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  2. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    New high bid as of 6/10/18 is $1400.00
  3. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    high bid as of 6/2/2018 is $1200.00
  4. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    The Evergreen Valley Snowmobile Club with trails in Milton, Milton Mills, Middleton, Union, Farmington, New Durham, Brookfield and Wakefield, has an extremely generous member who is offering an 8x10 up to 10x12 custom built shed with 2 screened, vinyl windows, a 4 ft wide double door and a ramp. The lay out can be determined by the highest bidder of the shed. We are always looking for help in maintaining the trails and our equipment and this is a way for you to get something in return for your donation. We would like to have all bids in by the end of August in order to allow time for your new shed to be delivered and built before the snow flies. These sheds usually retail in the 1500$ range, remember that EVSC is a nonprofit organization and a tax ID can be provided, if requested. Please send your bids via email to
  5. Things are quiet here

    why does that not surprise me
  6. Things are quiet here

    Cut Grass, that's why I have a goat
  7. Things are quiet here

    We had lots of good years with them. My father-in-law is 90 now, but we had him out on the trails 7 - 8 years ago. My wife is struggling with it for sure. Trying to help her understand that its something you have to expect. The only alternative is going before them, and a parent should never have to bury their own kid. I have seen that happen, and it isn't good. Better that we attend our parents funeral than the other way around. It is surely taking lots of our time, but I'm not complaining about it, it's just something you do when you need to.
  8. Things are quiet here

    Sorry Dave about your in laws ,,, it’s a difficult chapter of “life” sledaholic THANK YOU for helping Dirt Dummy... he needs all he can get ,,, (kidding there) ,, don’t let him make you help weed his garden !! Me ? Been open at the greenhouse 61 hours a week ,, plus the work AFTER work, Either this Friday Or Monday I receive 42,000 mums that I have maybe two weeks to plant and get onto irrigation,, YES FALL IS COMING!! ,,, looking forward to early July,, for a day or two off ! And my grass? I think I need to mow and bale it !!
  9. Things are quiet here

    Tough when our parents age. Don't ask me how I know. Roles reverse. Good luck.
  10. Things are quiet here

    Sorry to hear, about your in-laws. We should all try harder this year to encourage each other to make a point to attend gatherings with the people/events posted on here. I gave up my day job, as event coordinator to spend my Winter working closer with Dirt Dummy on our much needed trail/groomer maintenance.
  11. Things are quiet here

    Started a new job, crazy busy with the In-Laws (Mother-In-Law had a minor stroke in Feb, Father-In-Law with dimentia), visiting grandkids, and yes, cutting the grass tonight.
  12. Things are quiet here

    Everyone too busy cutting the grass ?
  13. congrats

    George, It was great seeing the Surprise on your face when you name was called out! GREAT JOB!
  14. After a brief talk with NHAS President Beth Horvath-Palmer, at the NHSA Annual Meeting, she will try to setup a meeting with the NHSA Officers and Directors to discuss the situation on ID Numbers.:)The loss of having the ID Numbers ahead of time effects 61% of our anticipated Annual Memberships. Mailed in Applications seem to be a way of the PAST. Letter: 05/20/18 To: Beth Horvath-Palmer PRESIDENT NHSA Results of a talk with Beth. Beth, Thank you for taking the time to listening and offer to take this matter up with the Board. I and my Clubs concerns are how Clubs will be affected by the loss of the ability of using Club generated ID Numbers that we issue our Members so they can Register their Sleds and receive the $30.00 Discount. Fish and Game has now made NHSA the only source of "ID" Numbers. My main concern at the present time is My Club and other Clubs that have multiple Sources of generating membership will not, without "Blocks" of ID Numbers", be able to use our Agent Dealer Membership locations and Online Membership Websites as we need the ID Number ahead of time to function. It is my hope that we could work a plan where Clubs that have these multiple sources for generating Memberships could receive "Blocks" of "ID" Numbers before the Season started. The Clubs would have the responsibility of accounting for these Numbers. A more detail plan would need to be worked out. I have attached a newer copy of the memo I presented you yesterday at the Annual Meeting that I hope makes it clearer to understand what I am asking. After reading the memo again this morning, I had trouble making sense of it. It looked clear to me yesterday morning when put it to gather. This version should be clearer to read and understand. Again thanks for listening to me. George Higgins Membership Chairman, Moultonboro Snowmobile Club
  15. congrats

