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  2. Mount Shaw visit

    Great shot Skip..... today's temps will probably kill the Southern trails.
  3. Mount Shaw visit

    Nice to see people getting out and about. I will have to find a way to ride that area, probably next year at this point, that looks like a cool spot.
  4. Mount Shaw visit

    Took a quick run up to the top of Mount Shaw from Canoe King yesterday morning…always love that view. Trail gas just been groomed by Josh at BOT. Came down and took 19 up to North Conway. Railbed is fading fast with many rails and switches poking through despite the storm. Still nice to get out and put on some decent miles as we approach mid March, given the last few seasons in this area!
  5. 3 rd Annual Vintage Snowmobile ride

    Great North Woods Vintage Snowmobile Ride!!! In beautiful Pittsburg NH MARCH 4TH 9am to 4pm. Cookout 12-2pm. PARKING directions. In town Pittsburg, turn left onto Back Lake rd. 1st parking lot go 4.2 miles parking on right. There will be a banner. If that lot is full, continue on Back Lake rd a half mile, turn left on Route 3 go 2 thirds of a mile and turn left onto Day Rd. Go 1.4 miles turn left on Jacques Rd. That will take you to the 2nd parking lot. Private message me or call me 603-387-0318 if you have any questions!!! I WANT TO THANK ALL THE SPONSORS THAT DONATED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. #1840 RESTAURANT #1ST LAKE GENERAL STORE #AT BEAR TREE #TALL TIMBER #UP NORTH TRADING CO #BUCK RUB PUB #YOUNGS GENERAL STORE #FULL SEND RESTAURANT #LOPSTICK #BEAR ROCK ADVENTURES and #GREAT NORTH WOODS GALLERY AND MORE!!! All reactions: 3232
  6. If conditions are good... Gorham. My New Watering hole!!!
  7. 3 rd Annual Vintage Snowmobile ride

    This Prowler looks like a hot second place prize. . . .
  8. If conditions are good...

    Looks great. Where is Big Day Brewery?
  9. If conditions are good...

    Nice write up. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to this weekend after fridays storm
  10. If conditions are good...

    So... Started at Fabyan's Friday morning at 8AM, was really windy, so it felt really cold. Went over Jefferson Notch Rd (Corridor 11), breaking trail the whole way. saw a few downed trees, Beautiful groomed trail, with a bit of ice. This was going to repeat itself, the ice, and grooming throughout the day. Rode over to Jerico Mountain, same conditions it was an absolutely wonderful ride. Continued over to Gorham on Corridor 19, saw lots and lots of rentals. On the way back so a bunch stuck because if the Ice on Corridor 19 hill by the underground gas lines. Stopped at Big Day Brewery, THAT, is my new spot, Loved it!!! Headed back to Bretton woods, took a little bit of speed off, but loved the day. 86.3 miles, back on the trailer by 3:30 and headed home. Great Day, need more of days like that. Hey David, we need to take a day off and do that ride.
  11. 3 rd Annual Vintage Snowmobile ride

    Not that I'm aware of! Sounds interesting! Speaking of the Phazer that came out about four years after Arctic brought out the Prowler, which had that same design with the bar mounts. Cant't think of much before that used that principle. Just happen to be riding a Prowler today that is in the fleet. Fun sled to ride. z[ic is not the sled but one just like it!
  12. 3 rd Annual Vintage Snowmobile ride

    Didn't RUPP make a limited number of sleds with the headlights attached to the handlebars, like a Phazer ?
  13. 3 rd Annual Vintage Snowmobile ride

    Don't remind me, I just parted with the best 76 liquid Nitro 440 I had ever owned (there was only eleven over the last 25 years) But I can quit at any time......................
  14. 3 rd Annual Vintage Snowmobile ride

    A Red 1977 Rupp Nitro 440 would look pretty interesting......
  15. 3 rd Annual Vintage Snowmobile ride

    Not everyone like red! This old Moto Ski is in amazing shape for a 73. I wouldn't mind adding it to the fleet.
  16. 3rd ANNUAL GREAT NORTH WOODS VINTAGE SNOWMOBILE RIDE!!! MARCH 4TH 9-4 COOKOUT 12-2. Two parking lots, 1st one is on Back Lake rd. OHRV Parking lot. Second one is approximately 2 miles up Day rd on left. There will be green banners at the entrances.We are raffling off a 1973 Moto Ski Capri, $10 a ticket, 3 for $20, Only 400 wii be sold!!! You can get tickets at the cookout, or you can private message me or call me 603-387-0318 No fees, cookout is free, donations only, proceeds going to Pittsburg fireman's association
  17. Busy weekend for F&G and medical crews

    It would be difficult for the state to contribute less. It wasn't until around 2011 that the state general fund contributed anything to F&G. By FY2018 the general fund contributed about 3% of F&G budget. In 2018 F&G got a third of their budget from the Feds, and another third from licenses. In FY 2021 the general fund contributed about 5% of the F&G budget. The Feds contributed about 24%. In FY2021 the total F&G budget was $33.8 million. Over half of the funding was spent on 190 fulltime employees and 90 part-time employees.
  18. Busy weekend for F&G and medical crews

    Plus rescues, the State should invest more $$ s in F & G. Due to under staffing bet it's not being done as it should be.
  19. Busy weekend for F&G and medical crews

    Your observation about understaffing F&G has been talked about for many years, as more and more things appear for them to attend to. Last I knew there are about 50 officers to cover the state. Figuring people on vacation, home sick, court appearances, and other distractions, that real number is closer to 40. Knowing our state is a vast area to deal with that number seems totally inadequate to deal with accidents, running radar, checking fishing licenses, hunting licenses, Four wheelers, dirt bikes...the list goes on and on, and the number of bodies to fill the need remains pretty much the same. Does it seem to be a job that cant be done by such a small number of officers? pathfinder
  20. If conditions are good...

    I think you can park at the COG base station. Much closer to Jefferson Notch trail. Give them a call to be sure.
  21. Looking to go up to the White Mountains on Friday. thinking of parking at the Zealand Lot, or, can you still park at Faybians. If anyone knows a better spot, I am all Ears
  22. Busy weekend for F&G and medical crews

    Been reading about them falling over. (not there)
  23. Busy weekend for F&G and medical crews

    Has anybody here ridden Trail 134 (Dixville Peak Trail) over Dixville Peak since the wind turbines were put up? Looks like there's several of them on Dixville Peak Road that travels from Route 26 to the peak.When I read the story about the Haverhill. MA woman who got hurt there I wondered if the trail was the same. Years ago, once you passed the peak and were headed towards Kelsey Notch there was a brutal drop from the peak. I can't imagine that they still use that portion of the trail. I was told that the sleds weren't allowed to come close to the turbines. If you use Google Earth you can see how those turbines changed what was a pretty remote area.
  24. Busy weekend for F&G and medical crews

    I think so, funny in this tough winter some places report "great" conditions. Granted I'm not there but it makes me wonder. Also wonder if it makes sledders run a bit faster than they should. F & G IMO is understaffed.
  25. Busy weekend for F&G and medical crews

    Makes you wonder if the icy conditions this winter have contributed to the rash of accidents that seem to be covering the state? Got to feel bad for Fish and Game when the numbers climb. They always seem to be a good distance to the latest accident scene. pathfinder
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