshire Recreational Rail Trail (Fitzwilliam to Walpole). Connector trail through Keene may not be open at this time. Ashuelot Recreational Rail Trail (Keene to Hinsdale) Fort Hill Recreational Rail Trail (Hinsdale) Sugar River Recreational Trail (Newport to Claremont) Hillsborough Recreational Trail (Bennington to Hillsborough) Northern Rail Trail (Boscawen to Lebanon) Recreational Rail Trails in Northern NH are also open for use, but with less snow cover. Note that the abutting lands are CLOSED at this time. This would include the Warren, Ammonoosuc, Presidential, and Upper Coos Recreational Trails. PLEASE NOTE: Gates/crossbars on the recreational trails are still CLOSED. Riders should slow when approaching gates and travel through the gate bypass openings. Again, ALL trails off recreational trails onto abutting lands should be considered CLOSED! Riders need to stay on open trails only.
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  4. Ski-Doo Precision Ski's

    Pair of Skidoo Precision Ski's , twinn carbides. $80.00 Note: Shipping extra.
  5. Contact List

    It is that time. Breaking them seems to bring snow. Or at least we are all a little less stressed.
  6. Contact List

    I vote for lights.
  7. Contact List

    OK - So its that time again. See above, I won't bother to copy and paste everything. If you are interested in having a sure way to contact other from this site for sled related stuff, this is a great way to do it. Over the years, I have met and rode with several people this way. If you are interested, or need to update your contact info, send me a Private Message.
  8. Snowy winter on tap?

    The weekend+ storm dropped about 7+" of snow in Loudon. I traveled to East Derry today, and they got 16"-17" of snow. Parts of south-western NH got 30+" of snow. Still, got to figure that the brooks, rivers, and swamps aren't frozen down here.
  9. 11 Degrees, Tow Job, Vintage Sled, Funny Stuff!

    See, i moved here from the deserts of Calif when i was 42 in July 94. I learned in OCTOBER to wear/take warm clothes with me everywhere.
  10. 11 Degrees, Tow Job, Vintage Sled, Funny Stuff!

    Whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand. But - I will never understand why people go out knowing it will be really cold, without the proper warm weather gear. Maybe it's a lesson from the Blizzard of '78, where lots of people got stranded in their cars overnight, but I always have the right gear in case I need to change a tire, or walk a mile or two. You just never know...
  11. Had a 90 Polaris Indy 500 liquid advertised on CL, and found a buyer from the Lakes Region. Had to work until 5 yesterday and he came up and was due here around 8-8:30. At 8:15 I get a text that he is stuck at the end of my road. ( Hey! It's Pittsburg, people get stuck all the time, Right!) Text him back, On my Way. Grab a tow strap and off I go. Get to the end of the road and find out he's not stuck, but driving a small Chev pickup two wheel drive and just can't make the hill. Have him and his lady friend jump in my truck and head to the house, show him the sled, which he loves, pays me, and then try and figure out the best way to get it the .8 mile to his waiting pickup. I have a two place with a 1 3/4 in tongue, and currently have a 2" ball on my truck. He says no problem, "why don't we tow the sled to his truck with my wheeler (a 500 one lunger Quest). Now he and his lady friend are dressed in sweat shirts, no gloves, no hat's. Long story short both of them pile onto the non running Indy and off we go on an extremely arctic, evening cruise down an icy, snow covered, dirt road, moving pretty good on hills or it would spin. Finally get to the last obstacle, long downhill with his truck at the bottom, crawling down for fear the sled was going to tap me from behind. By this time my two shadows in the night were about popsicled out, but happy we all survived. Made it, loaded the sled into the pickup and sped back home, hoping my face would not fall off as I found a new appreciation for my wood stove. Got a text thanking me for my help and suggested he had a friend that might want another sled I have and if he came back he would bring a film crew so we might make an episode of "Rediculousness". Pittsburg, gotta love it......... pathfinder
  12. First good snow fall in my yard - Nov 11

    An early December snow storm looks likely, especially for southern NH. Snowfall predictions are all over the place ( min of 3", max of 18"from 4 forecasters). WMUR is going with a foot of snow anywhere south of Concord, but only a couple inches north of the notches.
  13. Greetings

    BURP! Did I miss something, I just woke up from my Turkey coma
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  15. Greetings

    Happy Thanksgiving.
  16. Greetings

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good bird! pathfinder
  17. Electric recreational vehicles

    It's only inevitable that gas stations start installing charging stations to supplement the loss of gas volume in the next 10 years. Once this starts in the north country I think it will be viable to run electric sleds. Just think of the battery charging and capacity improvements in the next 10 years. Today? No way... 10 years from now? Maybe....
  18. Electric recreational vehicles

    Not interested in electric, don't see a big advantage. probably nothing in my sledding life time.
  19. Electric recreational vehicles

    I guess, if you are using it just on a farm/ranch/something in that nature you would be fine.
  20. New Trailer

    ordered mine on Wednesday, hope to have it in early January.
  21. Electric recreational vehicles

    Especially if it's KLOTZ! pathfinder
  22. Electric recreational vehicles

    They have been for sale to the public in the UTV sector for a while now... just no hard numbers on the sales figures.
  23. Electric recreational vehicles

    Nothing is better than the smell of 2 stroke. Nothing.
  24. Electric recreational vehicles

    Wonder what the range is when temps are -15 or -20? I have had my battery freeze up one very cold winter and it would not start my sled. Maybe when the next leap in battery technology happens it might work but cold weather is very hard on batteries.
  25. Electric recreational vehicles

    Yup, that's a problem, they will have to find a way to assure a good range, and we would need some infrastructure for charging. time will tell.
  26. Electric recreational vehicles

    I'd rather run out of gas out on the trail than run out of battery
  27. Electric recreational vehicles

    You can get tremendous performance from some of the electric cars. But, just like with a gas powered car, using that performance puts a real limit on driving range. some of them are advertising 300 mile plus ranges, but if you are pulling away from stop lights at 0-60 times under 4 seconds, you are not going to get 300 miles on a charge. My truck can squeeze 450 miles out of a tank of gas if I go easy. But I bet I can get that down to about 200 miles if I wear my lead shoes. I am sure the same will go for sleds. 88 miles is a decent range, but most of us will be too hard on the flipper to get that far. But, if they can sell some of these, and work to improve the technology, we could be at a real life 200 mile range in 10 years I bet.
  28. Electric recreational vehicles

    The Taiga Atlas crossover sled can be equipped with a 180 hp motor and a battery pack good for 88 miles and 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds. "Production is targeted to begin in summer 2020 for initial customer deliveries in time for the 2020-2021 Winter season. Pricing starts at $15,000 USD.. Reserved snowmobiles will be delivered through Taiga partnered dealerships. Once commercially available, select dealerships will carry Taiga snowmobiles, offer servicing and test rides. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please fill out our dealer application form." Oh yeah, Taiga also makes the Orca electric watercraft.
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