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  2. Why bother now, it's almost time to take them out and fire up the sleds.
  3. Very nice.... cool video over the buildings. (I really should put my boat in the water)
  4. If you loose connection the drone automatically returns to where you took off from. I've been as far as 2 miles when I have a clear line of site.
  5. Aerial tour of Newport Vermont

    Very Nice! Question? What happens if your drone exceeds the limits of the remote control? Does it continue to the West Coast, or runs out of power? How far does the better drones operating range approach? Thanks for posting these vids, it's nice to have a break from the political bonfires that have been brewing of late. pathfinder
  6. Here's my most recent aerial video of Newport, VT. Newport sites on the shores of Lake Memphremagog Lake Memphremagog(French: Lac Memphrémagog) is a fresh water glacial lake located between Newport, Vermont, United States and Magog, Quebec, Canada. The lake spans both Quebec and Vermont, but is mostly in Quebec. The lake is 31 miles (50 km) long with 73 percent of the lake's surface area in Quebec.
  7. Letter from respected Past County Director

    The same happened with NHOHVA. Orignally NHOHVA wanted to be the NH ATV Association - but a local club had the name tied up at the Secretary of State, and having a name that close in comparison would not work. So names were floated as an agreement was being worked on with the NH ATV club. The club refused to agree, and the association went with one of the names that was floated during it initial formation - Granite State ATV Association. A lot of differing reasons were presented as to why the change to the NH OHV Association - such as confusing at the national organization level, not being inclusive of the trail bike constituency, and even one suggesting the change was an attempt to confuse snowmobiles into joining it and replacing the NHSA. To this day, I do not know of the actual reason for the change. In the end, it doesn't really matter. All the associations are being presented with the same problem, a significant number of participants in each community that are feeling the economic pinch of day-to-day life and are aging without enough financial assets to cushion retirement. As that happens, they begin looking for the cheapest way out. When the NHSA first came out with the membership registration discount, it became the envy of every other STAC member. They all wanted something like it, but many didn't even have a registration program for the State to discount. But in the end, we all have the same problem... people looking for the cheapest way to participate in their chosen form of recreation; and when it isn't cheap enough, just leaving...
  8. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Actually the NHSA was the earliest registered name of the name of NHSA. They had to make an agreement with Snowmobiles of NH Inc. for the use of it. They had to get a charter from them that expired in 1977.
  9. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Dave Here is what you sent me: Hello Everyone, Attached, please find a letter I wrote concerning the current affairs of NHSA that I would like you to read ASAP. Please forward on to anyone you feel would like to read it also. Call or Email me with any questions or concerns. Thank you, David Copeland Since you decided to blind copy everyone else you sent this to I took this to mean that you wanted Don and I to read this to the board. My only issue with your letter was where you tried to chuck Don and I under the bus for not asking your question. Now if you had mentioned the fact that the charity was in trouble then your question about where the funds go would have made more sense and would have added clarity to what seemed to be your personal agenda. The "ignorant" part of your letter was where you stated that your question was not asked because Don and I were afraid and wanted to be liked. As far as my last sentence about you growing a pair and reading your letter yourself, well that was basically the response of the board to you. In all of this you have never reached out to me but you call Don looking for clarification, well if you have an issue please feel free to call me and we can talk.
  10. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Totally agree John...the financial house of cards that the current system is built on in NH is starting its collapse. I saw that trend back when I was Vice President of the NHSA, and I know for a fact that key members in DRED and BoT are aware of the impeding collapse of a continuous trail system in the southern half of the state, with segmentation probably beginning to occur south of Coos County in the next decade. When you look at the big picture, that given the changing State demographics, the long term negative weather patterns coupled with the costs of getting into the sport given the ever growing lack of disposable recreational income the sport needs, the battles with the NHSA are a waste of time and effort. While I believe the NHSA could do a much better job of attracting and engaging its membership, in the end the effect is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic...
  11. Letter from respected Past County Director

    The GSSA was the earliest version of the NHSA. The NHSA name needed to be purchased from a local club; I think they ended up being willing to change their name without a battle. Skip, I think the problem is that many are not willing to accept the trend line... All the associations are trying to fight it off... but in the end, it will get us. NH has a terrible collective FiSt score, and most of our members come from NH. New England has a terrible FiSt score, and the remainder of our members almost exclusively come from New England.
  12. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Clarification of your clarification.pdf
  13. January 2017 Eagle River WI

