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  2. The Northwood Crank Puller's would like to thank all our Water Cross Warriors and Vintage Display sleds. Despite our low attendance, our club turned a good profit. Your sleds looked great, Mike. Hope to see you in the Fall. Thanks. -Jeff
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  4. Just been riding on the Rockingham Rec Trail. No problem with mud there.
  5. I attended a Motorcycle maintenance day to day with the Golds Wing Riders, about about 20 people show up with the bikes at a members house who happened to have a well equipped garage and conduct routine maintenance on their motorcycle mostly simple things like pre season service, accessory installs etc, Bit sometime tire changes or more complicated repairs to. It has the atvantage of having someone there to helo if it's something you've never done but it's also an enjoyable do spen with both old and new friends. I'm wondering is anybody is maybe interested in a SLEDNH maintenance day sometime in the fall.
  6. I am once again taking part in the MS5000 which is a Fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis. This annual endeavor is the brain child of Paul Pelland who is living with MS and a real inspiration. His story is here. His also Blogs his travels which are always a good read check them out here. The idea of the MS5000 is pretty simple, we've all heard of walkathons etc for charities Paul figured why not a motorcycle ride for MS. So he came up with the MS 5000 where motorcyclists pledge to ride 5000 miles between April 1st and May 20th for MS. Being reasonably healthy with no more than the usual aches and pains of a 58 year old body I figure if he can attempt a million miles, part of which he wants to be 50,000 miles in fifty days I ought to be able to do 5000 in 50. So I am asking my friends, fellow riders, forum mates, old shipmates etc to help me raise a little money for MS by pledging a penny a mile for the miles I ride between now and May 20th which for 5,000 miles would equal $50. If you can do more I'd appreciate it, and if circumstances mean you can only afford something less I'll really appreciate it. The page to make a donation is here Again I’m asking for $50 but any amount at all is appreciated my mileage is off this year due to some late snow and other obligations but I can make up the miles with donations.
  7. That's a good question>no link for the NHSA? NH Sno-Shakers Snowmobile Club NH Snowmobile Association, Inc. NHOES Lunar Knights Nichols & Webb, P.A.
  8. Any problems with mud? There's places around here where, if you rode a bike through it, the only part of you that was visible would be your hat. My garden is a prime example.
  9. The weather is pissah. Blue Sky,breezy and cool temps. Trail are perfect for the mountain bike.☺️
  10. Hello MikeRizz, Would be interested on the phazer to use for early trail work, do you still have it for me to look at? Thank you RayC 568 0378
  11. Well ,my daughter helped me on this one... Young people to the rescue.
  12. Well another year of success for fund raising for Easter Seals and I am sure they are VERY happy. So here is my question , has anyone ever seen a spot on NH T V news of the the event or on the NH radio?? I can not remember any. OR looking at the list of donors, and amounts ?I know there is a list, I just do not see NHSA snowmobilers. I just want to see that the Snowmobiler community gets the ACKNOWLEDGMENT it so well deserves. So if I have missed it somewhere on the Easter Seals page, I am getting older and sometimes missing things, RayC.
  13. John & John, Here is a site that has a lot of information from the "modeling" side. Academy of Model Aeronautics They have been in the forefront of watching Legislation on Drones. They have some great videos of drones in flight.
  14. Looks like the Federal Court of Appeals has shot down the FAA registration for drone hobbyists.
  15. That storm line moved through Loudon about 10 o'clock last night, and things were fairly lively for a while. Not much rain, but some wind gusts and lightning. Looks like 3 very nice days ahead. Yesterday was too much of a good thing at 95°, which was a record for the day in Concord.
  16. We got up to a high of 88 before the storms rolled through late in the afternoon. Currently cloudy with a temp of 63.
  17. Skip, 93 here in Moultonboro and the 450th day that the LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING, not sure what version was posted last, is still MISSING.
  18. 95 down here with the flatlanders in the People's Republic of Dover. Trails remain closed...
  19. Currently 85F here in northern Vermont.
  20. I took this yesterday when I was passing through on my way to North Conway.
  21. I bet it is! Hopefully it will allow more people to try doing ovals. Last fall the water was so low it was really difficult for even the best watercrossers to get around. Looking forward to it! I'll have 3 sleds for the vintage show.
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  23. Thanks, Mike. This Sunday May 21st. Water level is high!
  24. Thanks for posting the letter, at least it gives us something to consider beyond the rumors. Fact is, it is poorly written, and not thought out (or maybe there was more analysis, and they just didn't put it in the letter). The current laws do not require anyone to join a 'state association', so legislation would be required. The revenue projections assume that the same number of registrations are sold, which won't happen. They won't generate that much more money with an increase of that size. The number of vintage sleds that are registered is very low, even fewer are used on the trails, That change won't generate enough to bother with. Making the discount more than 50% of the full price just doesn't make sense, even if they change 'state association' to club, like it is today.
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