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  2. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    My wife and I were in Pittsburg this week. Photos below: Ct River above 2nd Lake, and Lake Francis Boat Launch. 1st Lake & 2nd Lake are very low, but Francis is Holy Shit low.
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  4. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    I bet JOE could explain the Canadian Conspiracy ....
  5. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    As much as I like to place the blame on somebody else, it would be too hard of a job to lay this on Canada, although I do understand and appreciate your effort. Kind of strange, but the northern counties weren't impacted like southern counties during the earlier part of the drought we had. Then in mid-summer 2021 the big rains came for the south and passed the north. For comparison, in 2020 Concord got 33.75" of precipitation versus a normal 41.51". In 2020 Berlin got 42.93" versus a normal 42.04". In 2021 to date, Concord got 32.75" versus Berlin getting 24.65". If you add the 2020 and 2021 data it's 67.58" for Berlin and 66.01" for Concord. Totals are very close, but the timing was different. Now, in Keene they had 42.85" in 2020 and 42.92" so far in 2021, for a 21-month total of 85.77". BTW: To see NH river flows go to
  6. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    We have had a TON of rain down here all summer. Lawn never burned up, puddles in the yard where I never get them. Probably 10 - 12 inches over average for July and August. Lets hope Mother Nature balances the scales come winter, and it stays cold.
  7. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    Bad for the fish, .... Hopefully, more optimistic for trail work.
  8. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    All the Connecticut Lakes and Francis are very low for this time of year. I have talked to people who have kayaked East Inlet with difficulty, due to low levels. Most big rain generating storms have gone below us all summer. Personally, I had a bad experience in a small pond behind my house where I had 30 Rainbow Trout, as pets, die due to lack of oxygen, from low water flow from the mountain behind me. Walked up to feed them one day and 22 of them were doing the back stroke. Never seen a drought so bad in 25 years living here. Hope we get some substantial rain soon........ pathfinder
  9. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    What's the story, are the Canadians stealing the water by damming the rivers to produce electricity that they then sell to us?
  10. 90 Arctic Cat, Mountain Cat two up

    Got a nice Arctic Cat, Mountain Cat 440 fanner with working reverse. Sled has new seat cover, rebuilt chain case, cleaned carb, new fuel lines, great track (it is a long track 136}. Starts and runs very well, looks sharp and is comfortable to ride. Would be a great entry level sled or vintage rider for short money $1200. pathfinder
  11. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    Just below Pittsburg village is a stretch of the Connecticut River that has seen a lot of kayaks and canoes over the years. Having done this stretch with rookies hundreds of times, it was a shock to see the the current "non depth" of the river. Pics were taken yesterday afternoon, and the y tell a story no one wants to here. pathfinder
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  14. $3700 Manufacturer is Alcom LLC. Color white. Low miles, very good condition. Hasn't been used for a couple years. A new trailer of the same type lists for $6,500 and sells for about $6,000. Here's the 2022 model, and it looks a lot like my 2014 trailer; GVWR= 2990 Lbs. Shipping weight= 1034 Lbs. Certificate of Origin available.

    Hope both have great attendance, love for things to approach near normal soon.


    9/11/2021. SWAP Meet. ....Bear Brook State Park ALLEN Town
  18. Mint 75 Mercury Trail Twister 440

    The 75 Trail Twister is SOLD! Went to Derby Vermont! Pathfinder
  19. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

  20. Interesting story about a local guy

    A lot of the system was built when riding on a property only meant it wasn't posted against the access. When they changed the law to positive posting, several of our local landowners had never given permission, never knew that they could stop it - some thought that being in current use required them to provide access or thought that the power line easement allowed access - so on, and so on. Even to this day, with land changing hands so often... it is impossible to tell how much of the system is actually legal. A section of trail here passes between two parcels that have been sold each more than four times in the last decade... and each landowner thinks the trail is on the other party's land.
  21. Interesting story about a local guy

    RIP, thanks for the posting.
  22. Interesting story about a local guy

    MY favorite line was the statement from the club's treasurer that he "never recalls seeing him (Baily) on a snowmobile". While that's a bit extreme, I think there's a lot of dedicated club members who are in snowmobile clubs for something other than just the riding. I'd say that's also true of volunteer fire departments and many other volunteer organizations. They give a lot, and they get a lot.
  23. Interesting story about a local guy

    Great read! I have had the pleasure of knowing several individuals that had a level of dedication that was scary. Without people like Ted Bailey our system would be a fraction of what it evolved into. I think we are up to about 7000 miles in the state and most of it is on private land, access of which is very fragile... God Bless Ted Bailey...He will be missed pathfinder
  24. A 91-year old local guy recently died, and the Concord Monitor wrote this story about him and his connection to a local snowmobile club (the NH Trail Dawgs) I suspect that many NH clubs have similar stories.
  25. Mint 75 Mercury Trail Twister 440

    I have a phenomenal condition 75 Mercury Trail Twister 440 that I love, but have to sell, as I have too many sleds. Sled has perfect hood, no stress cracks, original graphics, original front and rear bumpers, seat is great. Speedo is showing 1995 miles, track is nice. Shoulder issues have made this decision necessary. Would be a great vintage rider, or with minor cleanup a show sled. Asking $ 3300 and is located in Northern New Hampshire. Thanks for looking. Have more sleds to sell if anyone out there is into Vintage. Also 25 years of vintage parts, motors, project sleds. Pathfinder
  26. Rained heavy.Saturday night.... Made for messy site.... Rained Sunday morning. . . . Light on + off. ..... BUT, the cars were still coming in at 2 p.m.. Not the biggest crowd I remember, but still a great success for the club.
  27. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    HB 334 is waiting for the governor's signature.
  28. Not the old days, as they used to race on the First Sunday of July and August . . Club suffered a setback when landowner passed on . . We all suffered when the Chinese invented Covid19
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