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  2. Crawford Notch fire

    You're right, I did get those two confused.
  3. Crawford Notch fire

    Do the Balsams have anything to get damaged ? All these years and it seems like nothing.
  4. Crawford Notch fire

    The Crawford Notch fire seems to be controlled. The rain from the recent storm helped. The Balsams is located in Dixville Notch, northeast of Errol on Route 26. Crawford Notch is south of there in Hart's Location (near Lincoln) on Route 302. It's tough to keep the NH notches straight, there are close to 40 of them.
  5. Congratulations! Great to see something worthwhile this time of year! pathfinder
  6. Crawford Notch fire

    I saw some news about a wildfire in Crawford Notch. Have not found much detail about it. Does anyone know if the Balsams property is at risk, or if there is damage to any of the trails there?
  7. Congratulations and well deserved!!!
  8. Thank you Steve. As you know, there is a team effort behind snowmobile clubs. I thank you for your help..
  9. Congratulations Nigel, very well deserved. Thank you for all you do!
  10. Another season behind us

    May 1st... which requires this year's registration; and after official closure. And we wonder why the trails are getting shutdown.
  11. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    Not quite. The State acquires both purchased land and ROW... they also lease. Requiring it as open space for a subdivision would be an illegal taking... the municipality would need to pay for the ROW as if it was an eminent domain acquisition. You can require open space... compact development... but not public access. My estimate was based on the cost of Jericho - in northern NH when land prices were much less - but I would be willing to suggest that it is on the ''light'' side of actual cost. The option to ''gift'' land to the municipality with the requirements that it be public accessible - including motorized - as always existed. The landowners closing property aren't using that option. The NHSA changed its non-profit a long time ago to be able to accept those ''gifts'' rather than rely on local municipalities... to my knowledge... it hasn't led to any miles.
  12. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    A ROW Right a Way. or Easement isn't buying the property outright . . . You are permanently buying passage over said parcel Access could be negotiated with land owners, and said space could be part of the required open space for a subdivision . . . It could be a win / win for all parties involved, with the land owner taking a tax break, while still using the area as part of the subdivision.
  13. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    Forgot about that scene! Never seen so many people that were able to ride a Phazer at speed while shooting machine guns. Most amazing is that so one was able to connect with a shot. Let's hope any bill involving snowmobiles and guns doesn't result in anything like that. pathfinder
  14. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    Here's something that was done well before virtual reality and the metaverse. Perhaps the legislators who are sponsoring a bill to allow firearms while riding a sled have seen Die Hard II.
  15. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    But the snowmobile community can't afford to finance itself. A legislative committee was developed to find some form of State aid to keep snowmobiling going in NH... I doubt the additional costs necessary to purchase land would be something that could be pushed onto the community. Compared to Jericho, it would cost $100 million over the next five years in increased registration fees... and that is just a best guess based on the price of Jericho, which was purchased in a cheaper part of the State.
  16. Another season behind us

    Trails , or they boondocking (trespassing) for high elevation?
  17. Another season behind us

    Took a ride up North mid day yesterday (May 1st) and low and behold went by East Inlet Road and noticed five trucks with four place trailers parked by the banking to rt 3. Another couple of trucks and trailers were parked across from Deer Mountain Campground. As someone who has been that route, riding on May 1st, I was officially jealous. Hope everyone out there was safe and able to get around. The further up you go the better it gets, especially up around Salmon Mountain. Hats off to those who dared go to where few men had gone before.... pathfinder
  18. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    Sadly, to the above comment, that issue has been tested in Massachussets... and the trail system was lost. Trails built in the 1960's and 1970's were lost from development in the late 1970's through the 1980's with constant pressure killing the trail system and clubs.
  19. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    It doesn't matter. . . After flying cars and snowmobiles, Virtual reality can make a perpetual snowmobile mecca where we can bust virgin powder mile after, every day.
  20. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    I think snow will not be the problem. I believe that between natural cycles, and the steady conversion to alternative energy will both help with that. I do agree that trail access could become a bigger problem over time, between more building, and our own inability to stay away from places where we don't belong, we will have fewer trails, especially in the more southern parts of the state. As for the technology, it will be interesting to see. I do see electric power on the horizon, as battery tech improves. But - if the sales numbers continue to decline, there will be less R & D invested, which will likely slow innovation, so its hard to say with any certianity.
  21. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    Will there be snow ?
  22. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    A legislative committee was formed just a few years ago to look into ways to subsidize the snowmobile community; that was just to keep the system going... extra money to purchase and secure land has never been seriously attempted by any trail group except NHOHVA.
  23. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    The Technology question is easy . . . It will blow the mind away with 50 years of new technology, materials , and engineering The scary parts are the environmental freaks, nay sayers attacking us with land use issues, and the change in volunteerism. How our current generation can still steer the future, is to buy and secure permanent trails + rightaways
  24. Recent growth in interest in Vintage snowmobiles has brought up the obvious changes that have occurred. It 's easy to look back at early 1960's and see average single two strokes putting out around ten horse motors that could take you over snow at 30-35 MPH, have a ski stance that can only be described as "narrow", tracks like rubber bands. Since then we can see motors putting out close to 200 hp, wide stance, 3" paddle tracks. Big changes in 50-60 years. Take a minute and consider what the sport will have evolved into in another cycle. What do you think? pathfinder
  25. Spyders being shipped minus parts too

    I'm guessing a Bombi' Spyder Trike! Sorry, old and slow! pathfinder
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