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  3. NHSA membership portal

    Just received another set of (4) duplicates. Just got a call back, apparently the issue is joining multiple clubs at the same time. They are working on it, was told I may get more e mails. Was assured I will only be charged once. Update, still received more E mails.
  4. NHSA membership portal

    Just happened to me, joined 3 clubs. Got two invoices, 6 vouchers. (All were duplicated) Just called them, apparently it's happened a few times. They are checking into it and will get back to me.
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  6. Unfavorable riding conditions

    I really don't see why they call the riding conditions unfavorable. It was a nice warm day. Hopefully he was not hurt badly.
  7. Unfavorable riding conditions

    How many of us have taken our sled out around the lawn or field on a Fall day? Awful early for sled accidents. LOUDON Union Leader 10/14/2020 Snowmobiler crashes into tree An 18-year-old Loudon man who took a snowmobile out for a spin on Tuesday afternoon was injured when he crashed into a tree, Fish and Game officials said.“The primary cause of the accident appears to be operator inexperience, speed, and unfavorable riding conditions,” Fish and Game officers said in a news release of Reid M. Campbell. Campbell suffered serious injuries in the 3:30 p.m. crash on private land in Loudon and was taken by ambulance to Concord Hospital. He was not wearing a helmet, Fish and Game officials said. “Fish and Game conservation officers would like to remind all riders that operating snowmobiles without adequate snow cover is dangerous and not recommended,” the news release states. The Loudon Police Department and Loudon Fire Department assisted conservation officers at the scene.
  8. Snow Traveler

    Received my snow traveler, after it was dropped off by my friend....who had received my issue in his mail box at the other end of town. He also is a subscriber.
  9. NH F&G

    "this year" here in this story refers to the NH fiscal year which starts on July 1. Our first quarter ended September 30. There's been magic happening with the revenue numbers, and there are still restricted Federal COVID funds available. "The Fish and Game Fund continues to show a surplus in revenues, producing $2.8 million for September and $5.5 million for the year to date, which is $2.8 million more than anticipated."
  10. NH F&G

    Good News. Revenue to the NH F&G so far has been coming in above plan. Seems COVID is resulting in the sale of more licenses and registrations as consumers change recreational habits. The NH F&G SAR finally went positive. The fund paid back all previous negative balances and has a surplus in the account of $18,610 as if July 1st. They are noting that M&R is still coming in below plan... which means that it may be a bit rough for the municipality finances (they get a part of the M&R receipts). Of course, the Legislature could expanded transfers to the municipalities... and may have to do so depending on the outcome of the current educational mandate court cases.
  11. Swap meet at HK in Hooksett

    HK had an open house this past weekend, but no swap meet
  12. Sept/Oct Sno-Traveler

    Sleds were donated (yes, donated!) by Naults Powersports and HK Powersports. Trailers were donated by Trailer Outlet and Proline.
  13. Sept/Oct Sno-Traveler

    I received the Sept/Oct edition of the Sno-Traveler, just one copy, after joining clubs last week. After reading it, here’s a few things I’m passing on to those who haven’t gotten a copy yet. We got a new group of NHSA officers back in June that were appointed by NHSA Directors. Our current president is Chris Runnals. I believe he’s from the Ossipee area. He was vice-president last year. The annual meeting is scheduled for November 10, 2020, and will be a virtual meeting. At that time the clubs delegates will vote on proposed changes to NHSA bylaws and reaffirm NHSA officers. You can view the proposed bylaws at You can download a PDF of the old bylaws and the proposed bylaws with the changes and an explanation highlighted. Very nice, even if the print is small. New state trail map will be available October 9’th. The online version is free and found on the NHSA site. There's a charge for the mobile version. The Ride-In will be a virtual event. No details yet. GIA reimbursement rate is 70%, but may increase to 80% for this winter only. Super Raffle tickets are available at $20 per ticket. Couple of new sleds and a couple sled trailers. Proceeds go to the clubs.
  14. Snow Traveler

    Yup, Same here..I got one and my wife got one...2 to the same house....
  15. Snow Traveler

    One so far.
  16. Snow Traveler

    I got just one.
  17. NHSA membership portal

    The multiple email notifications problem seems to be resolved.
  18. Okay, one more local color shot. These shots are pretty well gone here in Loudon.
  19. Snow Traveler

    Got my Snow Traveler today. Got my Snow Traveler today. Yup - got two. Thought they had solved this problem, guess not.
  20. What do you think?

