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  2. Got in a quick 103 miles today

    Glad you got out for a rip. It was a nice day and looks like you had a good ride in good conditions. Nice to see some posts about us having fun in the snow.
  3. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    The sled dogs will use the RTP funds. Of the four represented groups on the RTP rating committee, sled dogs have held the non-motorized seat for as long as I can remember.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Finally able to get some seat time today. Left my parents house in East Andover around 9:30am racked up 103 miles and the sled was back on the trailer by 1:15pm. The rail bed from east Andover to just past Danbury was hurting (and now so is my back lol), but about a half mile out of Danbury it was groomed and I had first tracks all the way to Canaan. A great day out there today, before it all melts.
  6. 900 Enduro renegade. Like it so far. I am here riding in Area Unknown...nice conditions been good all weekend. Got beat up a bit in areas on Sunday afternoon but beautiful today. Stopped at the Common Cafe for lunch today and cooked TRAIL SIDE yesterday out of the wind at warming hut in Campton (yes but only yesterday Gator & Bilbo). It was cold and windy yesterday and I needed to get out of the wind for lunch with my buddy and his fiance. Lunch at warming hut and a nice warm fire and good fellowship from fellow sledders! It will be ALL GONE this week for sure.
  7. Is that Enduro a 600 or 800. I bought a 2016 600 e-tec and rode at the Ride-in, love the sled, handles like a dream. Hate the seat, too grippy, cant slide from side to side easily. Where were you, I need to ride!! But at 65 degrees on Wednesday, does not look good.
  8. Great collection of sleds. Thanks for sharing all the pics. Funny how "new" the Formula Plus looks. On a side note, thanks to your groomer operator that was out late Friday night.
  9. Those trails look as delicious as your trailside menu!
  10. Trails look great. Visiting my son in Indianapolis this weekend, so no riding here. Have plans to go to Gorham this coming weekend, praying the snow holds...
  11. What a great turnout! Bummed I missed it! Hitting the railbed tomorrow morning, hopefully I’ll be able to get some miles in.
  12. And we even had some vintage muscle sleds battling it out on the railbed...
  13. We had a GREAT turnout with almost 60 vintage machines on display, and many of them were riding around enjoying the snow and great weather. Saw lots of old friends, made some new ones, ate lots of good food, with vintage sleds riding around everywhere. About as perfect a day as it gets... Thank you to everyone that came out to enjoy the day with us!
  14. Last week
  15. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    That's what I was talking about when I said "they just don't get it". I would work with the BOT to either remove the bridges or have the owners sign off any liability for the future maintanance of the bridges. If one of those bridges fails years from now and someone gets hurt I'd want to make sure the club and the BOT have no liability. Either way its a SAD situation for everyone involved!
  16. Is that up Campton and west area? Heading that way tomorrow for a ride.
  17. Good riding yesterday and i stopped on the trail for my usual hot cup of coffee and a lunch of gourmet chicken, apple sausage, green beans and yum-yum. One pot cooking to keep it simple and fast. Enjoyed the solitude of the trails and our great wilderness spaces...because literally there was hardly any traffic. As I am riding I am thinking of a little bit of snow on the way for Saturday night. Sunday morning...Yipee more snow than they had thought(you mean they got it wrong again)...a Fluffy White 6" of majestic frozen bliss!!!! Seems like the site is quiet so I just had to chime in and be POSITIVE. With the warm up ahead hopefully this snow will give us some protection... if people stay of the trails at least in the warmth of the middle of the day this week. We need to protect our future riding investment by being smart in the warm's still only FEBRUARY.
  18. Club poker run or solo blast

    ''Twas s good day. 103 out of Littleton to bath, up the rail to 105 in Lisbon, then rail 5 back home. Lisbon was not too good. Littleton- Monroe- rail bed were great.
  19. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    Thanks a lot all you off trail riders who think that its ok to ride on private property! Your selfishness just cost a club there valuable trail. Good job. Lets here you guys rant about how you have a right to ride wherever you want with no repercussions!! Ridiculous!!!!!
  20. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    This Chocorua Lake closure is happening in a place that most sledders would have considered safer than most.The land in the area is either owned by a non-profit land trust or under some form of conservation easement, or owned by the state or federal government.. Nobody will be building any housing developments, or putting in malls or new roads.Development is restricted so the sale of a property doesn't bring a load of cash and the need to get rid of a trail. The Chocorua Lake Conservancy spokesman quoted in the news story represents a non-profit land trust that owns 1000 acres around Chocorua Lake and has conservation easements on another 3000 acres. The National Conservancy also owns land on the lake. This trail wasn't lost because of a house or a strip mall being built on it, it was lost because of bad manners. The landowner stated it was riding off-trail and leaving litter behind that caused the closure. He also raised the issue of high traffic volumes, especially by non-locals, but may not have been so offended if the riders had behaved themselves. More good manners couldn't have hurt.
  21. Club poker run or solo blast

    Make a donation to the club and ride in the opposite direction.
  22. Club poker run or solo blast

    Not this weekend, plan to be up next weekend
  23. Club poker run or solo blast

    Are you guys riding?
  24. Club poker run or solo blast

    Yeah, last Saturday. I'm staying local tomorrow because we're are babysitting my granddaughter tomorrow at 2.
  25. As a member and past president of the club with trails in question, this presents an interesting dilemma. Grooming the trails with private sleds/drags can be done. There probably is a mechanism to hire a full size groomer if insurance is obtained. But where will the volunteers come from to brush the trails, clear fallen trees and keep up the number of state financed bridges out there? It takes hundreds of hours annually to keep those trails clear and brushed out, never mind funds needed to repair washouts and bridges. The dog sled races are one weekend a year. God bless them if they can find the funds, volunteers and machinery to replace the club’s efforts over the past few decades. Someone is going to find out real quick that reality can be a real pain in the ass!
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