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  2. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    You need to join mine. Actually you should join where you ride of course your free to come here and ride anytime.
  3. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    Source of income to the club. When it becomes ''club'' rather than ''system'', the connectivity that drives registrations fails.
  4. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    If your club has no problem bringing in and retaining members, you're right. If you have flat or declining membership then there is no better use for your $$ than communication with your current and former members. It doesn't take a lot of technical skills to create a mailing list, and that's all you really need. Will it be perfect? Probably not, but if it hits half your members that's better than ignoring them. I belong to 5 clubs, but only two of them have a regular email newsletter and 1 has meeting announcements. An email list is easy, creating regular content is hard.
  5. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    I agree that money is part of the problem. But it is a small portion of it for the clubs. I would guess that 25% of the problem is money. The major problem is lack of help. A club can have a million bucks in the bank, but it is worth $0 if there is no one there to help. Will the threat of a club shutting down motivate people to help that club? Or will those people just join other clubs? Regarding the email/communication, my club has struggled with it. Big time. It is the only vehicle we have to reach our members, and we have no way of knowing if we are reaching any of them. Do the emails go to junk mail? Do they go to the right people? Do people read them? Do the emails get rejected by the ISP? We have had all the above problems, with no CHEAP solution. Cheap is the operative term, as many clubs are operating on razor thin cash flow. Who wants to spend $$ on email, when it can be better spent improving the trail?
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  7. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    I think that mass emailing is so difficult it stops most clubs from doing it. Larger clubs with more income can hire a service, like Constant Contact, to send newsletters out to their members. A lot of the clubs use Facebook accounts as a way to get announcements out to the membership, without the cost of using a service like Constant Contact. Don't wait for the call to pro-active and ask your club(s) if they have any work parties that could use another body! Check club websites and Facebook accounts I don't think there's a club anywhere that would turn down a volunteer to do trail work.
  8. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    I think the idea that Snowmobiling is self funding is a good thing. That means that riders need to pay for the costs of riding, so the fact is that riders are a source of income. But I do agree that it would be great if many of us (me included) got more involved with their clubs. For me, it's tougher living where I do, but that excuse goes only so far. I will say that I have joined several different NH clubs over the years, always put my email address as part of the application, but have never received an email newsletter, or any other communication from the club once I sent in my registration fee. I know that volunteer man power (personpower??) is hard to come by, but I would feel more connected if some sore of newsletter came to my inbox from time to time.
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  10. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    It also, at the very least, makes riders aware of their clubs and the effort being put forth to benefit them. I'm not stating that we do this well... but it at least presents us with a greater opportunity. But I have to state... I really hate looking at riders as a source of income to a club... and hope that sometime in the future we develop a technological prowess to reach out to a greater percentage of the riders with information. I think that is where we fail.
  11. Sad news...

    Darn. I heard a rob lyon passed away but could not find the obit for lyons. I thought maybe is was a different guy. This is sad news.
  12. &$%*$$# MICE

    They have beat me down. I was recently forced to sell of three of my highest ended vintage sleds before they got damaged. What I do now is on my enclosed I tape up the holes in floor with duct tape, toss in a couple bait stations. I may even toss some dryer sheets in there next time. In my car hauler I stuffed fiberglass insulation in where it looked like they could get in, put bait stations and freshcab or grandpas mouse deterrent organic packs......Traffic seems low but I bet they are still visiting. My 40' RV I sprayed the whole underneath with mouse away which is peppermint spearmint scented oil, and put fresh cab packs in several areas.....Aint seen them in there yet.....but I also don't store it in my yard all winter, it goes to a storage facility for 6 months. No way would I dare store it outside all winter..imagine the carnage they would do in a class a coach/bus. OMG
  13. &$%*$$# MICE

    I run a trap line from my basement, to my garage, to my cabin, to my storage trailer, and have never checked them when there wasn't something there. They are persistent, dumb and do immeasurable damage to air boxes, wiring, seat foam and anything else that tickles their fancy. Wished I had kept score, but I know the number would be very high. pathfinder
  14. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    The financial model is different in Maine. Registration money does not necessarily get to clubs, it can wind up in town general funds from what I understand. Moving to a model like in NH would funnel more money to clubs. Would not help with manpower, but they are struggling financially as well as from a shortage of helpers.
  15. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    And that will help how?
  16. Sad news...

    RIP Rob.
  17. What to look at in a 2011 Summit

    Look for tree limbs and raccoons stuck up under the tunnel. No more nuns its called the glass jaw!
  18. &$%*$$# MICE

    I have had good luck with mothballs over the years. The one time I tried dryer sheets, the mouse ate it. As for traps, these plastic snap traps that Victor has now work much better than the old style wood base traps. The mouse has to stand on the trigger to reach the bait. Victor Power Kill mousetrap The second wire loop lets you release the victim and reset the trap without handling the part that was in contact with the rodent.
  19. &$%*$$# MICE

    I bought 20 mouse traps this year, and have caught over 40 mice since September. I reuse them too, just wear gloves.
  20. Sad news...

    Sorry for the loss of your close friend.
  21. lights

    NOW it's the holidays!
  22. lights

    Thanx John
  23. Sad news...

    Very sorry to hear about this, he really did seem like a great guy. I am particularly sorry to hear that he may have been alone when he passed, I hope that he did not suffer for any length of time. When I do eventually go, I hope that some family is close by...
  24. &$%*$$# MICE

    All I've ever used is moth balls. Sleds and Spyder, at least for close to 20 years. Never had a mouse issue. I am generous with them. Some swear by them others as said prior have no luck. I guess it's the soy used in some wiring that draws them.
  25. Sad news...

    Sorry to hear, RIP.
  26. lights

  27. &$%*$$# MICE

    Mice suck ! I had a truck in my shop a while back that would not start. Out of hundreds of wires, they chewed through the one that supplies key power to the ECM.
  28. Sad news...

    Very sorry for the loss of your friend John. Rest in peace Rob.
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