    Bottom line: Went to F&G today and paid $297 to register 3 sleds. It's what it is. Usually register in September, a bit late this year. Sleds.txt
  21. What do you think?

    Someone would need to look up their IRS filings and average it over a five year period to get a baseline. They have quite a problem if the NHSA goes insolvent, as the whole club membership incentive discount legislation is written based on the NHSA existing.
  22. What do you think?

    Don't be ashamed to admit ignorance about "what it costs to run the NHSA"; you're in good company. That cost is a little-known fact, as the annual revenues and spending aren't widely circulated. I've been told that many of their costs are fixed. The original grass drags were a club event, but the NHSA assumed sponsorship over the years. Some of the people on this site could give you a better history of this event.
  23. What do you think?

    You have a point. I would hope that the most of the money would be distributed to clubs (maybe prioritized to clubs who have a history of sending help to the grass drags?) to offset revenue reduction due to the cancelled grass drags. I have to admit that I don't know much about what it costs to run the NHSA. With all the cancelled events this year, I would expect costs to be down??
  24. What do you think?

    It could be, but the devil is in the details. Notice that the NHSA would appear to get the funds, not the clubs, and NHSA doesn't pay for grooming. How much of the $154,000 will go to the clubs? The legislators quoted don't seem clear on who is taking care of the trails. Maybe they're just being quoted out of context? The story below is from a July 2020 Union Leader story on the cancellation of the grass drags. I found the information about the cost of maintenance of sled trails by the Colebrook Ski Bee's interesting. $100,000 for 150 trail miles, or a little over $650 per mile. "The association counts on about $100,000 from the drag event to support its operations while it gives another $60,000 each year to various clubs whose members volunteer at the event. That money helps the clubs pay for trail maintenance and additional expenses. Other clubs also operate food stands and bring in an additional $40,000. The Colebrook Ski Bee’s Snowmobile Club, which is one of the food vendors, will take at least a $10,000 hit. The club spends about $100,000 a year to maintain 150 miles of trails in the Colebrook, Columbia and Stewartstown area. The funding comes from the state, membership dues and fundraisers like the grass drags, which is its biggest event."
  25. What do you think?

    That looks like good news.
  26. What do you think?

    There are a couple stories out today about trail funding. Concord Monitor A legislative committee recommended that Gov. Chris Sununu allocate $154,000 to the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association to help recover lost fundraising Tuesday – part of the $1.25 billion in federal coronavirus aid given to New Hampshire earlier this year. On Tuesday, the committee voted, 6-2, to support the Snowmobile Association, which said that the restrictions under COVID-19 had interfered with the fundraising events that help it maintain tracks and trails. Rep. Erin Henessey, a Littleton Republican, pointed to testimony from the Association at a prior meeting that a majority of the state’s 101 snowmobile clubs had applied for relief money from the New Hampshire General Assistance and Preservation Fund – set up to help for-profit and nonprofit businesses – and been denied. “My hope is we can give initial funding done to get the grooming done,” she said Tuesday. Manchester Union Leader The GOFERR board did make one exception to its hold on new spending, voting to urge Sununu to give $154,000 to the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association. Senate President Donna Soucy, D-Manchester, said the money will give trail operators enough cash to repair and prepare trails that the 101 snowmobile clubs maintain across the state. The board approved the request, 6-2, with Senate Finance Chairman Lou D’Allesandro, D-Manchester, and House Finance Chairman Mary Jane Wallner, D-Concord, opposed.
  27. NHSA membership portal

    That implies that last years information is not readily available currently. Pretty classic issue with migrating data to a new database. Could be a problem for club admins until it's resolved.
  28. NHSA membership portal

    I did see an error there. It showed one renew button for a club that I have never been a member of. I just ignored that, joined the club I wanted to (same as last year), and everything was normal after that. I will say that I seem to remember that the portal was out of commission for a while last fall. I had joined my club before that happened, so I never logged into the newer style site. I figured that was why I saw the link to the wrong club, and just moved on. Maybe that was right, maybe there is something else going on.
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