    Great stuff, you must have had a fantastic time. Looks like a really professionally run event.
  14. January 2017 Eagle River WI

    August is a strange time to bring up something that happened this past winter, but here goes: As most of you know I am an older guy that is into vintage sleds and vintage racing. I grew up in the 60's and 70's reading the sled mags and all the activity at the World Championships in Eagle River, WI. Never thought I'd get there, but a phone call from a friend changed all that in a hurry. M y friend Chet asked me if I would like to come with him and a friend to try and qualify for the Vintage World Championships, competing with two sleds that five days before we left were bare chassis. I said "hell ya'" . Thousand mile ride through Canada and Upper Peninsula of MI brought us to the scenic area of Eagle River. Checked into hotel, 1/4 mile from the track, which is a real piece of work, 13 degree banks, wide turns, heated hot boxes for spectators, totally organized and maintained by the legendary Decker family. Worked on the super mod 340 and 440 for 3 days before qualifying on Friday morning. The motors were highly modified "Decker" built beauties that were morphed into 78 El Tigre Chassis's that were spotless and had new tracks. Friday morning arrived at a balmy 3 degrees and qualifying began, 68 sleds getting 2 solo laps on a glass track against the clock, first 34 would move to the next round. Driver, Spencer Landry, had lots of experience racing on snow but never ice, had drawn second up on the smooth track and by the end had qualified 29. Simply Amazing! Rest of the weekend we competed in about 8 classes, just to get some ice time on the new sleds. The scale of what goes on out there is hard to imagine. We had set up in the pits next to a six man team from Sweden, who were just a hoot, always smiling and working on four sleds all different brands that did well. Also met racers from all over Canada, Wyoming, Alaska, who were all very friendly and couldn't help each other enough, sometimes sharing motor parts between heats. Hope to get there again, and see new friends and feel the energy that just surrounds you. Here's a link that will give you some idea of what is infectious. Our sleds were 67M, Cats, one green, one black. Pathfinder
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  16. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Unfortunately in this and similar other countless threads, many of which I've participated, we are truly beating a dead horse here. The answer to all that allegedly ails the NHSA is very, very simple. It's not the AG's Office (I highly doubt, that in the end, the AG will take any action of importance against the NHSA), it's not forming a second association...nor boycotting the existing association. The power to rectify what some (including myself) perceive is wrong has always been in the hands of the County directors, and all stakeholders at the annual meeting. The simple answer is that a majority of the County directors do not see a need for any major changes or shakeups in Tilton. Same at the annual meetings, where year after year rumors lead up to each meeting that a coup is in the making, only to have the annual meeting turn out as tame as your average house cat. Regrettably the vast majority of the NHSA membership is unaware of the organization they belong to, and therefore do not participate by default. Until enough members feel that a significant change is warranted, and reflect that by electing County directors that reflect their desire for change, five years from now we'll still be reading threads about what action the AG may take, anonymous letters to the board and the annual concerns regarding the Grass Drags and Easter Seals events!
  17. Letter from respected Past County Director

    1) John is no longer with Fish and Game. He retired a few months ago. 2) What does any of this back and forth have to do with the Letter that is the topic of this thread? 3) Does Hijacking a thread mean anything? 4) I tend to think that when Small Engine Guy (moderator) made a post and closed a few threads earlier this spring, this is what he was referring to at the time.
  18. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Then you might want to converse with someone higher up... And by ''link''; I did not mean a direct electronic link. I meant a way to meet the LBA verification process linking membership to membership discounted registrations. The lists of the two should be identical for a perfect audit. Because all this money runs through the State budget process - even when it is a fee assigned to a specific purpose - it is subject to financial audit.
  19. Hi George,

    My understanding is that for F&G the primary goal of the NHSA Online Membership program was to have a single 12-digit membership number for all club members. That 12-digit number was considered as proof that the registration applicant was a club member.Not so much to have  access to the NHSA database, but to simplify a financial audit of the membership rolls. It would appear that isn't happening. 

