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  2. Hanging it up

    Interesting. I recently retired and going the other direction as I bought my dream sled last season and a new trailer. Going to spend most of my time riding in Maine now and have 3 vacation blocks reserved up there from February through late season. I’ll still ride in NH when/if conditions allow but I’m finding that Maine just has much more bang for the buck…Happy Thanksgiving All!!!!
  3. Hanging it up

    Both of us will be retired soon, finances versus return were a big consideration. Have plenty of other hobbies.
  4. Hanging it up

    Your not alone.... while looking for a new home in a recreation friendly community, Its easy to relate to the limited season, costs, travel times, chasing snow..... Pondering keeping an old sled and next new toy will be a side x side...
  5. Hanging it up

    After 25 years we're getting out of sledding. Didn't regret one minute. This site is quiet but will check in from time to time. Wish you all plenty of snow and a healthy season. Mike
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Happy Thanksgiving !
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all

    May all your birds be Bitchin'! HAPPY THANKSGIVING
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Happy Thanksgiving
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Enjoy the day. Over the river and through the woods...
  10. Enclosed trailer reviews

    That’s where I grabbed my Nitro…excellent price and service!
  11. Enclosed trailer reviews

    Trailers are pricey..... Triton +, Featherlite make a hi quality product. Remeq out of Quebec made a nice product for the idea if there still imported.
  12. Enclosed trailer reviews

    Save yourself the trouble and just go to the trailer outlet in Tilton. Best prices around, they sell multiple brands and Joe knows his stuff. He only orders trailers with galvanized axles and wheels, and No cheap particle board plywood. Just bought a single place Nitro from him.
  13. Enclosed trailer reviews

    Nitro Trailers built over in Maine are also of the highest quality, and most models use pressure treated plywood for decking instead of the usual cheaper particle board. Extremely happy with my hybrid Nitro!
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  15. Enclosed trailer reviews

    Proline trailers are great, top rate and made in Milton NH. They are custom made and only sold by them. I have five friends that have them also. If you are looking for cheap don’t get what you pay for.
  16. Just wanted to ask for personal experiences with any enclosed trailers. Looking for something that can hold three atvs (or two sleds during the winter months) and gathering intel. Came across Freedom Trailers but some reviews online do not sound so great so wanted to expand my search. Any info is helpful and appreciated.
  17. Sled NH

    How come when we see the NH Governor on TV he wears only at Ski NH jacket. We should give him a “SLED NH” jacket to help support our loved sport.
  18. Repurposing snowmobile parts

    Union Leader had a story about a race series called "24-Hours of LeMons". Yes, that's LeMons, not LeMans. They were at Loudon race track a week ago. Here's one of the cars that competes in that series.
  19. Sadly the winters have changed
  20. Interesting
  21. Race into Winter Roll Call

    I went on Friday
  22. Race into Winter Roll Call

    My brother-in-law and I plan to arrive around 9:00 Saturday, spend the day. Who else will be there this weekend?
  23. Did the event pictures get lost on the site server.?
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