    Congrats George!!
  16. New Hampshire Fish and Game Adminastrative Rules

    Skip, Skip, You were lucky getting your Information. The last time I asked, I had to Submit a "FOIA" Request? The answer, "WE KNOW NOTHING"! Ya Vol Some things do not happen as planed. F&G has missed possible 3 Filing Dates so far. I think they were try for filing this past Friday 5/18/18. We hear the JLCAR hearing maybe in July. On the subject of ID Numbers, On the bright side of this matter, NHSA President, Beth Horvath-Palmer is trying to arrange at meeting with the Board of Directors to discuss the situation. I ran some Numbers Saturday for the Annual Meeting and if this goes through with NHSA being the ONLY source of "ID" Numbers, MSC could stand to loos 61% of its' Revenue! This includes Revenue from Online Membership, Agent Application, Donations, Maps and Decals. Hopefully this Meeting will resolve these concerns. Thank you, Beth. George See you on
  17. congrats

    Congrats !!
  18. congrats

    Congratulations George!
  19. congrats

    Congrats George ! ! ! !
  20. congrats

    Congrats, and thank you!
  21. congrats

    New Hampshire Snowmobile Association Groomer of the Year goes to George Kaye of the Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club
  22. I did a Google search and ended up here. I'd guess that most people that visit this site have already seen this page, and the "Snow Revolution" video link. That video will bring back memories for those that rode sleds 40 years ago, and make today's vintage riders feel right at home. North country riding was a very different experience 40 years ago, and more like the experience that today's off-trail riders are looking for. The problem was the sleds were nothing like today's mountain sleds, and breaking trails after a snowfall was common. A great sport for those people who think getting stuck and unstuck is the best part.
  23. Just curious

    I think the local PD/sheriff grants are part of the NH Fish and Game OHRV Wheeled Vehicle Grant program., and PDs from all over the state can apply. There's also another program where F&G receives NH Highway Safety grants "to provide dedicated funding for targeted road-based OHRV enforcement and overall traffic safety. Keep in mind that these funds are for road-based enforcement. We can also cover trails connected to road systems during the patrols, but the focus is on the public roadways to qualify for the funding which is provided to help reduce alcohol related OHRV/motor vehicle issues." This program seems to be active in Coos County and a part of Grafton County. It appears that that the focus of these programs is wheeled OHRVs, at least at present.
  24. Just curious

    I find this interesting given the fact that Lt. Saunders teamed up with the Stark Town Constable Bill Joyce in February to try and close down the Corridor D ATV trail that runs along town roads in Stark. Read more about that here: Fish and Game has a grant program that allows local police departments (and Sheriff's departments) to apply for grant funding to do OHRV patrols. (OHRV means Off Highway Recreational Vehicles which includes ATV's, Side-by-Sides and dirt bikes but does not include snowmobiles). Since some of the local towns do not have their own Police Departments, the Coos County Sheriff applies for grants to patrol in these towns.
  25. Just curious

    Today's Union Leader has a story about the coming retirement of F&G's Lt. Wayne Saunders, who's current assignment is Coos County. After he leaves F&G he will "take a part-time position with Coos County to oversee its OHRV enforcement effort." Are the counties taking on OHRV law enforcement? There's been a program where F&G has been providing additional enforcement for Coos County due to the public roads being opened to wheeled OHRVs, but I think it's being delivered by F&G people. Also, the story doesn't make clear what vehicles are included in "OHRV"; might snowmobiles be included or is this just wheeled vehicles?
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