    On May 19, 2016 John Wimsatt wrote: "The key feature to the system would be to provide one verifiable, auditable and unique numbering system to ensure proper control measures and ensure accurate reconciliation.  Currently, the NHFG registration system accepts more than one numbering system to include a club number, proof of a paid club membership receipt, and an NHSA electronic voucher number. The reason we currently accept all of these formats is derived from the existing statutes and associated administrative rules. "

    I believe that those laws and rules are still in place, so if a club doesn't want to participate in the Club Portal, they can, and the applicant can still get the discount without that 12-digit number. Until the law is changed nothing else will change. F&G will continue to rely on incomplete data.

  20. Letter from respected Past County Director

    NHSA and Fish and Game Sharing Data? It was said at one time that NHSA needed to create the new online Membership Database was a needed to link the NHSA Data with the Fish and Game Database. I have said in this and several other Threads that there was no compelling need to link Data and no link exist with Fish and Game. This morning I had a phone conversation with a "high ranking" member of fish and asked this question of them. They replied there is absolutely no link either to their Database nor NHSA's Database. Not before or even now. As I have stated before Security protocols would never allow this to happen.
  21. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Having been in the middle of the Pittsburg Ridge Runners for quite a few years, as VP, SEC, Board Member, I can remember going to a lot of NHSA meetings and county meetings. These meetings always left me with an uneasy feeling that "The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home". I have said some rather strong criticisms of the organization, with just cause, but this letter has confirmed all of those uneasy feelings I had back then. "• Since 2006 the biggest negative to the sport of snowmobiling in the state of New Hampshire has been the executive board of the NHSA." For someone from the inner circle of things to make a statement that Direct and Powerful in meaning shows a lot of guts, and caring for the organization. It also shows how much of a jam the mishandling of the organization has gotten all of us into. The answer, or cure to this unfortunate situation is neither simple, nor clear. It is clear, however, that something has to be done to rein in the "runaway egos" who think they can do no wrong, and should answer to no one. pathfinder
  22. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Thanks for the clarification. I also did a google search for GSSA, found nothing. I would say that my highest priority for the NHSA mission would be #2 & #3 (B & C) in the list above, but everything on that list seems appropriate. As I said, I think a second organization would cause fragmentation that would be bad for the sport in the end. I do agree that the NHSA seems to have lost it's way, and maybe the place to start fixing things is to get the County Directors to insure that thier voice is heard. More transparency wouldn't hurt either. Also, based on some of the comments that follow the message above, I think there are benefits for all of us joining the NHSA when we register, and I'm disappointed that the clubs and state organization could not sort out a way to keep the online registration option open.
  23. Letter from respected Past County Director

    John, Yes that is what I mean. There is no mandatory Membership in NHSA unless you use the NHSA Membership website to join a Club! MSC dues are $35.00, $25 to JOIN THE CLUB and $10 to join NHSA. No option provided. I am work to have NHSA optional. YOU ONLY have to be a Member of CLUB that is affiliated with NHSA to qualify for the $30.00 Registration Discount.
  24. Letter from respected Past County Director

    So, does this mean that a club can have members that the NHSA doesn't know about and won't appear in the NHSA database?
  25. Letter from respected Past County Director

    rneal55555 The online Membership Portal that feeds the auditable database is still up and running all that has been shutdown is ability of an individual to join a club through NHSA's system. The NHSA Website is open till August 13th. As of 10 minutes ago (7:11 PM - 8/7/17) someone can go in and Join. John Mercier But for Fish and Game to have a centralized database that meets the LBA standards, they are going to have to work that one out. Please point the right direction on what an AUDITABLE DATABASE? Do you mean that FISH and GAME, Bureau of Trails anyone else in the State that would like to have access to this information could use the NHSA database to see who is legitimately qualified for a Registration Discount. Are we talking a cross check to the Registration processed by Certified Registration Agents through NHSA? If I am correct that there are a NUMBER of CLUBS that are AFILIATED with NHSA that now offer an option to be a MEMBER OF A CLUB and not NHSA. These "Club Members" are still entitled to a discounted Snowmobile REGISTRATION(S). This could mean the NHSA could be substantially off in it's count to verify the Registration? I can site a Club that has only 18% of their Members "Checking the NHSA Box. They do have a substantial number of Members. Got to GO, WATERS' WORLD IS ON IN 10 minutes! Anybody know where O'Riley is?
  26. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Thank you.
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