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  2. Fire

    Thanks so much everyone,,,,, I did post a comment on the threat fire at Murray Farm,,,
  3. Fire at Murray Farm

    Hey Thanks so MUCH everyone,,,,, snowmobiling friends and friends from far and wide have been reaching out,,,, several came to lend a hand for a day or more,,, many well wishes from ALL OVER ,, my entire service building and offices , heating plant including my chip plant, water storage and booster pump,, fertilizer for this spring,,, this seasons seed packs for our customers, just serviced our zero turn mower,,, all GONE ,,,, the gable on our greenhouse that was destroyed was 174' wide. It took 100% of all the heating equipment hung on that gable,, we lost our stand by generator, all our tools, and I just put a $35,000 standing seam roof on the building last summer,,, we had just taken a delivery of a NEW gas boiler that wasn't installed yet, the wreckage list is surreal.... I have no choice other than to be POSITIVE,,, the good in neighbors, friends, family, no one was hurt, the cat survived, MOST of my plants that were not burned will make it,,,,,, INSURANCE? grossly underinsured, I hope my inspiration will inspire others,,,,, its all I really have always wanted in life,
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  5. AUX SHUT-OFF switch problem

    You should be able to find a downloadable service manual online. Ebay maybe ?? The manual will have electrical schematics and should inentify wires by color.
  6. I got a 2012 POLARIS TURBO IQ LX, got a rollover and broke the AUX SHUT-OFF switch. Looking for a drawing or anyone know how to connect the 5 wires going into the switch to start it?
  7. Fire at Murray Farm

    I have been in that building, it is really a shame to see this. David (he prefers David) - my name is David as well, but I'm fine with either - I hope you can save most of it, and you are better them most at making lemons from lemonade, I hope everything turns out well.
  8. Fire at Murray Farm

    Sorry to hear.
  9. Fire at Murray Farm

    So Sorry David, I hope everyone is ok!!! Let us know if there is anything we can do!
  10. Snow Totals

    April 9, 2019 snow totals. Ground is white in Loudon. Drive up from Derry yesterday was interesting on I93, with lots of flashing lights. NEW HAMPSHIRE ...Belknap County... Lakeport 2 1.0 700 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob 3 SSW Meredith 1.0 600 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob ...Carroll County... 2 SE Madison 6.1 700 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob 5 E Center Sandwich 6.0 600 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob 1 N Madison 6.0 118 PM 4/08 Trained Spotter Madison 5.0 214 PM 4/08 Social Media North Conway 5.0 715 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob Bartlett 5.0 303 PM 4/08 Social Media Tamworth 4.0 1100 AM 4/08 Social Media 4 NW Jackson 4.0 700 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob Freedom 3.0 1137 AM 4/08 Social Media 3 SW Albany 3.0 800 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob Conway 3.0 216 PM 4/08 Social Media Brookfield 2.0 1100 AM 4/08 Social Media Ossipee 2.0 1100 AM 4/08 Social Media Moultonborough 2.0 110 PM 4/08 Social Media 1 SW Wolfeboro 1.4 700 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob 1 SE East Wakefield 1.0 700 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob ...Coos County... Pinkham Notch 2.1 539 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob 1 NE Randolph 2.1 700 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob Berlin 2.0 707 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob ...Grafton County... 2 NNW Ashland 2.5 700 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob 4 N Plymouth 1.3 700 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob P.o. Box 197 Wentwor 1.2 700 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob 2 NNE Plymouth 1.0 800 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob ...Merrimack County... 3 E Northfield 1.0 516 AM 4/09 Contains 1 24-hr ob
  11. Fire

    I'm glad to here everyone is safe.
  12. Lowes garage to Errol and back

    They still sell gas there! If they were smart they would set up and sell some hot dogs or sandwiches, chili, soup or something like that in the winter.
  13. Fire

    Yes it is, He and the family are all safe. My thoughts and prayers also.
  14. Fire

    Is that Rivercat's nursery on fire....My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend
  15. 2011 Polaris Shift 550 Fan

    I will attach photos later. 2011 Polaris Shift 550 fan approx 1078 miles, carbs recently rebuilt at HK Powersports, electric start, outlet for heated shield has been installed $3000.00 obo Clarke 603.489.9141
  16. Something to think about

    The damage to the rental sled would be capped at the cost to replace the sled (maybe $10,000?) The cost of a liability claim by someone you injured/killed, or property damage, through negligence doesn't have such a cap. I suspect that most people don't get the answer to these questions until after they have an accident.
  17. Welcome aboard Chris! pathfinder
  18. No new posts since 3/21/19

    No Instagram or ...Facebook here .... can't remember the last time I could get into an HCS account after pass codes changed... Sadly, the new generation sites have decimated the dedicated sites and the Snowmobile Clubs own sites even more
  19. No new posts since 3/21/19

    No Facebook !!
  20. No new posts since 3/21/19

    I prefer Grown Ups Also
  21. Thank you John!! I am licensed in NH - Maine - VT - Mass 603-828-6847 We also offer bundle discounts for your auto / home / condo / renters / motorcycle / snowmobile / atv NHSA member discounts in all states listed and in the USA. I can refer to reps in states I'm not licensed in.
  22. No new posts since 3/21/19

    You can like posts here... I check the sledding spots on Facebook from time to time, but I agree it is much harder to follow, and there is substantially more crapola there. I'm happy to stick with the grownups here, even if there are fewer of us.
  23. Lowes garage to Errol and back

    Did they stop selling gas at Lowes? We filled up there a couple of times this season, last time was in late February.
  24. Lowes garage to Errol and back

    Lowe's Gas station on Rte 2 in Randolph. It used to be a gas station but still has a small country store. Its on the map as a Snowmobile Parking area.
  25. Something to think about

    We had a bunch of small incidents when we rented snowmobiles. I think the most expensive was around $800 because they also smashed the exhaust pipe in addition to the bumper and hood hinges. As far as insurance goes rental companies can't offer insurance unless they are licensed insurance agents. You can offer an option wavier that is similar to, but not insurance.
  26. Lowes garage to Errol and back

    Where is Lowes?
  27. No new posts since 3/21/19

    You nailed it Carl. I guess I'm old school because I hate to try to read posts on Facebook. I prefer the layout and search features of a forum. Unfortunately the younger generation is looking for instant gratification from getting their photos liked on Facebook and Instagram.
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